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    Ethical Darwinism is a culturally and economically off compass right wing ideology heavily influenced by Social Darwinism, Hoppeanism, and Anarcho-Capitalism where there is a code of ethics. Depending on what ethics the individual violated, the person would move down the hierarchy. If you are lower in the hierarchy, you lose the rights you violated, and if the person moves down the hierarchy to the bottom, the person would lose all of their rights. In return, the aggressor would also have to restore the rights of the victim that they violated. In a sense, the aggressor is a slave to that person in order to restore the violated rights. Until they do this, the aggressor's property is up for completely up for grabs for anyone. This creates a form of cultural laissez-faire capitalism in which superiority is based on morality. The superior of the Ethical Darwinist society are known as the Herculists, inspired by the greek legend Hercules, and the inferior of society are known as the comprotists, as in morally compromised. And right in between the two are pacifist, because they do not violate anyone's rights, but they also let evil thrive by not purging it when they see it

    Ethical Darwinism also believes in originism, and because it is a christian ideology, it believes that in the first days of human existence, there was just Adam and Eve, and the garden of Eden, along with the many children they had. With this in mind, it seeks to use incognitism to isolate and protect the morally superior and pure Ethical Darwinist society. In these small isolated societies/covenant communities, the people there focus on voluntary selective breeding as to create the strongest individual with the maximum capability of purging the morally inferior. One of the ways Ethical Darwinism seeks to achieve its goals it through Urbism.

    Some of the guiding beliefs of Ethical Darwinism is that equality does not exist, every situation creates a hierarchy, and that all society, collectives, and groups, are social constructs.


    File:Wackies.png Wacky Gang File:Wackies.png (I'M NOT WACKY!!!)

    • Medievalism - Fellow Christian just too authoritarian.
    • Anarcho-Altruism - Disgusting leftist, atleast values morality differently from him



    • AnCom - Communism is cringe but anarchism is great.
    • Demosism - Egoism is cringe but hoppeanism is great.


    • All the Egoists - Immoralists scums.
    • All the authleft - I only wish I could have killed Stalin.

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