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    Ethnic Envy

    is the envy of someone else's ethnicity or race and the desire to be of said ethnicity or race (usually in a pure form) instead of one's own.

    This envy usually stems from a form of belief in the superiority of another ethnicity/race over one's own and the wish to be part of said ethnicity/race; however it can also come from a place of non-belonging, a person feeling disconnected from their cultural nation due to their ethnic background, or even the lack of both and thus the wish to find belonging via being part of a pure ethnic culture.

    Sometimes however, ethnic envy, or more commonly racial envy, is felt by some, mostly american, online ultraprogressives, who suffer from White Guilt and wish to have been born as a POC instead.


    In relation to purity

    Ethnic envy can also be observed to be experienced by people, usually racists and/or Ethnic- or Racial Nationalists, in relation to purity; them defining the nation and themselves via blood while sometimes not being fully of said blood can lead some of them to being envious of those they consider to be more "pure" manifestations of their ethnicity/race.

    In Society

    In a societal context, as described by academics, "Ethnic envy" may also refer to the majority (usually whites) feeling unable to celebrate their traditions and culture in fear of being called racist or supremacist; thus showing envy for minority groups whom are widely accepted to practice their traditions and culture by many multicultural progressives.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Ethnic Envy
    1. Draw a ball with a black outline.
    2. Fill with black.
    3. Draw the envy symbol is white.
    4. Add the eyes.

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