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    We aren’t the Abbie Hoffman, fake 60s hippie bullshit “revolutionaries” who think feminism is more important than education. We seek true revolution through terroristic means, and or peaceful. Like the Oxen that pulls the cart, all things must have a momentum to them, all things must grow, live, and die. Much as with The United States, we need a breath of fresh air, a new identity per say. Take a penny they ask for a quarter, take the idea of change to their thought process, they call you a lunatic, they want to protect their own interests, their own business, their own ideals, morals, principals, etc. If we just allow them to control for too long, who knows of the corruption/tyranny they will bring. You might ask yourself. Why do we have to live like this? Is there another option? Of course there is, unless you manage to have the stones to say something, they'll toss you around, ignore your advances, treat you like a bratty child. All that's needed is time, time to rise, time to shine, time to rule with an iron fist to pull down the curtain, and expose their lies. I ask you this, why do you think the hedonistic society we live in exists? For you may calculate any explanation, but the truth is the Industrial and Neolithic society has cascaded us into a cavalcade of abject misery and suffering for eaons upon eaons. With the advent of these evils into society, it has brought us nothing but bloodshed, suffering, and turmoil. Wars, battles, and violence has existed far before these so called “revolutions”, however on the scale of which these “revolutions” have vastly altered society via its tech and “advancements” it has goostepped the world into one button push away from an apocalypse. Sadly, starting at early ages we in this country have been brainwashed to believe that, in return for our dedication and service, our government stands for justice for all. We are further brainwashed to believe that there is freedom in this place, and that we should be ready to lay our lives down for the noble principals represented by its founding fathers. WE seek the destruction of both communist and fascist ideologies, as these are a creation of these evils and only exist to create hatred between the individual. OUR revolution may or may not be televised, or may or may not include violent measures. To take an old saying “Violence isn't the answer. Violence is the question and the answer is yes”. However we do not seek harm unless we are harmed.

    Firstly; Eleftherism, in its simplest form, coming from the Greek word for Freedom "elefthería", is an Slightly Anarchist Avaritionist belief in which a person can do whatever they want when they feel like as long as it doesn't impede on the personal freedoms or safety of another individual. Likewise, all drugs, sex, and weapons laws will be repealed as these dictate the personal freedoms of people and do not help the cause, pretty much no laws exist, and a minimalist form of a governmental structure. Most people would be advised to leave the cities and return to a moral rural life. As cities breed economic inequality.

    Because of this, all forms of money will be repealed, and a trade based economy and work for trade will be inducted. All political ideologies are abolished and all peoples shall follow whatever they feel they personal desire but not under name. All people are equal under Eleftherism, regardless of Race, Sexuality, or perceived gender, as true unity cannot be achieved if the population doesn't follow a single idea to complete the revolution. Of course, murder and assault remains illegal and tribal police enforce the murder and assault aggression policy, but no other laws. Likewise abortion is illegal in an Eleftherist society and Religion is only taught in specific classrooms as a non profit organization, parents may choose to send their children to these. Schools are not mandatory, but highly encouraged and petty education topics such as math and chemistry are thrown out for more important topics such as reading and writing and other basic knowledge. The government is fully disbanded.

    Agricultural goods are put to a higher standard in trade.. We seek love and peace to all IF they seek to follow us. The modern world is a scam and an illusion. The average person works forty to fifty hours a week, sometimes more, for useless and imaginary tokens that we call money. The average person thinks that all they need is money, and cool things, and the newest electronics, and that will finally make them happy and make their life meaningful and purposeful. But it is all a trick. All these so-called privileges that the average person has are just mediums of enslavement. The worldwide capitalist system is an enslaver and a destroyer of our planet and our traditional, natural way of life.

    While Anarchism is a major staple of Eleftherism, It has been taken over by communist ideals and thoughts. A so called “United Front” with communism is STUPID! Those who preach anarchism while still preaching societal issues such as idiotic transgender related issues and race realted issues ARE NOT real anarchists. They are brainwashed drones who have been fed garbage by the system and are not welcomed unless they dismantle their torch of ignorance and detest all social related issues. Communist related anarchism is stupid. Hierarchies and power forms no matter what. We just need to work very hard to destroy these power structures as, as we know, the further time goes on the more power the sheep give the elites the less freedom we have. This is why we call for a complete destruction of government based society. People often argue that anarchism is pure chaos. I argue that chaos is the natural state of humanity and that any imposition upon this state inevitably leads to either a constant state of (worse) warfare such as in the case Palestine and Israel, or authoritarian dictatorships like Soviet Russia, meme name, China, Italian meme name, or that one time in Chile

    All else merely collapses. Therefore, the best society is one not run by the so-called state, but by the people, the collective conscious.

    We are all taught as children that without laws there would be no society, only anarchy. Yes, an Eleftherist revolution will result in strife and death. However people fight and die for freedom. I merely propose that this will never not be the case and to think otherwise is idealism. All forms of government must be stricken as idealistic and be destroyed. We can use them almost the way we use warfare perhaps, as a temporary necessary evil to achieve organized goals, but if the phoenix of anarchism does not rise, society will never renew itself and will instead rot and fester. There will certainly be conflict. But given human nature, this will not always be the case. There will be times when cooperation is in perfect harmony, when a state is not necessary to lord over its people, yet the people themselves are more or less free, without strict laws and governance. More like a consensus form of order, if you will.

    This can last only as long as peace normally would last before giving way to authoritarianism. Perhaps even, if this idea is practiced enough over a period of time, we will adapt a true autonomous human society with a good immune system to purge diseases like narcissistic leaders. This would take time.

    Regardless, in the meantime, chaos is better than complacency, and we are going to kickstart some chaos in the name of Eleftherism.


    • Anprim.png Anarcho-Primitivism - We both want to destroy civilization
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