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    Epistocracy or shortly Epist is a system in which votes who can prove their political knowledge count more than the votes of people who can't. In other words it is a system that privileges the most politically informed citizens.




    Epistocracy stands against Democracy, qualifying it as an overrated system and crtizices that s a system that it incentivizes citizens to be ignorant, irrational, tribalistic, and to not use their votes in very serious ways. What Epistocracy wants to achieve is to correct for that pathology while keeping the good elements of the democratic system. Even tho, some authoritarian offsprings of Epistocracy in order to take ride of the political ignorance wants to limit the political rights the people who didn't approve their political knowledge.

    Epistocracy wants to implement a political exam to all the citizens, in order to validate their posses of political rights for a certain period of time or to give the value of the vote according to the results they achieved in that exam.

    That makes Epistocracy a system where forces all citizens to be acknowledged of all the political facts and processes that occurs in a country, laying all the responsibility on the people instead of the government as Democracy wants to lay the responsibility on the citizens and politicians themselves.

    That creates a new form of seeing the government, looking as a tool as it happened in ancient times with the purpose of generating just and good incomes, based on pragmatism.

    Personality and Behaviour

    In contrast of Democracy's behaviour he will always think about consequences, and acting with responsibility of what he do, he tries to avoid as much risk as possible. It acts maturely when a debate occurs, and tries to act as politely as possible. His behaviour may be as Jason Brennan actions or of a more authoritarian way if he imposes your political result when he opens a debate.

    Draw it yourself




    Further reading

    Ideas and interview from Vox

    A Compare and Contrast of Seeing Epistocracy

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