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    Evil-Heinrich-Cheungism is civically Totalitarian, Economically Social-Darwinist, and also culturally right leaning. It is well-known as an abominable version of Heinrich-Cheungism and want to do the so-called "Upgrade" to Heinrich-Cheungism. He will sacrifice 108 pairs of "Isomers"(this refer to the people who are failed or refused to be genetically or modified or cyborg implanted.) to the god monthly. Because they consider this is able to "Purify" themselves. And here is how this mechanism work.



    Evil-Heinrich-Cheungism believes that if people want to obtain something, whether it is legal or not, need to pay certain cost. The content of contract is random. Nevertheless, the cost of legal obtaining is far less than illegal obtaining.(This is inspired from Chainsaw Man) The range of cost is varying from a 100円 coin to the whole life of that person. The cost is as same as the value of that object, but illegal possession's cost is 10 times to the legal possession.


    As same as Heinrich-Cheungism, Evil-Heinrich-Cheungism dislikes Communism.pngCommunists But he rather sacrifice them to the demon than throw them out of VTOL and strategic bomber. And sacrificing those guy can strengthen his power. Nevertheless, unlike regular Heinrich-Cheungism, Evil-Heinrich-Cheungism believes in Shinto Theocracy.pngShinto Theocracy. The only religion that is qualified to exist is also Shinto Theocracy. All the factions of Shinto Theocracy are approved to exist.

    "Sacrifice" and "Purification"

    The number 108 is considered as a sacred number in Evil-Heinrich-Cheungist society. Because the way of grieves are altogether 108 ways. To offer sacrifice to the god, the number of 108 or the multiple of it are necessary to appear in the number of sacrifices. The process of sacrificing is brutal. Sacrifices need to be arranged in a particular arrangement. The arrangement itself is randomly generated by a program. However, these arrangements are always axisymmetric or rotationally symmetric. And those sacrifices will be devoured by a giant machine. The machine is named as "Hannya". Hannya itself has a giant hannya mask composed with composite fiber, a machine to smash those "Isomers" totally into small organic pieces, and a screen to play the live video of "Purgatorium", where is a concentration camp. And after the process of sacrifice takes place, the screen will play the video of a humanoid existence. Announcing the content of the result of this sacrifice.


    Evil-Heinrich-Cheungism is even more emotionless than Heinsoc. The only time that he may talk very much is when he is holding a sacrifice ceremony.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a triangle, as same as Savitri.pngSavitrism, but remove the rosette.
    2. Draw Nazcaptransh.pngHeinrich-Cheung's hat.
    3. Paint the triangle yellow and change swastika to the Nazcap icon.
    4. Draw one of his eye red, represents to Transh.pngTranshumanism, draw another eye blue, refers to Yoka.pngYokaism
    5. (Optional) Draw a katana as tall as him.



    • Evil-Heinrich-Cheungism has no friends
    • Yes, even his creator Nazcaptransh.pngHeinrich Cheung



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