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    Evil-Gabrialduffeyism he takes Gabrialduffey's political believes and corrupts them. Sometimes he takes over his body. His belief are like that of Radical Gabrialduffeyism but more evil. His world or contrary runs contraey to belief only partiality run under a Satan.png Satanic Theocracy the other part runs under Evil-Gabduff.png Evil-Gabrialan theocracy .He (and Satan) is the is where the blood sacrifices go to.. He well is totalitarians more on that later. for example his beliefs on science could be corruped to say "Science is the gate way to torcher. I like it"

    here we will go through the believes. Which all have bee,n severely corruped and are very distant from Gabrialduffeyism's beliefs



    His belifes are that capitalisms would work if we killed each other for money. "Not only that" he elaborated, "We should make them heads of the "ViCtOms" rain from the sky we SHALL FALL ONTO A TEMPAL WHERE WE WORSHUP SAT-" it goes on


    He is both center and far right at the same time. Meaning he believes science can help the tradition of killing. "There are so many ways of torcher we have not looked into more painful than you can imagine." He said enthusiastically. He wants any who dose not use sciences or uses science for good should be torched.


    He is also diplomatically far right closing off any info from the outside world. He severely torchers and kills those who dare get in his way of his blockage of info . "We should not let them know about the free world. We should keep them enslaved and shall torcher who knows KILL THEM HAHA KILL THEM ALL" He sends them up to concentration camp like temples to be sacrificed in the name of him (and Satan).


    He is very hating of the community and wants them to die in the most excruciating way. He said "I will kill them in a room where all the pain and suffering they shall be in emotionally, physically, menially. they will be kept alive for a hour until they scream "JUST KILL ME" where they die in the most painful way . Until that part where he realized he was gay now being straight is punshable under death

    Freedom & Liberty

    He believes has freedoms cultural and economic. Cultural being the ability to for a to employ a kill, rape, Map pride, steal, burn, anything that is evil. Some economic freedom to Own a gun, Note your gun will takin away if you use it to defend your self and shall be put it torcher camps. Freedom to kill the weak


    Now Evil-Gabrialduffeyism wants to give the people a illusion of freedom but also want fear of him from his people. He gives them commands in a form of questions. like "could you kill these gay guys" if she says no "we take her away." He will give command to cause emotional pain like "could you kill your son." He or she knows what happens if they do not do the orders. They cry and when there order are done they kill them self's. Which to Gabrialduffeyism replied "F*uck you to the moon, that is no whay of going about life. Mother father and sons should love each other not kill. I hope you die you evil piece of sh*t" he. He basicly seting up a dystopian society with the illusion of freedom.


    Unless you want to die you are gonna have to have a abortion. The blood will go to the alter of him(and sometimes Satan). If your baby is gay it must go thruogh tocher or take some hetro-jucie to make it strait but causes intense pain for two days

    concentration camp

    "Now there is no killing in these camps. I want them to chose death so god can judge them for that and any who do survive will be killed on the way out. any who survieve will make there way to the free world we only have 20 or so who made it out if they tell the world what happens were f*ucked"


    He reads dark manuscripts and doing black magic hmm to him (and Satan). You will also find him talking to him self in a corner over and over again makeing him semi to more insane. He also sometimes takes Gabrialduffeyism body away from him.

    How to draw

    1. draw cyan pentcross
    2. draw a black outline
    3. draw in the left most corner a dark green color
    4. in the top add dark red
    5. in the bottom add blue
    6. add a pink flower with the same blue color as before
    7. add red eyes with black outline
    8. done
    Color Name RGB HEX
    red 156, 20, 12 #9c140c
    dark green rgb(0,98,0,) #006200
    cyan 0, 255, 255 #04fcfc
    dark blue rgb(0,0,128,) #000080
    magenta rgb(255,0,199,) #ff00c7
    Black rgb(0, 0, 0) #000000




    • Gabduff-icon.png Gabrialduffeyism - Ờ̥̜̬͖͔̤̥̮ẖ̥̘͉̣͍ͯ̋͞ ̈̍ͤ̏҉̙̙̩̦j̖̘̰̞̗̗ͩ͠ͅu̻͕̠̖̻̲̱̻͛̈́͝ş̺͍̜͔̹̗͔̅t̢̹̼̫̗͆͑̂ ̷̦͖̘̫̻̱̥̩ͮͭ̂ͤẏ̪̼͚͕̤͕ͮ͌͠o̵̘͇̲̝ͣụ̞̝̥̙̠͈̈́̈̂͛̀ ̻̮̋͝w͉̩̫̳̻͇̩ͥͨͬ̀a̡̹͍̬̣̐i̲̙͇̠͍͑͛͠ṯ̺̇̒ͫͭ͠

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