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    Enlightened Individualism

    Enlightened Individualism is an off-compass political belief that advocates that every single individual should create their own political ideology and that identifying with the label of a shared ideology that isn't unique is a form of collectivism which is ultimately evil.

    Furthermore Enlightened Individualism believes that it should be in every individuals interest to resist all things that could represent collectivism such as using the same language as someone else or anything that is commonly owned or used by the collective of society.In general, enlightened individualism seeks to abolish all connections between beings by making everyone completely separate from each other and create a world in which everyone, having a deep individual consciousness, is deep within themselves, exists in constant self-contact, and self-expansion, and is deprived of communication with the outside world. Enlightened Individualism is basically the polar opposite to Hive-Mind Collectivism

    Personality and Behaviour

    Enlightened Individualism's devotion to his vision of true Individualism causes him to be very aggressive almost every other political ideology due to their 'collectivistic labels' while being more tolerant with more individual ideologies merely viewing them as fools or misguided individuals.

    Their greatest goal is to accelerate the ultimate fate of the expanding universe commonly refereed to as the heat death of the universe, where each individual particle is free of reliance and the collectivist nature of the laws of physics.






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