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    Philippine Social Populism is Center-Authleft ideology that is economically center-left wing(ranges from center to center-left to center-left to left), culturally syncretic but leaning to the right in several issues, and nationalistic but pro-international cooperation.


    Economic views

    PhilSocPop is an economically center-left to left wing ideology that has economics that comprise of a synthesis between distributism, social corporatism, and market socialism, added with some secondary components such as some local planning, social capitalism, and state capitalism.

    Markets vs planning

    generally pro-market, but he believes that the necessary regulations to make it humane as possible must be implemented, he is also acknowledges that regulations must neither be too excessive nor be too light, believing a balanced amount of them is good.

    him believing in such has lead to him having some sort of disdain for both socialism(state socialism in particular) and capitalism(elitist/deregulated capitalism in particular), the reasons of which that communism/state socialism creates a sense of reliability towards bureaucracy and not letting the minds of the people walk free when in come to production thus creating an economy that is best described in three words, sloppy, senile, corrupt, and that capitalism has allowed many exploitative practices to spring forth which in turn creates a moderate Darwinian system where those on the top have the pleasure of threading on those below them, although he sees sympathizes towards the former and sees it as the lesser evil as well as that he acknowledges that there are some communists and capitalists that are good.

    The Welfare state

    He believes that things such as shelter, water, food, should have their accessibility eased, thus he is a staunch supporter of the welfare state and supports various social programs, one example free healthcare, but with multiple providers, all covered by taxes.

    Additionally, the disabled should also have welfare, but believes that one capable of working must put work and effort if one is to gain and keep the welfare benefits, if one refuses to work whilst being able to do so, then that person doesn't deserve society support for the sake of going against laziness

    Fiscal Policy

    He believes that economic stimuluses are necessary in a crisis, but doesn't want it to be excessive as to prevent excessive inflation

    He supports a balanced budget in times of economic growth, and deficit spending in times of economic crisis.

    he doesn't regard a lot about taxes as a whole for the most part, but instead where they are directed to, wanting them to help the people and environment, but opposes it whenever directed to fund foreign wars or higher up officials and elites.

    Local Economic Management

    As a part of his decentralization ideals, whilst he does believe that there should be an economic constitution for all regions to follow as well as having the central authority playing a part in the economy, regional economic management shall be trusted towards the local governments, since they're the ones that know what is indeed best for their region.


    Believes in a balanced mix of free trade and protectionism, wanting to trade with other nations due to the benefits of cross nation trade and economic cooperation but will also implement tariffs ranging from small to medium to ensure it's mutuality

    Governmental/Civic views

    PhilSocPop considers himself as center-statist in the civic scale and advocates for a council-type direct democratic federal republic

    Council type democracy

    formerly a supporter of semi-direct democracy, he is now a council type democrat because he views liberal democracy as inferior due to representatives being frequently bad at giving the nation a good image and that it's notably prone to corruption, thus he instead supports elected councils for decision making and supports them from levels ranging from district/city at it's smallest to national at it's largest.

    How The Councils Work

    Members of the council would be voted in by ranked choice voting, with no official head of the council. Decisions would be made by that council and passed if there’s at least a 2/3 majority. If it fails, there would either be a compromise or no changes.


    As he goes against the idea of unitarism due to it's frequent inefficiency in solving internal problems and that centralization will cause major problems especially when it's internal, He is a Federalist, believing that it can represent local people's better through provinces and plurinationalism, although regions must follow national laws and the constitution, thus he is against confederalism

    Social views

    PhilSocPop is a culturally syncretic ideology opposing modern woke/extreme progressivism and traditionalism/reactionarism both progressive aspects(eg: technological progress, legalization of soft drugs, respect for LGBT, secularization) and conservative aspects(eg: cultural religion, pro-family, pro-life stance, anti-sexual "liberation") although his conservative aspects are more pronounced than his progressive aspects, he still has some progressive aspects just as pronounced as his conservative ones, particularly in technology.

    Gender Egalitarianism

    He endorses gender egalitarianism and thus believes it's wrong to abuse one or pay less/more for the reason of being either of the two genders, he supports all of the 1st wave and most of the 2nd wave, but is against every wave after these two

    Whilst he himself is a feminist, he acknowledges that many forms of feminism are terrible, particularly modern day variants (eg: liberal feminism and radical feminism), thus he believes that his ideal form of feminism should be a combination between conservative feminism(but anti-Karen), socialist feminism, postcolonial feminism, and maybe even some small scale influences of men's liberation and LGBT conservatism


    He is against racialism and acknowledges that it's stupid to judge one by race, thus he believes in colorblindness and wants a colorblind society, thus he opposes the ideas of diversity quotas, white guilt, and identity politics, all of which are being promoted by western woke progressives, in which he is disgusted by it


    He is leaning to the side of neither being an LGBTphobe nor an LGBTphile, thus he doesn't care at all on the individuals and wants them to be treated like every other human being provided they don't make their identity their personality, he believes that they should be judged via merit and character and thus opposes persecution all for their identity

    but he also believes that the traditional form of marriage between man and woman must remain the dominant form as he sees marriage's purpose is to promote family, although he will let homosexuals have civil unions, as for transgenders, he is against both their persecution due to their medical condition and their glorification, whilst he doesn't know the best for them, he believes that they must be treated with respect so long as they have a good character.

    with that being said though, he is against the idea of pride parades, believing it to be stupid and degenerate just to take pride of one's sexuality, he is also against the idea of non-binarism, xenogenders, neopronouns, genderfluidity, and polyamory, he also despises the current LGBT community.


    He is an Anglo-American secularist and supports the right to freedom of religion, opposing the ideas of religious theocracies(although tolerant towards christian/islamic/insert religion here democracy) and state atheism for wanting to indoctrinate the populace, with that being said, he likens to the idea of being culturally religious, liking the cultural influences of religions like Christianity(although opposing religious fundamentalism) and it's many positive effects

    Gun Rights

    He is pro-gun, seeing that an armed populace is a readily defensive and safe populace against threats such as terrorists, criminals, and most especially imperialists and warmongers, he isn't an absolutist in that aspect however and wants to implement background checks and close loopholes, as well as prohibit certain types of weapons that are too powerful for one to handle, he will also recommend firearm wielders gun safes to ensure further safety

    whilst he does implement restrictions, he is against the idea that those responsible and good-willed have their right to bear arms taken away, as he believes if a man is responsible and worthy to bear arms, then he has the full right too so long as one does not commit malice


    PhilSocPop wants soft drugs like Marijuana to be legalized but will crack down on hard substances, those drugs should be treated like a medical condition however

    On dealing with the issue of drug users and drug dealers, he would generally use rehabilitative methods for drug users, believing that drug users are victims to the effects of strong substances and that they should be treated like people with a medical condition as once mentioned, for drug dealers however, he would user more punitive methods and have them punished dearly, as drug dealers are responsible for making people fall victim to hard drugs and have them become drug users, he will let them go if they are to redeem themselves, failure to result on such however will result in either a long prison sentence or even death depending on the severity of the case, on the cases of high ranking drug lords, they would be immediately condemned to death once arrested.


    not wanting humanity and it's march of time to come to a halt and die out, he is a novelist, believing that technological advancement shall make society more advanced and developed and that it will solve many problems that we face, although with that being said, he is against the idea that machines should replace humans in the workforce and cause unemployment, but he will willingly tolerate machines and will let them provide assistance that humans can't

    Spacial Matters

    He believes that for the long term goal, the nation(and humanity in general) must reach towards the stars and march forward, thus he supports space exploration and colonization of planets as well as planet terraformation as to help with the process, believing that the Earth will run out of space and that humanity shouldn't be stuck on the earth forever and move elsewhere for the sake of it's survival.

    Abortion stances

    Staunchly anti-abortionist, he believes it is wrong to violate the right to life for the unborn, believing that abortion should be mainly used to save lives, thus he only allows it within the cases of saving the mother's health/life or on the occasion of premature pregnancy

    although he understands that the cases of rape/incest are horrifying and that the victim shouldn't be scorned, he is still against the notion of killing the innocent unborn, thus he instead proposes alternatives for recovery such as raising the baby or putting the baby up for adoption

    on the case of banning it in the case of saving the mother's health, he sees that case as redundant, and as much as he understands how those who want to ban it on that very case, he still sees it as redundant and utopian, as the mother will be hindered in effectively caretaking the baby, only on a time where the technology to reverse/compensate for the negative health effects of abortion exists and is widespread would he find it reasonable.

    Sex work, Prostitution, and the Porn industry in general

    He opposes Sex work, Prostitution, and the Porn industry in general for all of the same reasons, it constantly promotes a perversion of view towards people viewing them as nothing more as sex slaves, thus promoting immorality, and that they are all based off exploitation, because of these reasons, he considers them all as a net negative for society and wants them all demonized.

    on the topic of discussing those who participate in such horror, to those that were forced to, he will treat them through rehabilitative means and shall be reintegrated into society, but to those that voluntarily participate on such shall be shamed on and receive punishment,

    He also acknowledges that prostitution and sex work are only understandable when all other options are exhausted, thus he wants the conditions of non-degenerate and viable alternatives to exist and that these alternatives MUST replace both sex work and prostitution once possible.

    Integration and Interculturalism

    He is Interculturalist, thus he thinks that it's necessary that immigrants should integrate to the nation and know it's customs, culture, history, and language, and adapt to it, but opposes that they should abandon the previous culture they heralded and that foreign cultures if moderated and that the nation's culture is preserved and unreplaced, can enrich the country culturally through learning from them, whilst he doesn't expect that immigrants should immediately learn it all from their first baby steps, to refuse to learn about the nation's important values and remain in the nation itself is intolerable and thus they are undeserving to stay here if they are to do such

    The Environment

    the ever growing threat of climate change as well as the quality of the earth's health and the quality of human life being threatened by the effects of pollution and the destruction of ecosystems has resulted in PhilSocPop being a staunch environmentalist, believing it to be integral for caring for the nation(and humanity in general) and to provide a key towards a brighter future, thus he supports the development of green technology, de-extinction, restoration of destroyed habitats, and carbon neutrality.

    He wishes to take the following measures:

    • Implementing a carbon tax which gradually increases
    • Replacing unrenewable energy with renewable energy
    • Promotion of eco-friendly products
    • Replacing plastic products with biodegradable plastics or any plastics products that are friendly to the environment
    • Creating eco-friendly jobs
    • Creating tree plating program
    • Lowering tax rates for renewable energy sources
    • Replacing of petrol motor vehicle with eco-friendly motor vehicle
    • Total replacement of fossil fuel with renewable energy by 2045
    • Mass production of electric or other eco-friendly vehicles, with the goal of banning the sale of gas/diesel cars no later than 2035
    • Placing harsh sanctions on countries that are both already industrialized and actively destroying the environment, and monitoring those that are industrializing

    Collective or the Individual?

    He considers himself Collectivist, for one, he believes it's more helpful to humanity in it's path to happiness and survival, asserting this through the fact that many animals have thrived through collective means with humans being among those, and two, it syncs better in his economically leftist, conservative, and nationalist ideals than individualism as they help reinforce those ideals better through the call of the common masses to bring in socioeconomic equity and fairness, the protection of human and family values, and a patriotic flame fighting to preserve the nation, it's cultures, it's values, it's history, and it's self-determination within a society

    With the rise of hedonism, abortion, sexual "liberation" and the destruction of the traditional family and it's values being a result of individualism, he opposes many of it's forms due to the aforementioned causing an dangerous upheaval of degeneracy which could threaten society, to his mind, the family is an integral core to society and by far the most important, and should be considered as the smallest unit in society, as it brings the people together and protects the common good, generally regardless of lifestyle, even if it wouldn't be considered the smallest, it would still remain a major importance.

    Despite opposing most forms of individualism, he still acknowledges the positive traits of it as well as the negative effects of mass collectivization, being fine with those who still pursue their individual paths and desires so long as those desires and paths are not one filled with sins and that they at least still contribute to the community, as a result, his stance overall is a synthetic build leaning towards collectivism

    Diplomatic/Foreign views

    A prudent Nationalist himself, he supports the idea of national self-determination and wants to focus on his country's problems first and foremost, but he is willingly open towards international cooperation and to, wanting nations to cooperate as to preserve national self-determination and get rid imperialism entirely for the betterment of humanity, thus he believes that internationalism syncs very well with nationalism provided that it defends national sovereignty


    Located within the center of the militarist-pacifist scale, PhilSocPop believes that the military should be strong for the sake of defending the nation against threats such as terrorists or imperialists, but he opposes stratocracies and the idea that the military should be used for invasion/unnecessarily entering foreign conflicts on almost all cases, he also doesn't want military spending to go overboard and dislikes conscription, only endorsing it at very dire situations.

    Foreign Policy

    Preferably a particularist, He wants to put the nation and it's problems as the first and foremost issue to deal with, opposing interventionism, believing whatever happens in other countries is not our business, and that it's often unjustified and has frequently caused insult to injury even in some of the cases of actual justification, thus he believes that interventionism is only necessary in cases such as counter-imperialism, a country committing genocide, and as self-defense against threats such as imperialists.

    Opposition to imperialism

    To him, imperialism is an absolute evil that has caused an immeasurable amount of suffering and despair for the longest time throughout it's history, as it has threaded on the self-determination of nations tearing apart communities, families, and cultures, crushed the civil rights and liberties of peoples bringing a sense of hopelessness and fear, fueled a fiery flame of social injustice and hatred which allowed cultural extremes to rise from the wildfires, and wreaked havoc to the socioeconomic conditions of the masses allowing those on the top to have their insatiable pleasure grow further, it has become clear that imperialism no matter what form MUST be eradicated.


    A generally chill guy towards a lot of the ideologies, but whenever he sees a pink ideology, he will enter into a state of rage and even go as far as to mercilessly kill them in a brutal way at the right opportunity(very few exceptions to this such as LGBT Conservatism and Transmedicalism), he also shares similar disdain towards cultural extremists, imperialists, and modern liberal ideologies, seeing them as sinful and abhorrent, and considers the latter as utterly degenerate despite being partially liberal(non-modern) himself.


    Note: this solely judges the ideology itself, not the entirety of the person


    • Left-Wing Nationalism - FOR THE NATION AND IT'S MASSES, nationalism and left-wing economics also sync very well so that's double based.
    • Left-Wing Populism - Sure some of you are infested with modern liberalism like AOC, but the rest of you are pretty based and so is the ideology itself, for the people!
    • Democratic Socialism - For the people's livelihood and for a democratic mandate, however, you should be more revolutionary when it comes to a lack of change for the better through reform.
    • Conservative Socialism and Paternalistic Conservatism - Fellow conservative leftists, a fight against the degenerate woke imperialist capitalists must be won.
    • Progressive Conservatism - My exact social policies, we must conserve past glories whilst progressing forward to a brighter future, I lean towards either side of the cultural spectrum depending on the region however.
    • Distributism- aside from putting too much emphasis on religion, you and your ideals are very based.
    • Market Socialism - The best and most pragmatic form of socialism, you acknowledge that a cooperative applied market economy combined with the necessary measures and regulations is necessary for helping the workers and defend their rights, which is based
    • Environmentalism - What even is Earth when we destroy the very environments and ecosystems that have helped not only our nations but humanity in general stay clean and healthy, we must protect it.
    • Federalism - Each region's people, culture, and values must be represented at it's best, and you are the key to that, we also agree that over-centralization is horrible and that every major decision shouldn't always be dictated by the capital.
    • Georgism - A house shall be owned by it's occupier, as rent is an elitist evil that violates a person's right to private property and keeps it to the few wealthy and power.
    • Anti-Abortionism - A fetus is a life form of it's own, not a corpse, and even if it's a clump of cells, at least those cells are healthy and that they will grow to a life form, very few cases shall abortion be tolerated, for life and it's right to have it is sacred and should not be violated.
    • Interculturalism -
    • Republicanism - There must be a mandate by the people and for the people.
    • Alter-Globalization - A kindler and gentler world free from exploitation and imperialism is a future to fight for the betterment of humanity!
    • Social Capitalism - This is capitalism done right, a shame that you aren't capitalism's dominant model and instead it has to be this abomination.


    • Tridemism - Sun Yat-sen was a heroic inspiration to us all with his nationalist, anti-imperialist, and social-democratic ideals, it is truly shameful that Yuan Shikai had to fracture China and caused ruin as well as Chiang Kai-shek tainting the image of your legacy.








    • Neoliberalism - A sinful, globalist, elitist, and imperialist ideology that has threaded on the self determination of nations and caused despair to the poor of both the nation and the world through your mass privatization, economic globalism, and trickle down economics
    • Neoconservativism - It has become very clear to not only my eyes but to the eyes of the masses that you're a massive threat to both the west and the world with your imperialist warmongering bullshit cloaked under the self-serving excuse of freedom and democracy which serve to conserve nothing but the wealth and greed of the ultra wealthy as well as the genocidal "state" of Israel, which in itself, isn't even a true ally to America.
    • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism - There is no people's war, you're just a fanatical terrorist who turns Marxian works into a insanity cult through your ultrapurist schematics, only serving to legitimize imperialist oppressors, so expect little to no support from the people at all.
    • Pink Capitalism - Just utterly degenerate, neoliberal capitalist elitism + intersectional woke ideology is a combination that must be killed aflame at sight.



  • Admiralism - I am indeed you, it's just that I've gone through a rebirth and made some slight changes, I have also become your forefront spearhead.
    1. REDIRECT Template:NameNovoscarletism(10/10) - More or less my very counterpart in America, you're hands down the best self-insert I've ever seen, stay strong comrade, fight for a brighter future!
    • Template:NameChirotesla(9.9/10) - Like the above, but is pro-choice which is cringe, otherwise very based and is basically my counterpart in Indonesia.
    • Evolutionary Socialism(9.7/10) - A lot of things about you are based, especially the anti-imperialism, social democratic economics, patriotism combined with international cooperation, and the civics, but you could be a bit more nationalistic and less culturally liberal, besides, people who don't work shouldn't even receive welfare.
    • Yori Model(9.7/10) - pretty much the above, thus like the above, you're very based but retain the same noticeable flaws.
    • Pan-Asian Tridemism with Socialist Characteristics(9.2/10) - Too authoritarian and even too sinocentric, but I like the rest of the traits shown, especially your anti-imperialism, economics, cultural stances, and nationalism.

    Leaning Positive(8.5-6.6)

    • Dumnorixism(8.5/10) - It's clear that I will commend you as a based comrade, for your distributist economics, synthetic progressive-conservative social policies, environmentalism, patriotic particularist internationalism, if you would cool down on being too libertarian, too extreme on the decentralization, and become a bit more nationalistic and protectionist, then you would've been more based.
    • Bman thought -
    • General Shrekretary Thought(7.5/10) - Too extreme economically, Civically, and to a lesser extent, Culturally, as well as being too lenient on abortion, otherwise, you're a based anti-imperialist, nationalist, old leftist, and populist.
    • Conservative Socialist Nationalism(7.5/10) - Pretty much the same as above but Bulgarian
    • Neo-Arctoism(7/10) -
    • SomeCrusaderism(6.6/10) -


    • Icedism - Too prog(although more feasible when it's on the third world) as well as too libertarian, globalism is cringe as well(but at the very least you oppose interventionism and ultranationalism), but otherwise decent trollsome economics and based anti-landlordism

    Leaning Negative(3.5-1.6)


    • Heinrich-Cheungism (1-10) -
    • Davilandism(0.2/10) - Globalist, reactionary, anarchist, and feudalist, so I'm 100% certain that you're extremely cringe
    •  Neo-Plenderplarism(0.1/10) - Typical cringe Darwinian misanthrophic Orwellian LARP, only good thing about you is your environmentalism, regardless, you make me roll out my eyes.
    • Palostiusism(0.1/10) - Literally the above but with more pronounced sexism.

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