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    Eleftherism, or Eleft is a politcal ideology, religion, and philosophy that encompasses ideas of All manner of political ideologies, mainly Socialism with Anarchist ideals along with esoteric ideas based on the mythology of several cultures. Eleftherists are often considered to be atheists due to their rejection of the concept of standardized religion, but this belief is not universal among all members of the movement. As Eleft does encompass Christian, Muslim, and Buhhdist beliefs, it can also be seen as an umbrella term for those who believe in some form of God or Goddess. The core philosophy of Eleftherism is egalitarianism, which means that all people should have equal rights without regard to gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, social standing, economic status, as well as Millenarianism, meaning that they seek a "Perfect World" where there will be no wars, poverty, injustice, and oppression. It is also known for its focus on individualism with personal responsibility as a central theme, which has led many to see it's anarchist philosophy as utopian rather than realistic.

    Eleft follows an accelerationist viewpoint on how to create change within society. This means that any change made must be done quickly, as slow and gradual changes may never gain enough momentum to actually make a difference, while radical, drastic change is much more likely to succeed in creating the desired effect. As such, violence is only acceptable when used as a last resort, as it is far less effective at accomplishing the goal than peaceful methods would be, but peace is seen as a luxury that is too costly to maintain; even if it is preferable to fighting. Because of this, Eleftherists tend to support violent actions taken by others under certain circumstances.

    It's economic policies follow in line with similar philosophies that were popular during the early 20th century including Communism, Syndicalism, Anarcho-Syndicalism, and Agraian Socialism. One tenet unique to Eleftherism is it's belief in the abolition of money, believing that money is a tool used by government, corporations, and other oppressors to enslave the masses into working jobs they don't want to do for little pay, and that the free market creates inequality because it puts profit over people, as such, it calls for a system based on barter and voluntary exchange rather than monetary systems.

    The most significant aspect of Eleft is it's belief in the equality of all people, but recognization of the differences between them, which leads to the movement being extremely diverse. While some Eleftherists practice ritual magic, others believe that magic is simply a natural part of life, like biology or physics, while still others believe in a completely mechanistic view of reality. Eleft follows a egregore look on reality in which everything is interconnected, so that every action causes ripples throughout the universe, so that one small act can result in large and unexpected consequences later. For this reason, fictional and mythical figures from different cultures and religions are often seen as having real power that can influence the world around us.

    It follows a polytheistic omnist pantheon, in which all gods and figuires have the same power, but each is just as important as the next, and that the worship of multiple deities is encouraged. There is also a belief in reincarnation and the existence of several planes of existence, though the exact nature of these realms and what happens after death is controversial. Eleft states that the soul of an individual exists independently from their physical body and can be transferred elsewhere depending on how they live, and if they follow a certain belief system, they will end up in a place where they'll find themselves happier and that will serve as a source of strength. Many Eleftherists believe in the idea that everything is connected, so that we're all part of something greater, and that our actions affect the whole world.

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