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    English Tomassciism is Tomassciism controlled by the Party, made to look democratic, but not being really.

    Ideology information

    IngTom has the original attributes of classic Tomassciism-icon.png Tomassciism, but turned hyper-authoritarian. Those are:

    • World.png Globalism (The Party sees all)
    • Prog.png Progressivism (Thinking of inequality will get you depersoned)
    • Pac.png Pacifism (Using higher voice while argumenting? Get depersoned, warmonger)
    • Marketsoc.png Market Socialism (The Party would like to remind you nothing else has ever existed)
    • Scientocracy Small.png Scientocracy (Science was always the model)
    • Theocrat.png Multireligious Theocracy (Religion was always the model)

    The difference is that regular Tomassciism uses Dem.png Democracy, and IngTom only hides the absence of it. The Tomassciist Newspeak involves a lot of misused jargon and made-up words.

    Personality and behavior

    IngTom spends very much time sitting behind his computer and watching every other ball just roll with it. He has a very confused personality and loves oppression. Frequently uses words it just made up or abuses meanings of already existing. And also, unlike most other ideologies, it celebrates "pentathinks" like it's a MOBA.


    Inner Partials

    • IngTheo.png IngTheo - Positronomagnificent
    • Ingsaj.png IngSaj - Positronomagnificient squared

    Middle Partials


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