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    Enéasism is an economically centrist, culturally far-right, statist ideology, created by late Brazilian nationalist politician, Enéas Carneiro. It suppots a strong state, nationalism, Economic interventionism and Technocracy.


    Enéas Carneiro was born in 1938. He studied in a medical school, and became a doctor. He at first was a socialist, but later changed his views, saying that "Under socialism, when all basic needs are met, society enters lethargy and doesn't develop itself"

    When he heard his wife complaining about the state of the country, he decided to create the National Order Restoration Party (PRONA), running for president of Brazil in 1989,

    Later in 1994, he ran for president again, now having a much better result, finishing third. He supported controversial views, such as Brazil developing nuclear weapons, and nationalizing mineral resources. Third Way liberal Fernando Henrique Cardoso was elected.

    Four years later he ran again, but now he got a worse result, finishing fourth. Cardoso was re-elected. His party elected its first congressman.

    In 2002, he decided to run for Congress, getting one million votes, much more than his party's other 5 candidates, all of whom got under 20K, but they were still elected, due to party-list proportional representation. This even caused controversy about the election system.

    Later, many corruption scandals broke inside his party, and most of the PRONA MPs defected. In 2006, PRONA merged with the Liberal Party, and Enéas died.

    Enéasism is mostly dead, but most of his supporters are now in Bolsonarism.


    Enéasism is very energetic and speaks very quickly, always introducing himself by saying "My name is Enéas!" He also likes whispering Beethoven. He is also an excellent orator.

    How to Draw

    File:PRONA Logo.png
    Flag of Enéasism



    • Bolsonarism - Carries on my legacy, even if we have a few differences.
    • Regulationism - We need a strong state without abolishing capitalism.


    • Conservatism - Good, even if I oppose traditional politics.
    • Enviromentalism - Europeans don't want to save the trees; they want our resources!
    • Posadism - Cringe communist, but you have nukes soo.


    • Neoliberalism - Fuck FHC! Selling our national patrimony to foreign powers!
    • Lulism - Lula was a bad president!
    • Marxism-Leninism - Under socialism, society enters lethargy and stops developing itself.

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