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    Ethnoxaism is a white supremacist, totalitarian, economically far-left, culturally reactionary, National Bolshevist ideology based economically on the Marxist-Leninist theories of Enver Hoxha (although it rejects the culturally progressive and anti-racist values of traditional Hoxhaism). He is a fanatical follower and friend of National Bolshevism, and believes anyone that criticizes his friend, is an enemy and a "revisionist".

    Flag of Ethnoxhaism




    • Nazi-Maoism - Yeah, so you have done a lot in the fight for white socialism. But you later became a trashy revisionist.
    • National Castroism - Revisionist! But otherwise, you're based.
    • Hoxhaism - His economic policy is really based, and is a big inspiration of mine. Still, he hates my racial beliefs and my anti-progressive ideas. In short, economically based but culturally disgusting.
    • National Anarchism - You have really great ideas, except your dislike for totalitarianism is stupid. Totalitarianism is the only way to protect white culture.
    • National Socialism - Your work is great. But your economic policies screwed over white workers.
    • National Shinto - Fantastic ideas when it comes to racial supremacy. Too bad you are a fucking imperialist.
    • Homonazbol - Sick degenerate. I don't like f*gg*ts. But we agree on a lot of other stuff.
    • Reactionary Socialism - We agree on nearly everything except one thing. I'm an atheist and religion is bullshit.
    • National Fourth Theory Feminism - You REALLY need to calm down! Plus you describe yourself as “The highest stage of National Bolshevism”. National Bolshevism is perfect the way it is! But honestly, you do get the job done and you are pretty based.
    • White Jihadism and Red Jihadism - Fantastic ideas when it comes to social ideas. Too bad both you are fucking m*zzies.

    Revisionist Race Traitors

    • Lesboxhaism - Disgusting SJW warrior, race traitor. Fuck you bitch!
    • Pink Capitalism - F*g pervert who loves "freedom" and capitialism. Just wants to be free so he can commit more sodomy.
    • Bleeding-Heart Libertarianism - You need to be exterminated.
    • State Liberalism - AHHHHHH! You are fucking nuts! One of the #1 enemies of our gang!
    • Transilminism - A MAN who hates white socialism. Well I hate you, you tr*nnie freak!
    • Queer Anarchism - Anti-authoritarian F*g who likes to pretend to be a socialist.
    • Revolutionary Progressivism - Your policies would lead to moral decay!!!
    • Lesbobjectivism - D*ke SJW warrior who loves free market capitalism almost as much as she likes to be a degenerate cockroach.
    • Paleolibertarianism - I don't care if you're "conservative", you are a libertarian capitalist and an enemy of the white race.
    • White Ilminism - Another race traitor who likes to pretend he is a defender of white people but who wants to exploit white people with capitalism.
    • Khrutu Power - FILTHY N*GG*R REVISIONIST!!!!!
    • Nazi Gorbachevism - Of all the traitors to Nazbol Gang, you have struck a new low. Even Khrutu Power is better than you!
    • Black Lives Matter - [Comment deleted, your account has been suspended indefinitely ]
    • Exploding-Heart Libertarianism - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

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