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    Egoist Hedonism or EgoHead is an ideology which is based on the beliefs that We should live life as pleasurably as possible, avoiding any and all form of pain and thinks that morality is a Spook


    Egoist Hedonism differs from vanilla Egoism in that normal egoism merely wishes to act in self-interest, even if that means doing something for long-term enjoyment, egoist hedonism on the other hand rejects the idea of acting for the long term, and only cares about what will give it pleasure in that moment.


    EgoHead spends most of their time wandering in the clouds as they find it most pleasurable.

    They try not to care for the economy too much. On one hand they enjoy the capitalist high life but on the other hand seeing the poor communist workers they just need to help them one way or another. After all helping others is one of the things that gives them the greatest pleasure of all.

    They are very reckless in their decisions, because the only thing they think about is what would make them most happy at the moment, not even thinking about the long term consequences. if they later regret their decision they simply give up and try something else, something they find more pleasurable at the moment.

    How to draw

    File:Ego-Hedonism Flag.png
    Flag of Egoist Hedonism
    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Draw a line in a lighter shade of black (#141414) diagonally through the ball.
    3. Fill the space below the line in black, and the space above the line in teal (#036A66).
    4. Add the tiny glasses, wreath and cloud under it and you're done!



    • Hedonism - I like hanging out in the clouds with them.
    • Egoism - Basically me but more planned


    • Sexocracy - I don't like having a leader but then again, sex is one of the most pleasurable things.
    • Nihilism - Look i get it the world is indeed going to shit eventually but why bother thinking about it when you can do more pleasurable things like making a better article?


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