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    Evil KJ System is an evil version of Kah junn's ideologies, Anti-Anti-Centrism & KJ System, this ideology believes in the obliteration of humanity as they are deemed cruel and selfish.


    1. Human Nature

    In EKJS' vision, humans are always divided, their only motivation for unity is peace, which shrouded in their vision, as every faction has their own vision of peace that wouldn't fit with each other's. According to Hobbesian thought, strong, centralized government is necessary to protect mankind from its own base nature and self-serving desires. The flaws of humanity can be solved with Transhumanism. As well as Non-humans having privileges over them.

    2. Sacrifices

    Humans shall be sacrificed in order to benefit the world from human oppressions, if there were less humans that would mean there would be less chaos, humans sacrifice should be both voluntary suicide and criminal lynching. As well as making some way of murder legal, however all out genocide isn't since that would be chaos.

    3. Earth First

    Humans do not matter, only Earth, as EKJS doesn't care about humanity, only the Earth. it believes that humanity itself is the cause of Earth's destruction and wants to make draconian laws on economic ideas.

    4. Thoughtcrime

    Thing that are illegal are: Satire, Economics, the internet, political thought etc. EKJS has transformed morals into a draconian law where virtues are mandated with punishments.

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