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    Eremitism is the ideology of the Eremites. It is mostly based on the social structure as well as much of the living practice and culture the Eremites have. Due to the tribal and factionalism between the Eremites, Eremites is mostly a Syncretic ideology although a few commonalities like Market and tribalist ideology. Eremitism is a bit reminiscent of the utopian past but mostly doesn't think of it much and just fights for someone if they give him money.


    How Eremites are Organized

    The way of the Eremites is much of a tribal lifestyle where there are different tribes and clans of the Eremites. The tribes and factions of the Eremites don't get along and sometimes fight against one another. The Corps of Thirty is usually the one who allows communication and integration between the many tribes and faction of the Eremites so they can get along better.

    Mercenary Life

    All of the Eremites are mercenaries who are mostly warrior just for pay. Eremites aren't loyal to anyone and only serve someone if they pay them and make a deal with them. Sumeru Akademiyarchy sometimes calls them "soldiers of fortune". Eremitism does not follow any laws, only the deal made by the person who conducted business. Eremitism will even commit crimes if its part of the deal or even if he feels like it with some serving Treasure Hoarders and even the Fatui if paid enough.

    Way of Life

    Most eremites live a combatocratic and primitive tribal life living in camps with people or raided places. However they don't hate technology and have made some formidable weapons to fight off its enemies. Eremitism is a nomad and will travel place to place sometimes hunting and gathering and sometimes plundering and robbing people for resources.


    Corps of Thirty

    Main Article: Thirtyism

    Thirtyism is a more moderate form of Eremitism that usually likes to moderate between Eremite groups as well as sustain communication between the two groups. Due to a deal made by the Akademiya, Thirtyism is usually very friendly with Sumeru Akademiyarchy so much so that some even think he's a traitor among the Eremites.

    Ayn Al-Ahmar

    Main Article: Neo-Deshret Monarchism

    Al-Ahmar believes King Deshret has returned after a long time and now wants to reestablish the Kingdom for the Eremites long taken over by Sumeru. It really hates Greater Lord Rukkhadevata and anyone who follows him.


    Main Article: Farrokhzadism

    Farrokhzadism self-proclaims he follows the doctrine of Agha Farrokh and mostly align with the Fatui.

    Aaru Village Model

    Main Article: Aaru Village Model

    Aaru Village Model is the ideology of the Aaru Village, an autonomous village in the deserts of Sumeru after the destruction of King Deshret's civilization by his sacrifice.

    Tanit Model

    Main Article: Tanit Model


    Eremitism mostly lives away from the cities in the wild where he makes camps and live his life. He hunts and gathers and sometimes robs and plunders people either from a deal or just for fun. Eremitism only cares about money and will only serve someone if they give him money.


    Eremite Comrades

    Business Partners

    • Sumeru Akademiyarchy - Corps of Thirty is based and I make deals with him sometimes but he was very corrupt under Azar and tried to use me for his own personal gain as well as making the people of the desert suffer a lot.
    • Thirtyism - My more moderate son who mostly loves the Akademiya as well as likes to bring peace between the Eremite people. However he sides with the Akademiya way too much sometimes and can hurt Eremite people especially when the Akademiya is corrupt.
    • Neo-Deshret Monarchism - My weird son who thinks King Deshret has returned and wants to destroy Sumeru for King Deshret. Sometimes he calls me traitor though.
    • Tsaritsa Theocracy - Business is business and Farrokhzad is based.
    • Stratocracy - The Corps of Thirty made a deal to be the soldiers of Sumeru.
    • Police Statism - If you give me a good deal, then I'll police for you.
    • Anarcho-Primitivism - Sorry I like technology.
    • National Anarchism - All Eremites see each other as one but we like to fight each other a lot.


    • Capitalism - Sorry, I have the bargaining end of the deal, if you don't give me a good deal then GET OUT! Also I might rob your store when I feel like.
    • Propertarianism - Screw property rights! I'm just going to rob your stuff.
    • Timocracy - Oh that's some nice stuff you got there, too bad I'm going to steal it and camp on your land how I feel like!
    • Corporatocracy - Try to enslave me in your factories I DARE YOU!
    • Anti-Environmentalism - Stop burning down the forests and causing the Withering! Where am I gonna camp now!
    • Abyss Theocracy - Alright Time to DIE!!!

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