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    Eulaism is the ideology of Eula or the ideology of the Spindrift Knight, it is a Libertarian Unity and Cultural Center ideology and a somewhat conservative ideology and a branch of Neo-Lawrencarchy thought the most mild version though it wants to end discrimination against descendants of the Lawrence Clan and a revival of some of the traditions of the Lawrence Clan back into society. It also wants the somewhat dissociation of family lineages.


    Eulaism is a very mild-version of Neo-Lawrencarchy wanting to end the prejudice of Lawrence Clan descendants of any prejudice based on bloodline in Mondstadt. In Mondstdat Eulaism is more conservative liking to preserve some traditions of the Lawrence Clan and seeing some traditions and customs of the Lawrence Clan as good like Dance of Sacrifice and like some of the revival of traditions and customs in modern Mondstadt. Among the Lawrence Clan, Eulaism wants to reform the Lawrence Clan and wants to redempt the clan by getting rid of some abusive traditions and beliefs and to dissociate the Lawrence Clan from its abusive past and to rebrand it as a more noble bloodline. Eulaism is also a fan of individual merit believing the individual is more important than the bloodline someone comes from even if it was from an old tyrannical bloodline of the Lawrence Clan.


    Eulaism is basically the personality of Eula always saying she wants vengeance and also likes to mock other people who discriminate her saying that she plans to bring back the Lawrence Clan despite being more of just teasing and making fun of people then actual seriousness. Eulaism can also be annoyed by her own bloodline as members of her clan call her a traitor and mostly doesn't want to deal with the hassle of her bloodline and the people of Mondstadt. Eulaism mostly cares about doing the duty of a knight and does it dilligently and just wants to be respected in society and not be an outcast.



    • Favoniusism - For the most part you took me in and saw me as one of the knights and didn't care about which clan I'm in, only my performance and willingness to serve the knights and I'm glad for that. I will have vengeance for that!
    • Individualism - It's the individual person that matters, not their bloodline.
    • Meritocracy - Especially you, it's thanks to you that you are able to look past my bloodline and only my skills as a knight. I am grateful!
    • Progressive Conservatism - There's a lot of parts of the Lawrence Clan that needs to be changed but some traditions should be conserved.
    • Anti-Racism - You despise discrimination which is based!
    • Reformism - I'm willing to rebrand the Lawrence Clan and make it more noble again getting it away from its abusive past and give the name redemption! Though if that doesn't I'm more happy to destroy the clan!
    • Multiculturalism - I hope people are willing to accept that some customs and traditions of the Lawrence Clan aren't evil and abusive, some are actually pretty nice.
    • Satirism - Yes I joined the Knights of Favonius for an evil plot of the Lawrence Clan to infiltrate the Knights and bring back the glory of the Lawrence Clan!
    • Lex Talionis - Mark my words, Vengeance will be mine! I don't really try to seek vegeance.


    • Progressivism - I agree that there are a lot of traditions that are borderline abusive for the Lawrence Clan but some traditions aren't and should be preserved.
    • Conservatism - Same but the opposite.
    • Barbatos Freedom - I do see the value of freedom and I will always protect the freedom of Mondstadt as a knight, but a lot of you think I'm going to revive the Lawrence Clan and make me an outcast so how about this: Yes I am a mole for the Lawrence Clan and bring back its power, vengeance will be mine!
    • Neo-Lawrencarchy - Most of you like to call me traitor but it's fun to joke about how I want to revive the Lawrence Clan to those who despise me just for me family lineage. Plus most of you only complain and don't really do much to actually revive the aristocracy... ...Most of you that is ...


    • Discriminationism - Mark my words, Vengeance will be mine!
    • Lawrencarchy - Yes I joined the Knights, and?
    • Feudalism - Most of you only care about bloodline and nothing else which is cringe!
    • Absolute Monarchism - Mondstadt will never have a king or tyrant and you only care about bloodline as well!
    • Aristocracy - As much as I love joking about restoring you, I am not restoring you no matter what!
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - As a knight, it is my duty to protect Mondstadt from you!
    • Abyss Orderism - You too!
    • SJW - Can't believe even random internet trolls are trying to shame me for my bloodline. I'll swear vengeance for that transgression as well!
    • Sexocracy - Why do you keep staring at my legs? Hey quit it!
    • Schubertism - The Lawrence Clan should never and will never become what you've dreamed it to be!

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