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    Egosoc is an authcenter libcenter ideology, based off of both Egoism and Ingsoc. Egoist Ingsoc believes that the best way to control society is to watch and control everyone's actions unless said action boosts aforementioned persons ego. They also believe that the best way to control the economy is to not allow anyone get any money unless it boosts their ego, and they believe that murder should be legal as long as it boosts your ego, however if you ever do anything not for your own ego, you will be sentenced to a life sentence in prison. It also believes all spooks should be abolishes, but doesn't consider the government a spook. EgoSoc can also be seen as an extremely forms of Egocracy in which the state is ruled by an autocratic dictator with absolute power who is worshiped as a god and society is set up for competition to select the strongest.


    Egosoc is very well spoken, but also has the tone of someone angry at the same time. They are very rude and will not hesitate to murder or torture you. They are controlled serial killers.



    Me - I Doublepluslove myself above all.


      • Egocracy - The most Doubleplusbased and Doubleplusunspooky Ideology on this wiki

    State Egoism - Same as above


    • Ingsoc - Doubleplusbased, but Doubleplusspooky
    • Ingweeb - Doubleplusneither spooky or based.



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