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    Ethnic Welfarism (shortened to EthWel or EthWelf) is an CentreLeft.png economically center-left, Nation.png culturally right, Ethnonat.png ethnic nationalist and World.png internationalist ideology that supports a strong Welfare State, but also the creation of independent ethnostates. Unlike in most culturally right-wing ideologies, Ultranat.png Ultranationalism, Imp.png Imperialism, or any other supremacist ideas are completely abandoned. Instead, the core belief of Ethnic Welfarism is that although each and every single ethnicity is different, all of them are fully equal, and should be treated as equals. He thinks that a welfare state with open borders can't function in the long term, so creating ethnostates by voluntarily separating ethnicities into their own homogeneous states is the best way to maintain a strong welfare state. These ideas would be applied worldwide to avoid economic inequality between ethnic groups, and the creation of a strong economic and political alliance that would represent every ethnostate is required. Every nation would be required to cooperate with each other both economically and diplomatically, completely eliminating both economic and diplomatic isolation. One of the main goals of Ethnic Welfarism is to limit unnecessary human suffering to the lowest it can possibly be, and one of the biggest steps towards it is world peace, which could be achieved by justifying the existence of borders by redrawing them based on ethnic lines.


    Welf.png Welfarism

    Ethnic Welfarism wants to ensure that every member of each ethnostate can meet basic human needs such as food and shelter. He believes in Social Welfarism and wants to establish a strong Welfare State, with a Welfare Capitalist economy. Work wouldn't be a necessity for everyone who wants to live a normal life. Instead, work would grant the opportunity for everyone to buy luxury items, that the unemployed couldn't, so there's still motivation to work. This is only possible in the future when robots could replace humans in every workforce. Providing welfare, implementing taxes and new laws will require a big but democratic government, which makes this ideology not incompatible with other ideologies that are against a big government, like Awaj.png Anarchism and Libertarian.png Libertarianism.

    Ethplur.png Ethnopluralism

    Ethnopluralism is the belief that every ethnicity has the right to govern itself. The only way to stop ethnic hatred and racism is the separation of ethnicities into ethnically homogeneous states. Ethnic Welfarism rejects Segregation (Systematic separation), but believes in Separation, with tax cuts and more welfare benefits for the people willing to move out, so the separation is beneficial to everyone. Ethnic Welfarism is Interventionist but is against Imp.png imperialism.

    Globnat.png Alter-Globalism

    Ethnic Welfarism wants a global alliance, to limit the wealth gap and inequality between each ethnostate to the lowest possible. Ethnic Welfarism rejects both Isolationist.png isolationism and Imp.png imperialism. Creating an Ethnostate economically and diplomatically isolated from the rest of the world would only amplify racism and ethnic hatred, and increase inequality. Instead of uniting every country into a decentralized World.png world government, Ethnic Welfarism would unite every country with a global alliance.


    Icon oRange.png oRange System Icon oRange Alt.png

    oRange System or brOwn System is the self-insert ideology of oRange. Other than believing in all 3 beliefs of Ethnic Welfarism ( Ethplur.png Ethnopluralism, Welf.png welfarism and Globnat.png alter-globalism ), he also believes in the following ideologies:

    Republicanismpix.png Republicanism

    oRange System wants a republic as the form of government, which is a presidential republic, meaning that the head of state and government leads the executive branch, which is separate from the legislative branch. The president can suggest new laws and policies, but can only enforce them if it gets voted on by the legislative branch of the government. Just like in the Res Publica.png Roman Republic, a constitutional dictatorship could be established, but only under one circumstance, if the country is getting attacked by another power, and is losing in that war. The reasoning is that the survival of the nation is the most important thing, so sacrifices should be made if it's in danger. This would speed up the process of making laws, so more changes can be made to protect the country. The dictator's authority still remains limited by the constitution, and the role of a dictator is temporary until the war is over.

    Lib.png Liberalism

    oRange System believes in Liberal Democracy, with a representative democratic system. He also respects basic human rights, and some other, non-essential rights too, but also freedoms as well. Social equality and social equality are two very important concepts, which should be strived towards.

    Laicism.png Laicism

    oRange System wants to separate religion from state and culture. This would include taxing religious institutions the same as other institutions. Teaching evolution in schools would be mandatory, while teaching Creationism would be optional, describing it as nothing more than just a theory. He respects the freedom of religion, so he naturally rejects Stateath.png State Atheism, he instead wants a secular, laicist state.

    Envi.png Environmentalism

    oRange System deeply cares about the environment, and one of his main objectives is to stop global warming, which requires cooperation on a global level. He wants to establish regulations, taxes, and laws to protect the environment.

    Keynes.png Keynesianism

    oRange System is a Postkeynes.png Post-Keynesian ideology, he thinks that a market economy should be regulated and boosted by government spending. He believes in both fiscal and monetary policy theories. Unlike in NuKeynesPix.png Neo-Keynesianism, he disapproves of neoclassical economic models.

    Fem.png Feminism

    oRange System wants gender equality in fields like economic participation and decision-making. He wants to grant equal opportunity to everyone, regardless of gender and any other traits. Equal responsibility is also included in gender equality.

    Transh.png Transhumanism

    oRange System approves of technology and does not want to slow down technological progress in most cases. He also wants to cure or slow down the negative effects of aging. He also supports Space Exploration, because colonizing another planet could be a good solution if the problem of Overpopulation ever becomes a problem too dangerous to ignore.

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    Relationships of Ethwelball.png Ethnic Welfarism Ethwelball Alt.png
    Ideologies from the Main Wiki.
    Only adding ideologies related to at least one of the three beliefs of Ethnic Welfarism.


    • Welf.png Welfarism - Welfare and a Utility.png utilitarian approach should be a top priority. Every person should receive free and equal education, free healthcare, a living space granted for everyone, a strong social safety net, and a lot more. Even if it means we'll need to impose more taxes and regulations.
    • Ethplur.png Ethnopluralism - Creating a homeland for every ethnicity big enough to sustain itself would be a good solution to solve all immigration and ethnic/racial issues present in almost every multicultural country. This would solve the issue of racism combined with cooperation between each ethnostate.
    • Globnat.png Alter-Globalism - I support global cooperation, which will lead to prosperity for all nations. Unlike World.png Economic Globalization, which will increase inequality and unfairness even more.
    • Socdem.png Social Democracy - Regulations and Taxes are necessary to sustain a strong welfare state.
    • Ethnonat.png Ethnic Nationalism - Borders should be drawn along ethnic lines, instead of the often arbitrary borders today. Although it can become a very dangerous idea if combined with chauvinist ideas, like Racism, Ethnocentrism, Imp.png Imperialism or Irridentism.png Irredentism.
    • Leftnat.png Left-Wing Nationalism - Mixing Welf.png welfarism with Nation.png Nationalism should be the norm. For example, a welfare state can only sustain itself with almost or fully closed borders, Chilib.png Friedman got it right!
    • Nation.png Nationalism - Nationality is based on common ethnicity.
    • SocCap.png Social Capitalism - The best economic system we tried so far.
    • Cap.png Capitalism - The least bad economic system. Can be reformed into a good system, like Welf.png Welfare Capitalism
    • Reform.png Reformism - As I said, Cap.png Capitalism should be reformed, instead of abandoned.


    • WelfChauvin.png Welfare Chauvinism - Combining Welf.png welfarism with Nation.png nationalism will unite the people. But uniting people under the idea of Supremacy and Chauvinism will amplify the already existing racism in every country, which will divide and pit people against each other. Instead of this, we should realize that although every ethnicity is different, they are all equal to one another.
    • Cultural Nationalism.png Cultural Nationalism - Close enough, would be better than the current status quo. Although a nation should be defined by common ethnicity, instead of common culture.
    • Patcon.png Paternalistic Conservatism - Decent, but should focus on Nation.png Nationalism instead of Conservative.png Conservatism.
    • Kemal.png Kemalism - Good economic ideas, but a Civnat.png civic nationalist.
    • Absoc.png Nasserism - Good cultural ideas, but a Soc.png socialist.
    • 3princ.png Tridemism - China should unite all Han people, but every other ethnicity like Tibetan, Uyghur, and Manchu should be independent. Good economic policies otherwise.
    • Pron.png Peronism - Your economic policies are decent, but Protect.png Protectionism only leads to inequality both globally and nationally.
    • Soc.png Socialism - You have some good ideas, but the right to property is a right of every human, which I won't give up on.


    • Racenat.png Racial Nationalism - Race is an outdated and flawed concept. I understand that the basis of nationality should be moved from the current status quo, but race isn't it.
    • Ultranat.png Ultranationalism - Even though every ethnicity is different, there's no superior or inferior ethnicity. Supremacism is why every form of Nationalism gets labeled as racist and gets frowned upon, unjustly.
    • Urb.png Urbism - Urbism on a global scale would quickly devolve into Awaj.png Anarchism, and fully isolated states. This would take the issue of having arbitrary borders to a whole new level.
    • Anat.png Anationalism - Universalism is good, a global language could benefit humanity, but Awaj.png Anarchism, World.png Globalism, and anti-nationalism is all awful. A mixed bag, but the disadvantages outweigh the positives by a lot.
    • Multicult.png Multiculturalism - Multiculturalism is killing the ethnic identity of every person. Although I don't necessarily have a problem with mixing cultures if it's not forced, it's also killing every unique ethnicity, especially the smaller ones with their multiethnic ideas.
    • Protect.png Protectionism - Autarky is a bad economic system, it increases inequality.
    • Awaj.png Anarchism - You can't achieve any goals without a state, which will lead to degradation, chaos, and suffering.

    Relationships of Icon oRange.png oRange System Icon oRange Alt.png
    I'll add everyone who added me as well, comment here if you added me.
    All opinions are fully based on ideology, not personality.


    • Colsocdem.png Colombian Social Democracy - You're just a regular Socdem.png socdem, which is cool. You picked the worst branch of it though.
    • MATTball.png Mattism - You're a bit too progressive and non-interventionist, but the rest of your ideas are good.
    • Sajicon.png SajZeal Model - I don't like the idea of Technocracy.png Technocracy, but other than that you're cool.
    • Vamp.png Braun Spencer Thought - We agree on most things, and we have a similar view on how things should work internally, although I'm more to the left. But we support a vastly different kind of Nation.png Nationalism, and I completely reject the idea of Imp.png Global Hegemony, and the moral duty of superpower states to intervene in other countries solely based on their own interest.
    • - - - You support establishing a Muslim 2.png Theocracy, and you somehow support both the best and the worst ideology about culture and ethnicity, Ethplur.png Ethnopluralism and Multicult.png Multiculturalism, even though they're completely mutually exclusive. Other than that you're cool, just a bit too utopian.



    Family Tree

    Res Publica.png Roman RepublicanismSocdem.png Social DemocracyGlobnat.png Alter-GlobalizationPcb ethnonat icon.png Ethnic Nationalism
    Welf.png WelfarismEthplur.png Ethnopluralism
    Utility.png UtilitarianismEthwelball.png
    Ethnic Welfarism
    Ethwelball Alt.png
    Natan.png National-Anarchism


    Tribal.png Tribalism - Great-Great-Grandfather
    Athdem.png Athenian Democracy - Great-Great-Grandfather
    Demarchy.png Demarchy - Great-Great-Grandmother
    Sec.png Authoritarianism - Great-Great-Grandmother
    Ormarxf.png Marxism - Great-Great-Grandfather
    Lib.png Liberalism - Great-Great-Grandmother
    Monkeyzz-Enlightenment.png Enlightenment - Great-Great-Grandfather


    Monarch.png Monarchism - Great-Grandfather
    Dem.png Democracy - Great-Grandmother
    Regulationism.png Regulationism - Great-Grandmother
    Bernst.png Bernsteinism - Great-Grandfather
    World.png Globalism - Great-Grandmother
    Nation.png Nationalism - Great-Grandfather


    Res Publica.png Roman Republicanism - Grandfather
    Socdem.png Social Democracy - Grandmother
    Globnat.png Alter-Globalism - Grandmother
    Ethnonat.png Ethnic Nationalism - Grandfather


    Welf.png Welfarism - Mother
    Ethplur.png Ethnopluralism - Father


    Utility.png Utilitarianism - Sister
    Natan.png National-Anarchism - Brother




    Ethwelball.png Ethnic Welfarism Ethwelball Alt.png

    Icon oRange.png oRange System Icon oRange Alt.png

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