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    Esoteric Absurdism, also reffered as Deistological Absurdism, is an absurdist philosophy that believes that even if gods, spiritual / divine beings, supernaturals, mythicals and all other extraphysical and supernatural life forms exist, they are also part of the absurd as well such as they cannot left the absurd as well.

    Esoteric absurdism believes that religion is not a completely way to run away of the absurd, but more like a way to think that the beings religions worship are outside of the absurd, but actually, they are also part of the absurd and they cannot do anything to left the absurd, but it recognizes that they might make some meaning for the absurd as well, but still, they still face the absurd all the time. It also believes that all extraphysical and supernatural life forms also face the same problems or similar problems as humans and they cannot run of the absurd as well, and how they cannot die, since they are on extraphysical level, the only way they can do is facing the absurd all the time, making them or adapt themselves to the absurdity of life and develop means to deal with it or simply ignore it and develop their own ways of thought and philosophies.

    Esoteric absurdism also believes that in an extraphysical society where death is finally abolished and no one can actually die, people can face the absurd the way they want, similar to what extraphysical life forms actually do. Being even able to develop their own philophies and thoughts in order to deal with the absurdity, it also has the concept of "absurdity of eternity" and "absurd of immortality" that are the two main faces of the absurd in an extraphysical world and in a divine/spiritual world as well.

    Esoteric absurdism likes to talk with Existential Soulism, Extraphysicism, Divinialism, Esoteric Soulism, Existentialism, Esoteric Existentialism and even Nihilism and Esoteric Nihilism. It actually does not fear death, since death would be part of the circle of the absurd and it also believes in an extraphysical reality everyone can have their own thoughts and philosophies about how to deal with the absurd, since they would face the absurdity of eternity and the absurdity of immortality all the time.

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