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    Enso Jin Thought is the ideology of Internet political theorist Enso Jin. It is a Left Wing ideology. After Enso was heavily influenced by generally socialist ideas, he moved firmly to the left, and began to align more to a Libertarian Socialist ideology as compared to the syncretic nature of SyncBert. in Late 2023, Enso Jin no longer strictly adhered to Libertarian Socialism, instead moving to a Centrist Socialist stance.

    Enso's Beliefs

    Enso Jin is a Socialist, and believes Syndicalism is the best way to get it. Often, Enso just calls himself Left Wing or a socialist of the 21st century for simplicity.


    2003-2015 ()

    2015-2021 ()[1]

    2017-2020 ()

    2019-2021 ()

    2021-2022 ()

    2023-2023 ()

    2023- Present ()

    Family's beliefs

    Immediate Family

    (//) Mother

    (//) Father

    (//) Brother


    (//) Pateral Grandmother

    (//) Pateral Grandfather[2]

    (//) Materal Grandmother

    (//) Materal Grandfather







    Friend Group's Politics

    High School Group (important ones at least)








    (//) Z

    On various issues

    Reform or Revolution

    Revolution is probably going to be the answer. Reform is nice too though, and should be done when possible. The one thing that really bothers me sometimes is when a leftist basically says they want to revolt for every little thing, when some of those can be covered by reformist liberals, without needing to fight anyone physically. But in the end, the neoliberal Status Quo won't give what the people need fast enough/ without the right wing resistance. So reform is a means to a revolution. If done absolutely perfect, like a perfect game of Jenga, no blood will be shed. But again, how often do you get a perfect game of Jenga?

    On the Taiwan Strait Crisis

    This is complex because I am indeed Han Chinese. My ancestors are likely Fujianese. But I'm also a East Asian Studies major, and also my specialty is the Chinese Civil War and the after-effects. So the issue of Taiwan is one of my focuses.

    In general, I believe Chiang Kai Shek was a bad guy. He was a opportunist who jacked Sun Yat Sen's KMT and built it into his personal little army toy. Then his anti communism bullshit was betrayal of the Communists in the middle of the First United Front (which is of course, something you should avoid, or if you don't want to avoid it, don't do the alliance). Also his actions on Taiwan after losing the Civil War? Sore loser activity.

    Now take a look at modern Taiwan. It had a liberalization into a liberal democracy in the 90s after the death of Chiang Kai Shek and Chiang Ching Kuo. I may not like liberals all that much, but I do think Taiwan made a jump when it became what it is now. The Kuomintang are a declawed cat; they are Center-Right, and are also pro reunification now because they just want the conflict to end. Their voter base is the older generation of Taiwanese people who still think of themselves as Chinese in some way. Then of course there's the Democratic Progressives, who are the Center-Left, but ironically are the ones who are more opposed to China, being Pro Independence and all. The DPP seems very devoted to the people, and the youth in Taiwan, like the youth worldwide, tend to be more progressive anyways, so many of the Taiwanese youths are DPP supporters. Also if 2 parties isn't democratic (It isn't), there are more parties than these two that run at the local level but other parties tend to fall in line behind these two in coalitions for the presidency.

    Why do I say all this? It's to say that Taiwan is honestly no longer a threat; they're just every other left leaning libdem country now, like Sweden or Germany, and that they, like every other nation, should have the right to self determination. Most Taiwanese aren't dogmatic like the Chiang days about taking back the mainland under a right wing dictatorship. They just wanna live their fucking lives and be gay if they want. They don't care. What they do care about is China constantly threatening them. The threat of having their liberal free speech taken from them if they get invaded. The threat of having all their liberalism taken from them. That's what the average Taiwanese person is worried about with China. The Taiwanese may have the same root as the Chinese in Sinitic culture, but the Taiwanese cultural seed flew a bit of a way from its tree. Its the same plant type, sure, but its a different plant now.

    Now from the Mainland Chinese side, I can tell from my research that the Chinese leaders don't care about taking Taiwan anymore. They really don't care. It's not even in their top 10 list of things to do right now. They still threat this stuff to scare the US, after all the US still has to defend Taiwan because of the Treaty, so anytime China wants to Distract the US, all that President Xi needs to do is threaten Taiwan enough to make America send some weapons or planes or something over, Voilà. You made the US waste money. (WIP)

    Liberal Socialism?

    I view liberal socialism as Historiography, where the best way to carry the freedom that classical Liberalism promised is through socialist means. Marx himself cited classic liberal ideas as the foundation of why he developed Marxism, so it only makes sense that liberalism should be evolved into socialism. This is similar to what Chomsky said about Libertarian Socialism being the logical end of Classical Liberalism's principles. Anyways I do not consider myself a supporter of Liberal Socialism even if I agree with one interpretation of the ideology.


    Literally me

    • Socialism of the 21st Century: Vuvuzuela, no iPhone, communism. In all seriousness, Pretty sure that Venezuela did it wrong is all because this has great praxis. And it all makes sense too.
    • Centrist Democratic Socialism: Sounds about right. Not strictly reformist or revolutionary, but knows both is good if its the right way.
    • Progressivism: Progress good.
    • 2ball: My profile picture.
    • Left Wing Populism: 99%.
    • American Greenism: The best party in the US as of right now. You have my vote.
    • Contrarianism: I disagree and you are wrong.*R e f u s e s t o e l a b o r a t e*
    • Eco-Socialism: hehe PLANT.
    • Antinatalism: For as long as Capitalism exists, I cannot see any reason to bring humans into the world; They will do nothing but suffer so long as Neoliberalism is the norm; and even under socialism there is no guarantee that someone will be a good parent. Even a child of the most well-intentioned parents can end up leading a horrible life or become a evil person. I will say however, that the antinatals who just hate humanity are reddit tier cringe. Pretty sure half of r/antinatalism just hates existing. And I don't hate children like that half does, they deserve better

    General Comrades

    • Libertarian Socialism: Socialism and Freedom. 👍
    • Libertarian Market Socialism: Yes this is quite nice. (But fuck you Vaush, you populist scum)
    • Anarcho-Communism: Met several of these and I love the takes; I may not support every Ancom take but they're still comrades.
    • Mutualism: Overall great ideas on economics. (Fuck you Proudhon, dude said some wack shit about Jewish people)
    • Libertarian Marxism: The Marxist version of Libertarian Socialism is very nice to have as a friend.
    • Anti-Authoritarianism: A good idea, however its been appropriated by Liberals.
    • Mutualist-Syndicalism: Close enough, simply more radical than myself.
    • Anarcho Syndicalism: Syndicalism with no government sounds cool. Anarchism is a bit much, but You're also still my comrades.
    • Platformism: Makhnovtchina dickriders annoy me, however this is an example of Ancoms attempting to exist. So I can respect the grind.
    • Evolutionary Democratic Socialism: DSA kinda fell off. Still fairly left-leaning though, and I hope they continue leftwards and realize reforms can't fix everything in liberal democracy.
    • Revolutionary Democratic Socialism: Now this. This is interesting.
    • Libertarian Possibilism: Highly unlikely that reform will come lead to the end of capitalism,but I'll always leave that chance open. This is basically Anarcho-Syndicalism with reformism instead of revolution.
    • Anarcho Pacifism : The passive part of the revolution, and you can still help in other aid roles. Same for Left Libertarian Pacifists.
    • Altruistic Egoism: The Cool Egoists. Good lads that like themselves while understanding that its not all about them.
    • Syndicalism: Strike time.
    • Green Syndicalism: Oh Lovely.
    • Geosyndicalism: Georgism is a good way to do land. Landlords go byebye!


    • Bleeding Heart Libertarianism: Well you get a W on the Cultural stuff but the Capitalism is a bit more yikes. Then again this was me before SyncBert, so again, I would like to help Bleeding Hearts understand leftism better.
    • Social Democracy: Man, the Marx Leninists are kind of right about you. Half of you are almost Demsocs and the other is Soclibs LARPing. Stinks to see that.
    • Marxism-Leninism: Yes you may have had successful revolutions, but where's the "I give up my power to the people" part? Do that and I might trust you more. Some of you are alright though. Just like to see usage of the brain, and don't fall for everything just because its anti-American. Not everything Anti-US is good.
    • Reformist Marxism: Reformist but still has worthy ideas.
    • Machiavellianism :Sometimes this works. And realistically, with humans being self-centered pricks at heart, nations led by such will only see benefits from Machiavellian politics. But this is to be moved away from, it can't be the thing forever.
    • Utopian Socialism: The foundation of many modern socialists. The failure of ML thought has led many to reconsider the other socialisms.
    • Blue-Pill: Some people really do struggle and when a supposed "BluePiller" saids there isn't a struggle for some people in the world of romance, they are lying to keep things simple. However at least you think the right way about romance and don't degrade women.
    • Purple-Pill: Tries to approach a very complex topic, and has mixed results. There's no real way to balance these pill things.
    • Champegne Socialism: Giving the lower classes middle class luxuries doesn't fix the problem, although I'm sure it would help balence their situation. Wage Labor? Still? No thanks, I did borrow the idea of less hours of working though, thats pretty cool. And as for the whole "the middle class is oppressed too" thing; Its 50/50, sometimes they're on the same side as the lower class and sometimes they're weaponized as the hand of the billionaries. In short: some wonderful ideas but totally unusable at times.


    • Fascism:What more do I have to say? Piss off fashie, unless you want to catch a hand with your skull.
    • Traditionalism: Tradition is dead. The world will move on. We must appreciate the past without glorifying it.
    • Conservatism: Conserve what? Idiocracy?
    • Libertarian Capitalism: Used to be cool, now you're just lying to yourself.
    • Maoism: Ok I'm not a fan of you, especially post revolution. During the revolution Mao was pretty good, but after the 60s....yikes. Plus most of your modern supporters are way too serious about defending Mao to do left wing stuff. Deng said 70% good and 30% bad. Honestly its more of a 40% good, 60% bad.
    • Anarcho Capitalism: I used to be a Right Wing Libertarian and definitely was more interested in what ancaps were back then. Then I met some and realized that more often than not, an ancap would be culturally right rather than left, meaning most of these dudes were just conservatives who pretend to hate the government but only when its left wing. They suck the leader's dick if he's right wing. In short, Too many Hoppeans, I like Bleeding Heart Berts better.
    • / Dengism: Oh boy, did those "market reforms" fail. Socialism with Chinese Characteristics has become just a Capitalism variant. Love watching Dengoids jump through hoops to try and defend that its socialism. Honestly, 開左燈,向右轉 is a wonderful way to put it. Only time I'll defend modern China is genuine misinformation. Outside of that I have no alliance with you.
    • Moderatism: No way you get into politics and decide that both are somehow wrong. Moderates are goofy grifters. At least the Apoliticals stay out of it.
    • Juche:Juche is about as much communist as I am a white person. Which is to say, under Juche it isn't really all that communist anymore, but people will call it whatever. I will still combat misinformation, but you, like Dengism, have no alliance with me.
    • Neoliberalism: You caused a lot of problems. Actually, you caused most of the modern ones. Reaganomics bad.
    • Liberal Conservatism: Conserve the idiocracy, a little bit. Which is still conserving it, which is terrible.
    • Liberalism: A good start, and a fair position for the apolitical, however, to be interested in politics is to understand it, and pure liberalism isn't enough to work.
    • Social Liberalism: Ah yes, the ideology of "I support these things, but I won't defend them with any policy without the conservatives saying yes too." You know they won't say yes. They stand in the way.
    • Red-Pill: Pill Theory suck in general but especially you, woman hater. Ever consider that its the dumb shit you say that makes you unattractive, more than you may or may not be in physical attractiveness?
    • Black-Pill: Tells one half-truth then 100s of lies. Yeah people date up, that's calling getting the best you can get, you stupid fuck. It's not just a woman thing. And you said you don't care anymore and that it's over for you, so maybe stop agreeing with Red-Pill so much?
    • Marxism–Leninism–Maoism: Some of my followers are MLMs but I can't exactly condone what MLMs do in other nations all the time. Their praxis gets wiggly when they're at war. Plus they hate other commies for being revisionists when they're also revisionists, lmao.
    • Alt-Right: *Foghorn Sounds*
    • Insurrectionary Anarchism: Calm DOWN, sir. I can't really support anti-civs.
    • Anarcho-Egoism : Lumpenproletarian? Who cares. Egoists when they are the center of the earth and they are still miserable and depressed shitstains (their philosophy isn't working but they're too proud of themselves to admit it)
    • Illegalism: Egoists that were so stupid that other egoists stopped doing it as praxis. Almost like this is what Anarcho-Egoism always leads to.

    1. Trust me.I was very Small Brain.
    2. Died in 1996 before I could meet him, so this is just what I assumed his beliefs are based on what I was told and what I know.
    3. Economic Longism as an end goal, as well as a longist style goverment, intimidation of opponents included
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