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    Ergerxism is an auth unity, futuristic, cultural right ideology. It is the ideology of Ergerx


    • Protection of the environment, no more land built.
    • One party state
    • Policy of "If I don't like it then it should be banned for everyone"
    • Having children is illegal until the population is low enough and only then you can have a child every 5 years until the colonisation of lifeless planets. (The one every five years policy will still occur on planets with life)
    • Regulated economy.
    • Big businesses still allowed to exist but have no power.
    • All workers to have a decent living wage and only work for 6 hours a day for 4 days a week.
    • Workers will have more free time and can go on holiday more, the colonisation of the solar system will bring lots of opportunities.
    • Ordinary people pay low taxes while the wealthy are forced to pay very high taxes.
    • A united world government in the future.
    • Littering is punishable by 10 or more years in forced labour camp.
    • I don't like LGBT+ people, I think they should be forced to be straight or else. (Including aces as they also need to be cured of their mental insanity like the other types)
    • Racial equality
    • Encouragement of science.
    • Criticising anything the government does is not allowed.
    • Music I don't like is banned which includes a lot of mainstream genres.
    • Singing is banned
    • Dancing is banned
    • Meaningless conversation is banned
    • Sport is banned (not exercise and gym stuff, just sport games)
    • The state will aim to colonise planets outside the solar system and research alien life.
    • Decriminalization of some drugs which can be used outside work hours to make them happy while many other things are restricted.
    • The internet is regulated by the state and posting anything that goes against the state will result in arrest.
    • Games, movies, and books I don't particularly like are banned (they don't even have to go against the state to get banned).
    • Affordable tuition, healthcare and housing.
    • Semi-freedom of religion, but it may have to be modified to fit state views (example if a religion is against authority).
    • No freedom of speech
    • State controls the press
    • Secret police
    • Elimination of opinion that I don't agree with
    • People who aren't good looking are forced to have surgery
    • Justice system abolished, immediately sent to prison if caught for any crime
    • Women are not allowed to have abortions unless the mother's life is in danger or she was raped or if the child is severely disabled
    • Any crime no matter how minor will result in severe punishment by being sent to a forced labour camp



    • Gustavoism - Quite based, Brazil's environment needs to be preserved.


    • Neo-Metbolism - Cultural right is based and left economics is ok but why the anarchism?
    • Heinrich-Cheungism - You're kind of based but remember that unregulated capitalism is trash and exploits the workers
    • Ozymandiasism - I like what you're doing but democracy is bad
    • The C.O.N.S.P.I.R.A.C.Y. - They are culturally right but what even is this?
    • Nationalist ideologies - I want a united world government but I believe that identity and culture should be preserved.
    • Conseilism - He would be based if he wasn't bisexual
    • F.I.A.T - He would be based if he wasn't asexual


    • Neoliberalism - Stupid ideology
    • Subgenius - He's a libertarian I don't like him
    • Discordianism - Chaos is bad ok
    • Airisuism - Anarchism is bad and I don't like your progressiveness
    • Plenderplarism: Way too authoritarian and dystopian!
    • Nullism - Not only is this extremely authoritarian and dystopian but this is also culturally hyper progressive and they want to remove the existence
    • Gabrialduffeyism - He is LGBT+, he needs to be cured

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