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    Emmaüsism is the ideology of the Abbé Pierre, french popular figure and founder of the Emmaüs Movement. The Abbé Piere was a catholic priest, in the french Resistance during WWII, elected deputy in the national assembly of the IVth Republic before focusing on his other activities.

    Emmaüs is an international solidarity movement aimed to combat poverty, social exclusion and homelessness by various means adapted to the context of the countries where they are located. The majority of them have an economic activity, often based on recovery and reuse, but not exclusively. The various current Emmaüs groups, in France and abroad, have no religious ties.


    « Those who took the whole dish on their plate, leaving the others' plates empty, and, having everything, say with a kind face, a good conscience, "Us, we are for Peace". To them I have to scream : the first violent, the provocateurs of all violence, are you. And when in the evening, in your beautiful houses, you kiss your grandchildren with your good conscience, in the eye of God you have probably more blood on your hands of unconscious ; than the desperate, who took up arms to try and get out of their dispair, will never have. »


    Before the war

    Henri Grouès was born in Lyon on August 5, 1912. In 1931, he made his religious profession with the Capuchins where he made his vows. Out of a vow of poverty he gave up his share of the family patrimony that year, and gave everything he owned to charity.

    WWII and Resistance

    He was mobilized as a non-commissioned officer in the crew train regiment in December 1939, at the start of World War II. Vicar of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Grenoble, he takes in Jewish children whose families were arrested during the roundups of foreign Jews in the southern zone, in August 1942. He participates in the creation of maquis in the Vercors and Chartreuse massifs, of which he is one of the leaders. He helps refractories in the Compulsory Work Service. In hiding, he adopted the name Abbé Pierre, which would remain attached to him all of his life.

    Political career

    After the war, he was elected three times as an independent member of the MRP, the party of "loyalty" to Gaullismicon2.png General de Gaulle. In August 1947 he participated in the founding of the Universal Movement for a World Confederation, a World Federalism2.png World Federalist movement. He dissociated himself from the MRP on April 28, 1950, then joined the Christsoc.png League of the Young Republic as well as the group of the Independent Left. Not re-elected in the legislative elections of 1951, he returned to his original vocation as a priest-chaplain and invested himself, with his small income as a former deputy, in his charitable actions.

    Founding Emmaüs

    Abbé Pierre fonded the Emmaüs Movement in 1949, which gains huge national recognition and an international reach during the dramatically cold winter of 1954, murderous for the homeless. On the 1st of February, what would become famous under the name of “Call of Abbé Pierre” is aired on the radio. The next day the press headlined "The Kindness Uprising." The call brought in 500 million francs in donations (including 2 million by Charlie Chaplin who will say on this occasion: "I do not give them, I return them. They belong to the vagabond that I was and that I embodied. ») A huge and unexpected sum for the time. After the 1954 call, volunteers from all over the country came to help with the redistribution and to found the first groups affiliated to this call. The Emmaus movement then developed rapidly throughout the world, following Abbé Pierre's travels, mainly to France and Latin America.


    How to Draw

    File:Emmaus logo.png
    Flag of Emmaüsism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a beret on the top.
    3. Fill the beret in dark grey.
    4. Fill the ball in blue.
    5. Draw a sun with sunrays in yelow in the top right.
    6. Add the eyes and glasses.

    You're done!

    Color Name RGB HEX
    Blue 0,50,123 #00327B
    Yellow 255,240,2 #FFF002
    Dark Grey 30,30,30 #1E1E1E



    • Chaplin.png Chaplinism - God bless you for answering my call in 54



    Further Information


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