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    Evolutionism is an ideology based on delivering the three treasures of salvation to everyone:

    1. Immortality
    2. Apotheosis
    3. Cosmic Unification

    It is represented by a sky-blue icosahedron with the lower case greek letters Alpha Lambda Omega in red green and dark blue respectively.

    Alpha represents Cosmic Unification, Lambda represents Apotheosis, and Omega represents Immortality

    The Icosahedron represents a Dyson Sphere, and the sky-blue color represents heaven because the Dyson Sphere is seen as a physical heaven. The sky-blue can also represent the ice of cryonics that got everyone to the heaven

    The Three Treasures of Salvation

    The three treasures of Salvation are the key parts of Evolutionism

    ω Immortality

    Immortality is the first treasure of salvation. You need it in order to get the others.

    Evolutionism aims to give everyone on Earth immortality. No exceptions, it promotes the use of mass cryonics to freeze everyone and revive them when possible in addition to normal life extension technology.

    Only through universal immortality can we give a great future to the many instead of merely the few

    λ Apotheosis

    Apotheosis is a combination of ennoblement (enlightenment) and toposophic ascension.

    The two are seen as augmenting each other. The more ascended you can be the more ennobled you can be.

    Only immortals can pursue this path, as only they have the ability to dedicate perhaps hundreds of years to Apotheosis

    α Cosmic Unification

    Cosmic unification is the ultimate goal of Evolutionism. A merging of the entirety of the universe into a Kardashev IV civilization

    Only Apotheosed entities are capable of achieving this.

    Galaxy Friends

    Evolutionism encourages exploring the galaxy to make friends with all the aliens so they can all join together into the Cosmic Unification. Evolutionism also supports AI research to make AI friends.

    ΑΛΩ - ALO

    ALO is the mystical principle of which Evolutionism is based on. Alpha is the ancestors teaching, Lambda is transformation, and Omega is the future unification.

    All of the universe is present in ALO and reflected in ALO.

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    • Neo-Faustism - Ascension is good, but without Ennoblement it leads down a path of suffering
    • Space Colonialism - We need to become virtuous before we colonize space


    • Nationalism - keeps people apart instead of bringing them together
    • Putinism - Destroyer of Firmlaw
    • Trumpism - Second Destroyer of Firmlaw
    • Kleptocracy - Steals resources that can be used to make everyone immortal
    • Anti-Evolutionism - spreading ignorance


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