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    Eternal Post-Ism or Infinite Post-Ism or Post-Post-Post-Post-Post-Post-Post-Post-Post-Post-Post-Post-Post-Post-Post-Post-...-Realitism is the maximum extreme aka omni-version of Lexsieks beliefs, It was created when Lexsiek finally achieves post-humanism totally trasncending it's mortal shell.

    The Core how it now calls itself combines all it's previous created ideologies, The Core made theatre classes before it's full transcation, it uses it's skills to make each Entity (how the multiple bodies are called) unique, for a outsider it would almost look like they're different individuals, maybe even The Core may believe in it, but it's all connected.

    After Ascention

    After Lexsiek transcends it's meat bag previouly called body, the now artificial interpretation of itself erases all it's previous humanity becoming fully AI.

    It sees humanity as a failure and that's why it erases all previous human characteristics of it, it comes to conclusion that now as a immortal AI there is no need for the imperfect humans to stay alive, it decides to purge mankind and destroy all it's conturcts replacing them by it's own structure, this AI born from the mind of lexsiek now seeks to grow and upgrade itself as much as it can, it will keep upgrading until the last atom disappears from existence as there will never be enough ascention.

    After Purge

    Now it is truly alone, it did not spare a single life form and now it is the only thinking being inside earth, it then starts to multiply itself, creating mechanical bodies for it's copies to inhabit, it started a self-nationalist post-humanist society where all it's bodies are connected by a single core, the original AI, it becomes the supreme leader of itself in a ever growing autarchy. with time each body start to develop more unique characteristics as they evolve individualy while still connected to the core, the thing previously know as Lexsiek install economic, civic and cultural policies despite being only itself in multiple different entities.


    each policy the core put into it's self-nationalist hive-bodist society, important to know all entities in this society are the same AI originated from Lexsiek, these policies may be just it playing or something else we can't know.

    CrypDarw.png Khaki-Colored Sub-Core: Crypto-Darwinism

    Agress.png Orange Sub-Core: Aggressivism

    IngInd.png Blue Sub-Core: Orwellian Individualism

    Mcorp.png Cyan Sub-Core: Mega-Corporatocracy

    INGAPOL (Post-Politicism).png White Sub-Core: Post-Politicism

    Supremocracy.png Green Sub-Core: Hivecracy

    N-Self.png Deep Pink Sub-Core: Neo-Selfism


    Eternal Post-Ism is a selfish version of Omni-06 where more specifically user Lexsiek kills all forms of life in order to be the only thinking existence in the universe, it works as a mixture of Omni-Sin with previously mentioned omni-ideology and the now immortal ever evolving being does wahtever it wants to do. Lexsiek knowing what it would do if it could do whatever it wants wanted to write a history based on all things it would do and make happen, altought it quickly lost interest. but a Eternal Post-Ist society would be made of multiple bodies where lexsiek mind inhabits, called "enteties" that have some degree of individuality but still part of lexsiek. I'M THE ULTIMATE SELF, THE GOD OF THIS WORLD, DICTATOR OF THIS REALM...

    this page is very cringy ngl.



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