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    Evil-JoeyFloppaism is a an economically far-right, American nationalist, moderately libertarian and Accel.png accelerationist ideology which fuses the ideas of political philosopher JoeyFloppa boo.png JoeyFloppa with Satanic practices by incorporating left-hand path esoteric beliefs and practices into the ideology, making it a corruption of JoeyFloppa's original beliefs.

    It believes mostly in Atomwaf.png Siegeism, but instead of using a Nazi.png national socialist structure of government, it should accelerate Cappos.png Capitalist Posadism to collapse the world governments and set up JoeyFloppaism's political structure.

    It believes that America is an inherently Satanic nation founded on Satanic principles due to conspiracy theories such as the Knight's Templar and the Freemason's, but has been corrupted by Christians. To restore its old principles, Evil-JoeyFloppeans believe in a mass genocide of Christians brought upon by Satanists where Christians are either forced to convert or be killed. After which, they call for privately run companies to imperialize the world and do the same to the everyone else in the world until a new order of the world is achieved where the Evil-JoeyFloppean perception of a Satanic origin of American culture is supreme.

    It supports Radbort.png Radical Abortionism so that as many fetuses can sacrificed to Satan at the newly erected blood alters as possible. This is believed to give Satan the strength to bring Hell closer to Earth so a new era demon civilization and the destruction of God can be pursued.


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