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    Evil Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism

    Evil Anarcho-Crypto-Capitalism or Evil AnCrypCap for short or E-CrypCap even shortier is a evil, hellish version of lexsiek's self-insert, it takes all of the ideology core values and corrupt them into their evil form.

    Evil AnCrypCap Values

    1: Anti-Self Defense

    This values, differently from what some people may think, is evil and bad, Evil AnCrypCap believes that people shouldn't have the right to defend themselves, it believe that fi someone tries to murder you and you self-defense you must be punished with torture and them be sacrified to the Blood God, it also believes that people can agress on others but they can't defend themselves. E-CrypCap also believes that counter-economics is too violent for a revoluntion and believes that the people should kindly ask the government to stop existing.

    2: Chaos and Selfishness

    E-CrypCap values chaos, it thinks that people should do whatever they want withour care for morality, it believes people should be selfish and that a individual shoul ONLY act for his self-interst when it benefits ONLY it, E-CrypCap wants people to fight each other and want the selfish and egoist to kill all the kind and charitable, it believes that good people will easily be killed under it's system because of the anti-self-defense policy.

    3: SJW and Degeneracy

    E-CrypCap is a Hyper-SJW, it believes woman should enslave man, that blacks should enslave and kill whites, it believes there should be no racists, LGBTphobics, Fatphobics, Pedophobics, etc. The definition of those of course is totally random and those who say E-CrypCap is contradictory are immediatly killed, It also believes in PZNC and that degeneracy is not only oaky but that it should be enbraced, E-CrypCap is a active supporter of pedo rights and believes that "Pedophilia is a sexuality" and prefer to call it "Pedosexual", supports "Necrosexuals", "Zoosexual" and "Animesexuals" as valid sexualities rather than mental disorders.

    4: Anti-Securityism

    E-CrypCap believes that security is a opposite to """freedom""" aka Chaos, and wants to eliminate it, Evil AnCrypCap wants every individual to be in a constant state of fear, panic and stress (which end up with very unstable people), E-CrypCap also supports Meta-Anarchy but uses it for malicious porpuses, E-CrypCap says that Anarcho-Fascism, Anarcho-Totalirarianism and Anarcho-Communism are real and acceptable forms of anarchism and says that anything else is thouthcrime/don't exist. This logically ends with individuals being extremely oppresed by these "anarchist" systems which cobined with all other values make a hell on earth.

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