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    Erinism is the ideology of Erin Steel. It is a AuthRight ideology that advocates for a cult to suddenly mass revolt under capitalist states. This mob would destroy all the buisnesses in a given area city by city replacing and turning them into slave fueled machines of Corporatism. The mob would also create a colosseum for councils of different S.F.O.C (Strength, Faith, Order, Combat) subjects composed of people with college degrees in each feild to battle for what gets taught in schools, similarly there are councils for races as well. It would also erect a military where the soldiers are a super soldier race bred to be subservient to their higher in commands. When the state inevitably tries to cripple this Corporatist society with compassion, the Erinist society's military will overthrow the government. Resulting in a new era of pure order.



    Erinism advocates for people to be assigned to a job at birth according to their skills, this is in order to insure that there is an authoritarian power always being forced upon the workers. He also advocates for mass commodification of the economy, this is done to prevent the people from being able to refuse work by making work by environment mandatory.


    Erinism also advocates for Regulationism because he loves being told what to do.



    Order is very nice.





    Erinism beilieves in inequality between genders. This expands to fighting against the right to abortion and for systemic sexism. He also fights for societal trends that cause men to have issues.

    Meat-Only Diet

    Erinism believes humans are inherently better than other animals thus making the hierarchy of humans over animals an justifiable hierarchy. Plants are sacred and should not be eaten.


    Erinism advocates that children do not have: freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.



    Humans only exist to serve eachother.


    There is an objective truth.


    The Bortherhood of Hentai

    Born in Japan, but convinced of the superiority of the Celtic Man. Erin Stone was essential in forming a heresy of the religion Shinto known as The Brotherhood of Hentai. Tricking Weebs and degenerates with images of cartoon women he formed a cult numbering in the thousands. Soon he will be too powerful to stop.


    Erinism believes in a warped form of Daoism that thinks making an over abundance of Yin or Yang will tip the balance of the universe, allowing reality itself to be altered by the mighty.


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