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    Eleutherism is the self insert of Eleutherist. It is a combination of Libertarianism, Eco-Transhumanism, Georgism, Cybermutualism, Circulus Theory, and Frontierism. It is located in the Libertarian center area of the compass, and is culturally center. It possesses an American Frontier aesthetic. He is still angry about the Mussel Slough tragedy, and hates state funded rail monopoly with a passion. Harris, Haymaker, Henderson, Kelly, Knutson, and McGregor will be avenged, and Alonzo Poole will be followed to hell and killed twice.


    The best economic system to run a Libertarian society is Mutualism is essentially Free Market Socialism. Under the system, a free market exists, but the means of production are owned by the people who use them. In a sense, this is like Capitalism, but every business is employee owned. This allows for freedom of trade, ideas, and entrepreneurship, but it prevents worker mistreatment and systemic poverty. I, however, do not believe in the Anarchy side of Mutualism, for it is rather utopian. A system such as Minarcho-Mutualism would fare better for me.

    Mutualism is better than both Communism and Capitalism for a few reasons. It provides a market where anyone can succeed and prosper, unlike Communism. It protects the worker’s interests and denies systemic poverty, unlike Capitalism. And, unlike Communism or extreme Capitalism, it doesn't turn into a hellscape the day after its implementation.

    I for one stan Cybermutualism, a system of internet enabled Mutualism.

    Cybermutualism is an economic system which utilizes information technology to facilitate economic interactions in a free market socialist society. It is influenced by Cybercommunism, the idea that cybernetics should be used to plan a socialist economy, however differs in two major ways:

    There should not be one centralized planned economy, instead many voluntary “cyber-collectives”

    The AI that plans the economy should not act as a boss, it should instead facilitate trade between individuals who, with access to cybernetic technology, will be able to form organic and voluntary supply chains free from exploitation.


    A high degree of individual freedom is essential for any society to persist as a good place to live. Government must be severely limited to maintain the people’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unnecessary layers of buerorcary and rules have dampened the human spirit of freedom for quite some time.

    It is only in the last centuries, when the modern nation state was first thought up, that this stifling of freedom has become a society-wide illness. In the medieval ages, yes, you were technically ruled by a king, but the average person received so little oversight that with his livelihood secured, he was essentially free to do as he wished. He could take psychedelic drugs if he wished, and nobody could stop him. But in the modern age, our lives are weighed down with layer upon layer of unnecessary bureaucracy and regulation.

    A true free society must have a limited government, and an exorbitant amount of rights and freedoms. Money must be denationalized and decentralized, allowing anyone to trade with their own currency. A requirement for a license to make toast in one’s own toaster must never be given, all victimless crime legalized, guns galore, and the rights to freely practice religion or lack thereof, the right to free speech, the right for a woman to abort her child if she so chooses, the right to protest, and the right to bare arms.

    The government will use a form of semi-direct E Democracy, known as Liquid Democracy, to grant the most political freedom. All government operations will be conducted at the most local level possible.

    Just because the government is limited does not mean that those impoverished by circumstance will not be helped. For, the right to a place to sleep, the right to food and water, and the right to good health are just as important as the others. Similar to Social Minarchism, Through a system of free healthcare, free food and water, and free housing, provided at the most local level possible, paid for through the Land Value Tax (The only justified tax), everyone will be given a chance to prosper.


    In Henry George’s Progress And Poverty, he revealed the true solution to unfair taxes, poverty, and wasting of land. “We must make land common property.” This is not some kind of Communism if you have that thought. What George means here is that all of the land will belong to everyone in society equally. If someone would like to wall a chunk of it off and call it his house, he can expect everyone else to respect that. But, for that respect, he must pay his debt to society. A tax on the value of the land he is trying to claim. The tax revenue from the land is then given to society through welfare programs and the like. By doing this, the money made from the land is essentially being shared to all of society.

    All other taxes and tariffs must be abolished, so that only one tax remains. The single tax. LVT, or Land Value Tax, will be the only tax levied upon the people. LVT is the only justified tax. You worked hard for your money, so 20% should not just be taken from you. But, nobody worked hard for, or invented land, so its fruits should be shared to everyone.

    The Frontier

    A true Eleutherist society, or any free society for that matter, must have a free and lawless frontier that anyone can go to. Everyone deserves the chance to go out into the vast frontier and make their perfect society, or life for themselves.

    Free societies can exist only so long as people that don’t want to belong to them are free to leave, venture a bit further out into the vast frontier, and start up their own new thing. The moment people are forced to live together with other people that don’t share their same beliefs, we start to need social structure, rules, and formalized oppression to prevent violent strife.

    A large area of the nation must remain forever free and lawless from any system, and the right of any to depart for that land must be ensured.


    As stated in the previous part, a free frontier must be maintained to ensure freedom. However, the frontier is temporary. By the very nature of the concept, it eventually just becomes civilization. This is why the advancement of technology is essential, so that the free frontier can be ever expanded into space. Technology can be highly advanced without altering the human spirit. Our technology must be 100% harmonious with nature, producing no ill effects, in a mutually beneficial cycle. That is the end goal, anyway. We must accelerate technological progress, so we can finally have Anarchist Space Cowboys.

    Some center libertarians, specifically on the internet, have suggested a “Return to Monkey”, where all technology and human progress is simply abandoned. This approach is misguided and naïve, however. Technology has brought us many great things, and I firmly believe that it can be made non-hierarchical, and completely non damaging to the environment. This can be done through the decentralization of technology so everyone has access and ability to improve it. And, using technological processes that are firmly non-impactful in any way, putting back exactly what was extracted, and contributing what was taken, in a mutually beneficial cycle. This kind of sustainable high tech is already being used and developed, and could easily be the future.

    Circulus Theory

    Circulus Theory is an economic theory developed by 18th century French philosopher Pierre Leroux. It believes that the best way to stop hunger and waste, eliminate poverty, and avoid a Malthusian crisis, is to tax the citizen’s poop. Of course, I am generally against taxes, so my feces collection would be voluntary, but easy, free, and encouraged. The feces can then be used to fertilize crops for the starving in society. If only 10% of the American population contributed their dung, it would produce over 6000x more fertilizer than is currently in use. This could be used to eliminate hunger, lower prices for healthy food, be exported… etc.

    “If people were more educated, then each would religiously gather his dung to give to the State, that is to say the tax collector, in place of tax or personal levy. Agricultural production would double immediately and poverty would disappear from the face of the earth." - Pierre Leroux.

    Personality and Behaviour

    Eleutherism is secretive in his personal life. Although, he can often be seen in the San Joaquin Valley, dawning disguise and fake name, burning down railroads and sieging the IRS.

    How to Draw

    • Draw a diagonal line across the ball and fill it in with black
    • Fill in the other half with dusty brown (D2B48C)
    • Add an orange (F4931D) Geoist symbol in the middle
    • Add a red (FE1104) transhumanist eye
    • Give him a brown (67543B) cowboy hat
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #141414 20, 20, 20
    Tan #D2B48C 210, 180, 140
    Orange #F4931D 244, 147, 29
    Deep brown #67543B 103, 84, 59
    Red #FE1104 254, 17, 4




    • Libertarianism - I say I am a Libertarian. People assume Capitalism, but I am mutualist. Cool ideology ig, just mad about the name confusion. Everything other than your economics is based.
    • Minarchism - same as above ^


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