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    Evil Neo-Afunhumaninterism, also known as Evil-Afunhumaninterism, is a form of Afunhumaninterism, that is unlike many other Evil-Ideologies, not pro-choice. He is radically pro-life, deciding that all abortionists should be given as much torture as possible before being killed. He is also economically far-right, culturally right to far-right, libertarian, and is a severe corruption of Angrybirdstd's beliefs. It merges Neo-Afunhumaninterism with Radical Anti-Abortionism, Danteism, Right-Accelerationism, and at times, Columbinism. He is very genocidal against progressives and socialists, something very distant from the normal Neo-Afunhumaninterism. He also uses an extreme and overblown form of Right-Wing Metric Accelerationism.

    His biggest hates are abortionists, LGBT/GRSM/MOGAI/PZNC individuals, communists, imperial units, woke people, people who think wrestling is real, people who don't know how to operate a zippo lighter, blackbelts, weather forecasters, country music, and military fanboys.


    On his free time, he'll stan Adolf Hitler, Eric Harris, Nick Land, Heinrich Himmler, and Richard Spencer. He will constantly have fantasies about mass murder and worldwide destruction of digital hard/software. At times, he'll fap to naked R63s of notorious serial killers. He also is a fan of digital ultrahomophobia and the such.

    He is emotionally extremely callous and shows no compassion for victims of crime (except if they support his ideals), neurodivergents, sexual minorites, etc.


    In Evil-Afunhumaninterism, there is a point system and many ways to earn points. The state determines how many points you have. There are no decimals. Desirable qualities would earn one or more point(s) (e.g. heterosexuality, having above 70 IQ, being pro-life, hating country music) and undesirable qualities would earn no point. Some qualities would have higher point values (like being pro-life) while some qualities would have lower point values (like hating country music). The people at the bottom of the point spectrum would be massacred and tortured brutally, while people higher up will not face such a fate (they eventually would). Since the system is inherently based off of a gross overexaggeration of social Darwinism, the principles of natural selection would be used. Progressives would be put in the same category as the weak and undesirables. After enough time, though, all "undesirables" will have died off and only a very small fraction of the population will survive. This corresponds to Evil-Afunhumaninterism's ideal of brutally torturing as many people as possible in the name of conservative values and natural selection. Knowing and using the metric system would be considered a beneficial trait. Being emotionally sensitive would be a negative trait.

    Alternative systems would be like Omni-Fit, but the above would be considered orthodox EvilAfun.

    Believing that the Holocaust was real (and killed 6M jews), that Earth is round, that all masses attract, that water is polar, that homeopathic water memory/structured water is quackery, and that ice floats are all examples of ultra-high-point desirable qualities.

    Not being strongly sexually attracted to children, knowing how to use a Zippo lighter, believing that Earth is solid inside, not being a low-functioning autist, believing that at least 50% of the Founding Fathers were based, supporting some degree of adult superiority, denying Chi forces (Chinese mythology), and knowing how to solve 5+5 by age 7 are all examples of high-point desirable qualities.

    Not being sexually attracted to corpses, supporting Newton's laws of motion, supporting anything right of Neoclassical economics, being able to read letters whose spaces subtend at least 2.5 arcminutes (20/50 or 6/15) without correction, opposing abortion in at least 95% of circumstances, not being a pansexual/homosexual, and not being an Antifa member are all examples of medium-point desirable qualities.

    Being able to read letters whose spaces subtend at least 0.9 arcminutes (20/18 or 6/5.4) without correction, having a 55th percentile or higher IQ, supporting the Austrian school, opposing LGBT+ marriage, opposing child transgender surgery, fully opposing abortion, using metric units when possible, or opposing country music are all examples of low-point desirable qualities.

    If having desirable quality A requires having desirable quality B, and if quality A is more desirable than quality B, than B has a lower point value than A; one cannot receive all of the points of B without receiving all of the points of A.



    • Technocracy - Based high-IQ gang.
    • Social Darwinism - NATURAL SELECTION.
    • File:Columflop.png ColumboFloppaism - My fellow high-score user, just STOP. USING. THE RETARDED IMPERIAL SYSTEM.
    • Metricism - You know what I love??!!!! METRIC UNITS!!!
    • Newtonism - You're a subhuman if you don't think all objects have attractions. UNIVERSAL GRAVITATION.
    • PZNCphobia - Good. Don't go to school tomorrow.
    • Homophobia - I beg of you. DON'T GO TO SCHOOL TOMORROW.
    • National Afunhumaninterism - I admire people like this.
    • File:Evilflop.png Evil-JoeyFloppaism - Fellow darwinist torturer. We just target different sets of people in drastically different ways. You like Satan. I like the strong knowledgeable pro-life radicals.
    • Evil-Metbolism - It's just so inhuman and you agree with that.
    • Omni-Fit - After a while, only a FRACTION of the original populace will survive, and they will be the people whom I have chosen to live!! Ah ha no one else should stay alive...NATURAL SELECTION.
    • - Finally someone to brainwash the people to believe in natural selection and metricism. I'll do it all; just become straight...or else...
    • File:AdultChem.png Chemical Adultism - I personally believe putting spring in a damn cap or a ring on Zippo lighter wheel makes it impervious to the kids. It's called natural selection.


    • Unspokeism - Glory to the Unspoken Kingdom of 2013!! HEIL!! GRANDE SIEG HEIL!!!! LEVEL THE AQUARIAN KINGDOM!! Wait a minute, you support Chinese shills. Pax sine bello esse non potest.
    • Neo-Afunhumaninterism - I draw some influence from you but you're one of the pussies afraid to actually become infamous. Embrace natural selection.


    • Abortionism - Burn it down for the lulz. YOU KNOW I HATE ABORTIONISTS AND THEIR MONEYGRAB TACTIC. Like why not. #NatSel
    • Democratic Confederalism - I'll make sure Erdogan just deals with you and your fanbase. SUCKSHALISTS!
    • Marxism - You p*ssies can't deal with what life is. Those are the weak. Like why can't I steal a million dollars laying out in a suitcase out in the open?!!? THE IDEOLOGY OF WEAK IMBECILES WHO CAN'T OPERATE A LIGHTER.
    • PZNCism - The "SeXuAlItIeS" of weak country-music-loving WWE-accepting incapable losers. Lower than the animals.
    • Childism - Why can't I arrest young smokers?!!? Can't wait til you're like 25 and you'll have so much difficulty breathing.
    • Homonationalism - None for you either. *Grabs knife for castration purposes* No anesthesia for you.
    • First Aquarian Model - These kinds of idiots need to be leveled on the spot. Glory to the Unspoken Kingdom!!
    • Flat Earthism - I bet you can't tell real wrestling from fake wrestling if you can't tell that Pacman is not real. So damn pathetic. People like this can die on spot.
    • Queer Authoritarianism - CYKA BLYAT!! Get reckd' inferior imbecile.

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