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    European Corporatism or Eurocorporatism is an economic ideology, trying to synthesize the ideas of European models of Neo-Corporatism, such as Rhine and Nordic models, with State Capitalist ideas and policies inspired by some of East-Asian countries. European Corporatism is the economic model of Liberal Technocracy.

    While originally designed for the EU. It could be technically introduced in any developed country.


    Services Sector

    In European Corporatism's belief the service sector should be organized in the manner resembling that of Ordo-Liberalism. Favoring small and medium businesses over large companies through progressive corporate taxes and regulations. The service sector should be composed almost completely of private enterprises with a few exceptions


    The transportation sector of services unlike the rest of the services sector should be mostly based on larger state-owned and private companies co-existing on the market. According to European Corporatism trams, trains and metro are modes of transportation that should be dominated if not monopolized by state-companies, while other types of public transport like buses, taxis, airplanes etc. should operate with private and state companies competing in market conditions. Logistics and transportation of resources and goods should be primarily performed by private companies.

    Industrial Sector

    Manufacturing and High-Tech Industries

    According to European Corporatism, manufacturing industry should be organized in mixed fashion. With private and state-owned companies competing in market conditions. Additionally European Corporatism supports creating a set of performance standards and export contests for various manufacturing private companies in which they could compete for governmental subsides given to best performing "national champions". This should in Eurocorporatism's belief incentivize companies to perform better as well as prevent them from leaving the country and taking their capital with them.

    Mining Industry

    Similarly to its manufacturing Industry, mining industry in Eurocorporatist economy is organized around the idea of both private and state-companies co-existing on the market. Importantly though European Corporatism believes that the ownership of resources of geopolitically strategic value should be dominated by state-companies rather than private ones. While private entities are still allowed to be in possession of some deposits, the government should always make sure that it's the state-companies that strongly dominate the market of respective strategic resources. In case of non-strategic and more abundant ones the extraction and trade of those would work with private and state-owned companies competing in normal market conditions.

    File:Electritocracy.png Energy Industry

    According to European Corporatism the energy industry should be strongly dominated by, if not completely monopolized by state-companies. Due to energy production's character as extremely strategically important industry, the state should own vast majority of shares of all companies providing electricity. At the same time while the market would be effectively completely dominated by the state, the industry should not be centralized to one authority but instead several state-owned energy providing companies should compete with each other in market conditions.

    Agricultural Sector

    European Corporatism supports organizing the agricultural production around companies following the Mondragon Corporation model created by Distributists. This way the agriculture of the country would be able to both sustain the level of production on large-scale and make it possible for local and small producers to benefit from it.

    Housing Market

    European Corporatism believes that to prevent rapid homelessness, high rent and large quantities of flats remaining outside of use, the housing market should be modeled after Singapore's. That is around 80% of it being state-owned and state-managed.

    Keynesian Intervention

    European Corporatism thinks that in times of economic crisis or large recession, it is state's responsibility to boost demand and stimulate the economy (for example through large investments in infrastructure development) so it can once again operate normally.


    European Corporatism believes that the central bank with monopoly on printing currency should be state-owned and state-managed, private banks, credit unions etc. are allowed to co-exist with central bank in the economic system.

    International Trade

    European Corporatism does not believe that the country should commit itself completely to either free trade or protectionism. Different industries and circumstances call for different approaches. Eurocorporatism supports strongly protectionist policies in cases of strategic industries and resources as well as in relations to geopolitical rivals. At the same time it may support more open and free trade approaches in cases of export goods and relations with countries that are closer economically and politically to the Eurocorporatist state.

    Unions and Tripartism

    Eurocorporatism believes that for worker rights to be preserved in the right manner a tripartist system inspired by the Nordic Model must be established. Independent trade unions and employers' organizations should have an active role in creation of economic policies through negotiation, cooperation, consultation and compromise, with government's oversight over such process. Each of those would that way serve as a social partner in tripartite contracts between them, effectively influencing the economic policies of the country.


    European Corporatism believes that for people to be able to effectively perform their role in the economy and society, they need to be provided with the standard of living that will make it easier to return to the job market, avoiding falling into poverty traps. The way this is achieved could vary and European Corporatism could support welfare, tax breaks or even UBI if they show effectiveness in bringing people out of poverty and making them able to again be integral part of the economic system

    File:Eurocorporatism flag.jpg
    Flag of Eurocorporatism

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball and color it Navy Blue
    2. Add a small Euro (€) sign inside a circle of 12 golden stars on the top left
    3. Add eyes
    4. Done





    • Libertarianism - Yes, we do need those regulations and market is not as perfect as you think it is.
    • Marxism-Leninism - But just because market isn't perfect doesn't mean we abandon it altogether

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