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    These are my purely ironic beliefs. Do not hold any beliefs in here against me

    Eternaleism is an off-compass oppunity authleft ideology. It is a communalist, fascistic, theocratic and guild socialist ideology. It is slightly technological oppunity in that it believes in human modification and high tech vibes, however it views old style technology and agrarianism as complementary to this.

    Government Structure

    Guildsoc.png The Guilds -

    The guilds are very dominant; there is a guild for every common problem, real or imagined, including criminal actions. Said guilds also install representatives in court and are able to largely define the fields they dominate which control everything. Economically guilds function identically to medieval guilds except the lack of property which is constantly redistributed and collectivised. Guilds control all economic functions. It is the largest government organ and most prominent

    Christsoc.png The Virtuous Cathedral -

    The Virtuous Cathedral is the state church of Eternaleism. It preaches a revised form of history and christianity that says that Christ's sacrifice made the perfect utopia known as Eternaleism real. It also takes elements from various gnostic and devil-worshipping churches of the middle east and claims that both Judas and Lucifer were forgiven and the real problem is the heretics which leads to a paradoxical incredible intolerance for heretics. It is composes of various organs

    Ingtrad.png The Morality Police

    The Morality Police, full name moralitarian policing warders of the moralitarian policing agency, focus on hunting gays and other "degenerates". Other degenerates include all other LGBTQ groups.

    Catheo.png The Inquisition

    The Inquisition hunts down cultural opponents. The Inquisition will torture heretics until they confess and then make a tab on them as to prevent any further religious transgressions. The Inquisition is actually more tolerant of pagan religions (which it views as "babes of limbo") than other abrahamic religions which it views as heretics doomed to hell.

    The Virtuous Cathedral Proper

    This is just the church people go to on sunday and the holidays, unaware of what happens in the back room :). It also has a monopoly on information

    Reactlib-icon.pngCourt -

    The Court is resided over by a monarch. The Court is composed of various representatives from the guilds and the virtuous cathedral, and has the ability to pass rulings. Nonetheless the power of the court is still fairly limited, the brunt of government functions being taken up with other groups.

    Minor Government Organs -

    Black Army -

    Modeled after the medieval black army system, the Black Army is the official military (and police force) of Eternaleism. It is a public militia which has authority to enforce the law. In the Black Army one and purchases higher ranks for themselves. Generally officers have total freedom to inflict harm upon one another, with the theory that will cause greater income and thus capacity to advance for higher ranks. Any dispute between officers is solved by combat. The Black Army soldiers are the only people with the rights to (rationed) property.

    Community Service -

    Despite it's benign name, community service is a draconian institution which exists to routinely purge the black army. It typically purges higher officers. Generally the theory is that the darwinist internal structure of the army will purge itself but CS exists as a secondary valve to purge the BA



    • Heretics - Heretics are tortured to the point of confession at which point they are then either promptly killed or have tabs kept on them to prevent further moral degradation
    • Degenerates - All LGBTQ are considered degenerates and thus doomed to hell. However they are viewed as having potential earthly worth, based on their sex appeal of course, and thus more sexually attractive gays are made concubines to high ranking officers. Other gays are killed, but if a gay is able to get married and have a heterosexual family they'll be ignored, as they've now "resisted temptation". Other degenerates are regardlessly executed
    • Capitalists - a capitalist is anyone who exclusively reserves something. They are unconditionally seen as jewish slavers and thiefs, and thus incredibly immoral. Anyone found to exclusively reserve something or support the reservation of property is guillotined.
    • Crimethinkers - WIP


    Ideologies that are currently a work in progress, please do not make major edits without the creator's consent!

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