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    DISCLAIMER: Like literally everything else in this wiki, this is all made up and is not applicable in real life. Maybe.

    Ex-Humanism is an off-compass and hyper-authoritarian ideology that doesn’t really have it’s own political alignment (neither right nor left), since the right/left spectrums are constructs of the past and must be annihilated. Ex-humanism takes post-humanism to an entirely new level; much like Primal Primitivism, there are consequences for unregulated growth, except in this case, thinking about the past is strictly prohibited. The punishment for accessing memories of the past is a complete memory wipe, while thought of what the past might have been like is strictly regulated to the highest members of Ex-Humanist society.


    There is no single dictator or warlord in Ex-Humanist society; massive quantum gigacomputers the size of entire star systems make all of the important decisions while the lower level simulations (beings who have either been transferred from a mortal body into an android or have been artificially produced using complex personality algorithms) focus on community, management and research. Non-sentient robots do most of the menial labor, functioning as soldiers, janitors, farmers (for fuel and electricity) and lower-class public servants such as clerks, security guards and entertainers. Even though computers reign supreme, digital manifestations of biological personalities still have some say in how their society runs, although final judgement is always up to the computers.


    Ex-Humanism completely refuses to talk to the other polcompballs most of the time. When they do, however, they have been shown to have a deep robotic voice and a very choppy way of speaking. They also speak in a mixture of binary code, ASCII symbols and l33tspeak. The only polcompballs that ex-humanism talks to are IngSoc, File:Hive-mind collectivism.png Hive-Mind Collectivism, Post-Humanism and has talked once with File:Soulism.png Soulism, but ended with Ex-Humanism completely atomizing Soulism with a neutrino/gluon-based ultracompact energy ray. Ex-Humanism usually doesn’t bother with the compass-restricted ideologies, as those guys aren't worth their time.

    • Using the Kardashev Scale, Ex-Humanism is around a 4.6, making them the most advanced polcompball tech-wise.
    • When Ex-Humanism does talk with the other polcompballs, they usually utter incoherent gibberish due to their highly unique language.
    • They gave Kraterocracy a supernova bomb and Kakistocracy the launch codes just to see what would happen.
    • Even though Ex-Humanism does not need to eat, drink or breathe, they have been observed doing all three of these things so far.
    • Strasserism also supposedly saw them taking a shit, but nobody believed him.


    I’m still working on turning my finished ball into a .pdf so I can put it in the wiki. Essentially, Ex-Humanism is very heavily based on Hive Mind Collectivism with IngSoc (color scheme) and Posthumanist (red eyes) aesthetics. Has three robot eyes, a black paint job and a miniature laser node in between his top two eyes that can vaporize anything organic-based.

    How 2 Draw

    1. Make your outline. The border should be pure black.
    2. Fill your ball completely with the color of your border. Should be the exact same color as the border (pure black) or the border will contrast with the rest of the ball.
    3. Place two diamonds on the top left/right of the ball where you want to put your eyes. Outline them black (this is actually really important). Make sure that the diamonds overlap each other in the center, as to create a miniature diamond from the other two diamonds. Color your eye diamonds maroon, while coloring your mini diamond byproduct red.
    4. Place another diamond nested straight beneath the mini diamond and in between the main diamonds. This diamond should also be maroon. Think of Hive Mind Collectivism when following this step.
    5. Put a circle in the middle of each of the maroon diamonds. These should have black borders and be completely white. Again, think of Hive Mind Collectivism. Your ball is complete after this step.
    6. [OPTIONAL]: If you want a more Auth version of Ex-Humanism, put a maroon IngSoc-style V-stripe that runs through the diamonds of the same color.



    (Ex-Humanism has taken the time to translate their ramblings into English)

    Alpha-Class Residents:

    Omega-Class Residents

    • Soulism - Exactly what the hell are you?
    • LGBT Transhumanism - Why not work on reversing proton decay instead of creating fake reproductive organs and chemical-resistant pride flags?
    • Technocracy - Needs to try harder, but at least he has the right idea.
    • Strasserism - Quit following me, stalker.

    Organic Pests

    • Anarcho Primitivism - Reject Sun/Moon God, embrace Computer.
    • Primal Primitivism - You’re the “opposite reaction” Newton spoke of in his first law.
    • Straight Pride - Sex is a construct of the past.
    • LGBTQ+ - Sex is a construct of the past. Cringe.
    • SJW - Social Justice is a construct of the past. Cringe.
    • Alt-Right - Inbreeding is a construct of the past. Cringe.
    • Feudalism - Cringe medieval architecture. Would be more based if the lords were computers.
    • Everyone Else - DIE, ORGANIC SCUM!

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