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    English Reformism (shortened to EngRef, or EŋRef) is an ideology that believes that modern English needs certain reforms to its spelling. This ideology was founded by wiki user Avata. It believes that English should add new letters to take the place of certain letter pairings. Some changes she has already implemented go as so:

    • Replace all TH sounds with the letter thorn (Þ) (Like þis, i.e: Þat is a red apple, þe color is bright. Þis will make the best apple cider!)
    • Use the Tironian Et (⁊ or substitute with the number 7 which looks similar) for And and Ond instead of the letters or ampersand (Like þis, i.e: 7y 7 his friends went to L7on 7 had a lot of fun þere.)
    • Use the letter Eng (ŋ) instead of Ing at the end of words (Like þis, i.e: 7y loves to sŋ, in fact he loves sŋŋ so much he hurt his þroat practicing!)
    • Use czech letter Š to represent the SH sound (Like þis, i.e: 7y šoved his broþer out of þe way so he go swŋŋ first.)
    • Use czech letter Č to represent the CH sound (Like þis, i.e 7y čucked a football to his broþer who šoved another kid out of his way, gettŋ a touchdown.)


    He's very tired all the time due to the fact that he has to explain himself a lot because he speaks in reformed engliš, otherwise čeerful and polite. Usually seen fighting with Linguistic Conservatism over if Engliš šould be čanged or not.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw a ball
    2. Draw the flag of Engl1
    3. St. Georges Cross šould be drawn in maroon, the background in grey
    4. Draw the eyes, not fully opened
    5. Draw bags under its eyes due to its tiredness

    You're done!



    Xenogenderism - Fellow believer in language reform, although I specifically do Engliš.


    Linguistic Preservationism - I want to čange Engliš, he wants to preserve its existence, same difference really. Live 1 make live.


    Linguistic Conservatism - He hates čange. I want to čange engliš. We're incompatible.

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