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    Evenoskyism epitomizes the political perspectives of Evenosky. It stands as a testament to the harmonious integration of tradition and modernity. Advocating for a diarchal system where governance is shared between a Democratic Technocracy and the Christian Church, Evenosky emphasizes the fusion of traditional Christian values with contemporary socio-economic structures. His vision encompasses a society where economic principles such as Distributism and guild structures coexist with grassroots democracy and copyleft principles. Evenosky's ideology upholds Christian Transhumanism, seeking to fortify societal foundations with reverence for heritage while embracing the dynamism of modern progress.

    Philosophical Views


    I believe in living a simple and disciplined life, often renouncing worldly pleasures and comforts in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment or moral purity.


    My philosophy revolves around selfless concern for the well-being of others, advocating for actions that benefit society as a whole rather than just oneself.


    I follow the teachings of Christian Stoicism, emphasizing self-control, resilience, and acceptance of fate to achieve inner peace and live in accordance with nature.


    My philosophical framework is influenced by the ideas of Plato, particularly the concept of the existence of an ultimate reality or the "One" from which all things emanate.

    Theistic Evolutionism

    I integrate the concepts of evolution and religious belief, seeing that science is the study of God's creation and viewing the process of evolution as part of a divine plan.


    My philosophical stance incorporates the notion of divine foreknowledge and human free will, positing that God has knowledge of all possible outcomes and chooses to actualize the best possible world.

    Moral Universalism

    I hold that moral truths exist independently of human opinion or perception, asserting that certain actions are inherently right or wrong regardless of cultural or individual beliefs.


    I engage in practices and beliefs within Christianity that focus on direct, personal experience of the divine, often through prayer, meditation, or contemplation.


    My approach to understanding the world relies heavily on reason and intellect, prioritizing logical deduction and empirical observation to uncover truth and knowledge.

    Governmental/Civil Views


    At the core of the government lies integralism. It advocates for a diarchal system where governance is shared equally between the Democratic Technocracy and the Christian Church. This ensures a balance of expertise and moral guidance in decision-making.

    Technocratic Democracy

    The Democratic Technocracy, informed by expertise and professionalism, employs democratic mechanisms to gauge public sentiment and ensure popular consensus on significant issues. It integrates democratic processes with technocratic principles to maintain a connection with the populace while managing technical and administrative aspects of governance.

    Natural Law

    Civil liberties are rooted in natural law, derived from biblical morals and teachings of early church fathers. These rights encompass both positive and negative liberties, such as marriage, murder, abortion, and welfare, ensuring a balance between individual freedoms and societal responsibilities.

    Economic Views


    Advocates for the widespread distribution of property and local control of resources. Small business ownership is encouraged, supported by anti-trust laws and local cooperatives, to prevent wealth concentration and promote economic democracy.


    Industries are organized under national guilds, which are democratic corporations representing specific sectors of the economy. These national guilds collaborate with local cooperatives organized into guilds, fostering a system where each industry operates under a unified framework of democratic decision-making and economic coordination. This approach ensures that workers' interests are fairly represented at both the local.


    Provides non-state welfare support to members and their families during times of need, fostering social solidarity and community support networks.

    Social/Cultural Views


    Integrates environmental-friendly technology whitin virtue ethics, promoting sustainability and progress while respecting the natural world.

    Christian Transhumanism

    Embraces advancements in science and technology while upholding Christian values and traditions, ensuring that technological progress aligns with moral principles.

    Pirate Politics

    Advocates for the principles of copyleft and open access to information, challenging traditional copyright laws and promoting the free exchange of ideas and knowledge. It seeks to empower individuals and communities by democratizing access to cultural and intellectual resources, fostering innovation and creativity without the constraints of proprietary ownership.

    Traditionalist Modernism

    Reintegrates traditional values and aesthetics into modern society without reactionary tendencies. It blends classical arts with modern technology, ensuring that cultural heritage remains relevant in contemporary life.


    Fosters social cohesion and mutual support within society, prioritizing family units and community well-being. It promotes a sense of belonging and solidarity, strengthening the fabric of society.

    Diplomatic Views

    Cultural Nationalism

    Emphasizes the preservation and celebration of national identity, heritage, and traditions. It seeks to foster pride in one's cultural roots, promoting a sense of unity and shared belonging among citizens. Cultural nationalism encourages the appreciation of indigenous arts, customs, and languages, contributing to the richness and diversity of the nation's cultural tapestry.

    Economic Nationalism

    Safeguards domestic industries while engaging in international trade, balancing protectionism with globalization to ensure economic self-sufficiency and national prosperity.

    Pacifist Nationalism

    Prioritizes national pride and identity while seeking peaceful resolutions to conflicts through diplomacy and de-escalation. It aims to avoid civil damage and promote mutual understanding between nations.

    My Christian Church Description

    The Charismatic Episcopal Church (CEC) is a Christian denomination that combines elements of Anglicanism, Catholicism, and Orthodox traditions with a charismatic emphasis. I refer to it as "Pentecostal Anglo-Uniate" to highlight its connection to both Anglican and Catholic/Orthodox traditions. The term "Anglo" denotes its Anglican roots and evangelical Theology(Prima Scriptura), while "Uniate" references the historical union of Catholic and Orthodox churches in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and that my church draws theology and liturgy from both of them. By incorporating the term "Pentecostal," I emphasize its embrace of charismatic practices reminiscent of the early Apostolic Church. This blend offers a rich liturgical heritage alongside an openness to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, reflecting the diverse spiritual experiences found in the early centuries of Christianity.

    The Church is part of the Convergent movement which wanted to unite Christians of the three rivers into one stream, the Charismatics, the Evangelicals, and the Liturgicals.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Evenoskyism
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Gold #FFD700 255, 215, 0
    Burgundy #800020 128, 0, 32
    White #FFFFFF 255, 255, 255
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20

    Personality and Behaviour

    User Tests

    Pick only one from each category

    Civic Axis

      • Chaoist (-10)
      • Anarchist (-7)
      • Minarchist (-3)
      • Libertarian (-3)
      • Civically Moderate (+3)
      • Statist (+8)
      • Dictablanda (+10)
      • Authoritarian (+6)
      • Totalitarian (-1)
      • Orwellian (-10)

    Type of Rule Axis

      • (Anarchist) Anti-Democracy (-10)
      • Direct Democracy (0)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (+1)
      • Representative Democracy (+5)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (+10)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (+6)
      • (Authoritarian) Anti-Democracy (-4)
    • If none above apply...
      • Organic Centralism (-5)

    Economic Axis

      • Marxist Communist (-5)
      • Socialist (+4)
      • Welfarist/Gift Economy (+8)
      • Mixed (+7)
      • Liberal Economics (+3)
      • Capitalist (0)
      • Darwinist (-10)
    • If none above apply...
      • Distributism (+10)
      • Anti-Economy (-10)
      • Non-Marxist Communist (+2)

    Economic Freedom

      • Anti-Economy (-10)
      • Dirigisme (+4)
      • Regulationism (+7)
      • Mixed (+10)
      • Liberal Economics (+4)
      • Free Market (+1)
      • Laissez-Faire (-5)
    • If none above apply...
      • Central Planned (-4)
      • Decentral Planned (-5)

    Diplomatic Axis

      • Autarchy (-10)
      • Autarky (+4)
      • (Alter-) Globalist (-4)
      • World Federalist (-10)
      • Cosmopolitan (+1)
      • Internationalist (0)
      • Moderate (+3)
      • Civic Nationalist (+7)
      • Patriotic (+9)
      • Nationalist (+10)
      • Chauvinist (+2)
      • Racial Nationalist (or similar broad category) (-10)
      • Ethno-Nationalist (or similar narrow category) (-7)


      • Western (0)
      • Western Adjacent (+5)
      • Non-Aligned (+10)
      • East Adjacent (+5)
      • Eastern (-5)
    • If none above apply...
      • Anarchistic Unaligned (-7)

    Cultural Axis

      • Revolutionary (-10)
      • Progressive (-3)
      • Reformist (+1)
      • Syncretic (+3)
      • Conservative (+6)
      • Traditionalist (+10)
      • Reactionary (0)

    Technological Axis

      • Primal (-10)
      • Primitivist (-9)
      • Pre-Industrial (-9)
      • Deceleration (-3)
      • Moderate (0)
      • Acceleration (+7)
      • Automated (+10)
      • Transhumanist (+9)
      • Posthumanist (-9)
    • If none of the above apply...
      • Post-Civ (?)
      • Archeofuturism (+5)

    Environmental Axis

      • Human Extinction (-100)
      • Radical Environmentalism (-10)
      • Eco-Fascism (-7)
      • Ecocentrism (-4)
      • Environmentalist (+10)
      • Moderate (+9)
      • Post-Industrialism (+7)
      • Industrialist (+5)
      • Anthropocentric (+8)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-7)
      • New Mass Extinction (-10)

    Neurological Axis

      • Anti-Praxis (-10)
      • Utopian (-9)
      • Dogmatic (-6)
      • Idealist (+7)
      • In Between (+8)
      • Realist (+10)
      • Pragmatic (+10)
      • Rational (+8)
      • Dystopian (-10)
      • Anti-Theory (+3)

    War Axis

      • Pacifism (+9)
      • Non-engagement (+7)
      • De-escalation (+10)
      • Intervention (0)
      • Irredentism (+3)
      • Revachism (0)
      • Jingoism (-10)
    • If none above apply...
      • Class Warfare (-8)


      • Insurrectionism (-5)
      • Revolutionism (+4)
      • Moderatism (+10)
      • Reformism (+7)
      • Stagnationism (-3)

    Religion Axis

      • Christianity (+8)
        • Convergent Christianity(Tradismatic)(+10)
      • Satanism (-10)




    • Template:Neocarlism - Wow, you are very similar to me, though, I don't like that you are too authoritarian and centralized.
    • File:DistribReact.png Distributist Reactionaryism - You are a fellow Distributist, but your regressive framework is incompatible with modern times, maybe you should re-evaluate your position.
    • Aploism - Philosophically you are very uneducated, especially coming from a Neo-Stoic. But your ideology is on average good, except maybe sometimes it goes into the Totalitarian territory. For the everything else, you are very similar to me.
    • Altemism - Even though you are a reactionary, being a Christian and Traditionalist, makes you similar to me. Economically you are also somewhat close to me, (why don't you like private property though?). Technologically you seem very skeptic, I assure you that God gave us the capabilities to make technology for a good reason.
    • ILunaticism - Generic Italian Corporatist, but in a good way. I see that you are culturally neutral, which in Italy is also a generic thing. Try to study actual theory tho.
    • WilliamCapo19 - Fellow Distributist brother in Christ. I like that you are pragmatic but sometimes I feel like you are trying too hard to be a centrist.
    • Savoinism Savoinism - You are basically me if I was trying to be centrist and,if I was catholic. I would suggest you reading actual theory than just PCB pages.
    • Template:Calmism - Another Christian Socialist, traditionalist socialsm is very utopian, and very hard to achieve, as with the others, read theory please.
    • Patrick Thought - You seem very similar to Constantine, a Monarcho-Distributist with Paternalistic values, and I have respect for Eastern Christianity. I don't have much to say because the page is still not completed.
    • Neo-Rosism - I agree with you that Socialism needs to be patriotic, but you seem to have more liberal values than you think. But generally, you are cool.


    • Baxism - I like your aesthetics, but you are too progressive and economically centralized, atleast you are an enviromentalist.
    •  DECBism - For a christian liberal, you are more rational than most American Democrats, for a blue-dog democrat, you are a very mixed bag, but better than others nonetheless.
    • Template:DancoLink - You are a classical leftist, I respect though that you are an Artel member, as for your ideology, Utopian Progressivism is just a dream, that would never come to reality because of the human nature.
    • Brazilian Liberalism - You are literally Sleepy Joe, but not sleepy. You claim to be a centrist, but you are a moderate progressive, also, why are you so similar to DECB?
    • Template:HauntedMound - I highly disagree with everything you stand for, but I really like your approach in semantics. You would be a good redactor.
    • CHROMATISM - You are the most acceptable Libertarian I know. I am not a fan of capitalism, but I wouldn't hate living in that world. Also I am an art revisionist.
    • McKnightism - You are an AnCap Heretic, but you are Traditionalist, which is very rare on here. I feel like with some education you could change some positions. Also, God put the magisterial authorities for a reason, if you actually read the Bible.
    •  Niiloism - Political larper, atleast you are a ConSoc. Try to study actual theory and not just the PCB pages.
    • Neo-Nasakomism - Another Infrared fan, who thinks sharia law is Marxist praxis, you can't believe in God and don't believe in metaphysical. Matriarchy was always obscure, Patriarchy was the power of Ancient Near East cultures, even before Abraham. Christianity is the one who watered-down the power of patriarchy, and is the reason why women are not treated as property anymore. Islam is full of Patriarchy, Women in Islam are the slave of the men, in Christianity, the woman was made from half of Adam, to complement him, not be subdued by him.


    • N.Brioism - How can you be that evil, you are literally a Racist Progressist Nazbol.
    • Template:Romcom - Outside of romanticism, nothing is normal with you, you either are a Larper or just psychodivergent.
    • Schumacherianism - You are literally a Pink Avaritionist, and the reason post-modernism is the epidemy of philosophical degeneracy.
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism - I was an Ego-Communist too when I was younger. Your ideology is based on egocentric utopianism. I can just say I dont like your ideology, but I dont feel like I can hate you personally, you just seem like a person who took the wrong road. The only thing that I like about your ideology is Transhumanism.
    • Zelligism - A schizo Avaritionist who doesn't believe in reality(Quantum Theory). Your belief that morality doesn't exist is simply the sinful ego who wants to be a god. All your pompous compositions are but an expression of psychodivergent ideas. The universe isn't fundamental in atoms, and even quantum fields, but based on holographic principle, as explained with how the Black Hole stores particles, into 2d information, which then when ejected is emerging as a holograph of the information as 3d projections. Everything emerges from fundamental information, so, your whole framework is incoherent.


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