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    Not to be confused with Eurocommunism.

    Note: This ideology is part of a project by Altem101. The project can be found here.

    Eurosocialism is a Totalitarian, Economically Left, Culturally Far-Right, Pan-European Ultranationalist, Fascist and Socialist ideology which wants to create a socialist and fascist European state.

    The ideology is violently Anti-Capitalist, Anti-American and Islamophobic, even more so than his father European Fascism. It will do anything in its power to root out any semblance of American or Islamic influence. Although it is largely Isolationist it will still try to find ways to hurt America and the Middle East.

    It is economically left-wing, opting for a Guild Socialist economic system. The economy is therefore owned by the workers through trade guilds.

    It could be argued whether Fascism in and of itself is Reactionary, but what is not arguable is whether or not Eurosocialism is reactionary. It is firmly a reactionary ideology with a deep hatred for all Progressive, Liberal and Enlightenment ideas. Although, it still supports science and technological progress to a certain extent as it wants to be a productive country to be able to destroy its enemies.

    Despite the ideology's many far-right ideas it still takes inspiration from many far-left thinkers like Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. It likes the idea of a Vanguard Party which safeguards the revolution and kills off counter-revolutionaries. It also adopts ideas such as heavy Industrialism, Isolationism and Socialism in one country.






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