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    English Acenationalism, or AceSoc, for short is a doubleplustotalitarian, economically variable, culturally right-left and asexual ideology that represents the off-compass version of Acenationalism and radical of Aceoteric Fascism.


    English Acenationalism believes in the creation of a asexual state and safe land for asexual people governed by a orweallian govevernment, it believes in the identity of "aceians" or "asexual people".

    IngAce is totally against pornography and anything associated with "hornyness", is believes those who commit the crime of being horny must face punishement in the horny jail, a unescapable prison where toughtcriminals are keept to pay for their crimes. AceSoc uses propaganda to spread it ideals throught the population, children go to state-owned schools to make sure they'll grew up to become asexual, citizens have a strong anti-sexual culture which guarantees even individuals that aren't asexual will surpress their sexual atracted feelings, individuals found not being asexual but that did not commit "toughtcrimes" are sent to reeducation camps where they stay until they learn to be asexual. The Party may also use brainwashing to achieve it's goal of "secual purity" and turn all individuals ace.

    IngAce uses technology and citizens DNA to create new citizens, ensuring that the prole doesn't need sex to generate more population.

    AceSoc engage in wars and imperialism to propagate itself, it tells it's citizens that it's to "clean the world from degeneracy", depending on the imaginary scenarion AceSoc may like IngSoc fight other three nations to keep a state of never ending war.

    How to Draw

    1. Draw Ingsoc ball
    2. Instead of the red stripes draw the asexual pride flag
    3. Add one eye and done.
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Light shade black 24,24,24 #181818
    Dark Gray 93,108,115 #5D6C73
    White 255,255,255 #FFFFFF
    Magenta 154,13,205 #9A0DCD


    The Inner Party

    • Arogundian System - We have always been at war with Demiasia, Arogundia was always our ally.

    The Outer Party


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