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    Euanism is a cultural left, economically left, civically center, and a globalist, Euanism usually likes the Economics of Social Democracy and Nordic model because it will make people more happy and productive, it's goals is to achieve progress by Socialist and Welfarist goals with a bit of a Capitalist system. Euanism always debates with Culturally Right extremists, because euanism believe that they will drag society down because of their horrid ideas,

    Economic Views

    Euanism believes that a Socialist system must be placed in order to achieve equality, and content to the people, while maintaining and reforming a Capitalist system in order to strengthen the economy, while the people enjoy benefits, Euanism believes in a Welfare system in order to give people skills, and free jobs in order to give them the chance to get a decent job from other companies, and improve their lives.

    Civil Views

    Euanism believes in all the aspects of Civil Libertarianism, he believes that freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of belief, freedom of life, Equality for all races, LGBT rights, Euanism believes that a bit of Authority can intervene if freedom is used and abused only to benefit the individual and it's own interests.

    Social Views

    Euanism believes in Progressive values, He believes that society must progress from the dumb and backwards Reactionary and Traditional society, Euanism believes that the church and state must be separated at all costs because it conflicts with reality, Euanism believes that Religion and Beliefs are never the basis for a society, instead a liberal and accepting society.


    Euanism believes in a form of Globalism called World Federalism, Euanism thinks that all nations must be together and contribute for the sake of mankind, Euanism opposes the ideas of Ultranationalists, and Isolationists, because they bring more harm and suffering to the people, well as too much national pride and anti-semitism, which will lead to further conflicts and instability.


    Euanism believes that a decentralized and autonomous government will make countries stable and will bring content to the people especially the minorities in that area, and to give them a sense of belonging in the country


    Euanism admires what the age Enlightenment has done in contributing to modernize liberalize every aspect of society, Euanism consider this as the best age of humanity and the boom of new Ideas

    How to Draw

    Flag of Euanism
    1. Draw 2 vertical and horizontal lines and intersect them
    2. .Apply it 2 times in order to create the dual border cross
    3. Add a gear
    4. Add the socialist rose
    5. Add color yellow



    • Authoritarianism - I understand the role of the state and to make sure that people's liberty and rights are protected from being abused, But slow down with the dictatorship and censorship, focus on serving for the greater good.
    • Bonapartism - I like your dedication as a leader and crushing integralists, but I disagree with absolutism
    • Proto-Euanism - I am only a portion of my former self
    • Wholesome_100ism - At Least he is not worse than 4chan
    • PCMism - I like the content in this one, but cut out the political stereotyping and circlejerking
    • State Atheism - Gods never existed, but slow down
    • Constitutional Monarchism - I'm not a fan of monarchism, but exceptions to this one
    • Enlightened Absolutism - Aleast he uses Absolute power for good
    • Aristocracy - Atleast he is not a jerk like oligarchy
    • Protectionism - I like this one, especially when war goes out we don't want our country to suffer
    • Nationalism - I understand the importance of pride and cultural identity, but not too much pride
    • PirateTailism - Based fellow progressive, but calm down with the neoliberalism
    • Neo-Airisuism - Based, but why the hell you simp for Rosa
    • Anti-Deathism - I'm not the extreme leftist but this is okay
    • Socialist Peacedomism - based socialist, although a conservative
    • Theocracy - I respect your customs and beliefs, But don't go extreme
    • Socialism - You care about equality, But we can't make our economy rise without free trade and markets
    • Capitalism - You care about free trade and markets in order for the economy to strive, But privatisation of hospitals, electricity supply, and other public facilities is bad, Just need a little regulation
    • Revolutionary Progressivism - Smashing and beating the shit out of conservatives is based, but slow down a bit
    • Jacobinism - Chopping Tyrants is based, reign of terror is cringe
    • Conseilism - kinda cringe, but atleast is positive towards everyone


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