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    Ernest Vintovka Thought is an Ego-Communist and self-insert ideology, economically far-left[1], and culturally revolutionary.

    The Thought

    Ernest Vintovka Thought is an ideology largely based on Soulism and Ego-Communism. It is economically far-left and advocates for the Egoist Revolution. Ernest Vintovka Thought is egoistic and draws from Ego-Communism, Marxism, and Anarcho-Egoism.

    Additionally, it advocates for atheism, as it deems the existence of a god or deity as impossible. However, it does not care about what others think, as it focuses on itself and its own concerns.

    Even though I'm a Revolutionary and Anarchist, I am also a reactionary, but never a traditionalist. I believe in the Revolutionary Reaction, yet I remain an anarchist. Additionally, I find Reactionaryism to be a compelling idea, just like the Revolutionary Reaction or the Egoist Revolution.

    I support labor unions, but I do not endorse human rights campaigns because I believe we only need the right to be free, although it may sound contradictory since I am an Ego-Communist. I am in favor of individual freedom.

    I also support the idea of 'Your freedom ends where mine begins' because I believe that's how we should be. The individual cannot be free if they are confined by a state or ideology.

    I believe that the only possible freedom is individual freedom. I advocate for a kind of 'individualist communism' because fundamentally, I believe that nothing should limit our common individual freedom. We are individuals, and that is why we are free and should be free.

    About Furries

    In my opinion, furries are bad because I truly don't understand why you would be like that. What's wrong with you, buddy? I hate furries, and that ideology or way of life should be banned, even though I'm anti-humanist.


    I believe that the economy should be shared and planned, but without a state. I advocate for the abolition of private property and the socialization of the means of production. Of course, all of this should happen without a state, as I see both the state, capitalism, and the nation as enemies.

    An ideal society for me would be one that is both reactionary and revolutionary, anarchist, where the state doesn't exist, and the economy follows Marxist principles.


    I believe the state should cease to exist, I won't say more…

    About Spooks

    The state, the nation, the family, and the hierarchy are just spooks created to deprive us of our individual freedom. I also see those who are false and traitorous as spooks.


    I'm reading

      • 1984 - George Orwell

    I'd read it

    • Max Stirner
      • The Ego and Its Own
    • Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels
      • The Communist Manifesto
      • Das Kapital
    • Dr.Seuss
      • The Lorax
    • Adolf Hitler
      • Mein Kampf
    • George Orwell
      • Animal Farm

    I wanna read / Suggestions

    • Note: Add you Suggestions.
      • Germany Tomorrow (Otto Strasser)

    About Nazism & Fascism

    About Fascism and Nazism, I think they are better than Capitalism, especially the "revolutionary branch", which would be Strasserism. I have neither bad nor good opinion. Something neutral, since I have been a sympathizer of Strasserism because it seems to me an idea, although authoritarian, something "better than capitalism." And it is that my hatred is not only personal, but total towards Capitalism. I'm not a racist, I hate Racism, but honestly, in my opinion, Nazism and Fascism are little better than Capitalism, and no, I don't support what the Nazis did. I mean your economy.

    About LGBT+

    Regarding the LGBT+ community, I see them, not as something despicable, but as normal people, one can feel however they want. I don't see the bad in it. And, of them, I want to say that I support them, and not as a collective, but as a community.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Ernest Vintovka Thought is a philosophical[2] ball that supports dialogue and advocates for free expression and individual freedom. Besides being receptive to right-wing ideologies, it is not sympathetic to all of them.

    How to Draw

    Flag of Ernest Vintovka Thought
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Teal #008080 0, 128, 128
    Dark Teal #003E3E 0, 62, 62
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Add the tiny glasses.
    3. Colour it just like the Post-Leftism.
    4. You're done!



    • Me - Me above all ideologies!



    • Marxism–Engelism - You are a bit authoritarian to me. Also, I'm Marxist.
    • !!a!!m!!o!!l!!ism - I'm not a fascist, but also you are a good ideology.
    • Meowxism - Your thought is good. You're furry, that's not something I like, but I don't hate you for it, but for being more to the authoritarian left, although I don't hate you. I think it's good that you defend progressivism and similar ideas.


    • National Bolshevism - Just like the strasserism but more extreme and more racist, I'm not a fascist but you are better than others ideologies.
    • Strasserism - Be left is good but you are racist and anti-semitic, but you are better than nazism or fascism. Also, I'm not fascist.
    • Fascism - Better than Capitalism. Also, I'm not fascist.
    • Nazism - I'm not a fascist or nazi, but your ideology is some better than capitalism. I don't hate jews but you are, better than other ideologies. But im not a nazi.
    • Deo-Autonomism - Meh… another socialist ideology. But so…



    • LordCompost86 - egoism is when state bad.
    • Deo-Autonomism - Add me? also if being a furry pleases their ego thats their choice, leave em be. How is fascism & Nazism better than capitalism?? Its literally totalitarian!
      • Ernest Vintovka Thought - Yes, fascism and nazism are totalitarians, but is better than the capitalism. And yes, you can be furry, but just stay away from me. Also, I added you, now add me.
    • Ego-Communization On the bright side, quite a pleasing ball design! On the other hand, you appear to be yet another 'le epic spook bad' egoist, which is unfortunate. Have some critiques I suppose.
    • 1. Your support for Reactionary concepts is rather absurd, and from what I can determine merely derived from an appreciation for Fascistic aesthetics, which is understandable. However, basing political stances off of aesthetic value appears to be a running theme here.
    • 2. Your stated support for Marxist economics appears to be founded in a misunderstanding of Marx's advocacy for a transitional stage between lower and higher stage communism in which the State would be utilized to suppress the bourgeoisie and develop the means of production to actually enable a communist society.
    • 3. Your stance on furries seems to be rooted in feeling uncomfortable with such a subculture, and you advocating their 'banning' implies the existence of some kind of state or legal system.
    • 4. Your labeling of the 'traitorous and false' as 'spooks' is clearly a misunderstanding of the term. 'Spooks' are abstract social constructs which serve to oppress the individual, and it seems that your usage of the term here is based upon a 'spook', that being morality. Additionally, many contemporary egoists utilize the term 'phantasm' rather than spook, thus both removing the association with the racist slur of the same name, and being a more faithful translation of Stirners words.
      • Ernest Vintovka Thought - Thanks for the criticism. Yes, I know that having positions more towards Fascism or Nazism would make me seem racist, and yes, also reactionary, but the reason why I say that the Spooks are, by my idea, a concept based on the oppression towards our individual freedom and something that are simply spooks that deprive us of our individual freedom, people that I label as Traitors or False are those like, for example, Joseph Stalin, whom I see as a traitor to the revolution, or I see as traitors those politicians said to be of this or this.

    And yes, I hate Furries, but the reason is not for discomfort, but for a personal reason. And no, I am not basing myself on the aesthetics of ideologies. And, if you have another question, consult it, feel free to do so.

    Ego-Communization I mean fascism is a configuration of the Capitalist mode of production, so it's rather confusing.


    1. “I believe that the economy should be shared and planned, but without a state. I advocate for the abolition of private property and the socialization of the means of production.”
    2. "Ernest Vintovka Thought is egoistic and draws from Ego-Communism, Marxism, and Anarcho-Egoism."
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