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    Esoteric Homonationalism, also known as Esoteric Homofascism is a culturally far-left, heterophobic, totalitarian, ultranationalist, esoteric and fascist ideology which believes that heterosexuality should be destroyed. It incorporates various mystical and/or spiritual beliefs into its ideology.

    Depending on its religion, it believes slightly different things, but opposition to heterosexuality, support for LGBT supremacism, palingenetic sexuality ultranationalism and spiritualism are always key components. Gnostic homonationalists may believe that heterosexuality is a consequence of the Demiurge, while some Greco-Roman pagans, sex-positive neopagans and strange UFOlogists may oppose it for various other reasons.

    The ideology is similar to Homonationalism, however the latter doesn't usually hate straights and rather just want LGBT rights, nor is it super spiritual. Rather than homonationalism, esoteric homonationalism is even more similar to Futurism.




    • Esoteric Fascism - Your stances on the jews, christians, minorities, they're all, so valid... wait! Homosexuals aren't spiritually impure you straggot, heretic, larper!!I!!11!!REEEEEE1elnvekrjfnwr *lands softly on Himmler while quarreling* Oh my... I've never seen this side you, mein Uberschutzstaffel... *leans in for a kiss. Himmler grabs me and I freeze knowing what could happen next. To my pleasant surprise, he puts his mouth to mine. We start making out and having twink buttsex, and it's hot. We finish, and Himmler is very impressed.* Oh Himmler, I love seeing you smile... you have such a large clean-cut chin... so sexy... WHY, i want you to mine so bad! Why must it be like this!!!
    • FALGSC - This would be a dream utopia if it weren't for your communism. Don't you understand how jewish that shit it!
    • National Socialism - The Pink Swatsika is a good book, but it's clear your a heterosexual shill.
    • Odalism - Understands the threat of ambrahamics, but he wants to throw me in the bog!


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