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    "Queer violence is how queerness can protect itself against its enemies and stand by itself as itself, allocishets will not stop their persecution until queerness is annihilated either through assimilation or straight violence, queer people in turn, if they wish for survival, can only annihilate back."

    Ego-Progressivism is the thought of Io, it is an individualist ideology heavily inspired by Stirnerism, Mh:philosophyball:Nietzscheanism and Futurism that sees any type of defense of any fixed idea as conservatism and oppressive, and as such defends "Pure Progressivism" -the total rejection of the preservation of anything- as the method to which an unique liberates and projects itself, that is, the total insurrection against any form of unrealness is the matter in which life is affirmed and is allowed to be enjoyed.


    Conservatism As Any Santification

    Ego-Progressivism sees the main harm being perpetrated by a dedication to the fixed ideas described by Stirner and Nietzsche as the santification and self-sacrifice of it, it views any type of ideology, religion, institution, system and structure as mere unreal construction, and as such, antithetical to life and alienating, it views conscious egoism as the affirmation of life since it prioritizes the enjoyment of existing life by the individual instead of constructions, something that can only be done through threading in and sacrificing those constructions to yourself. On the other side of it, any kind of prioritization of constructions over life through the sacrifice of the individual to such ideas that are now "sacred" are described as conservatism, which is looked down upon as a rejection of life and struggle.

    Pure Progressivism

    In contrast to conservatism Ego-Progressivism names the idea of "Pure Progressivism" -placed in opposition also to regular progressivism as that too wishes to establish a culture and defend it, making it conservative.- Which is the total and absolute destruction, by the means of stirnerite insurrection, of anything and everything at any point that it comes into conflict with individual will, that is, the opposition to any conservatism, -the preservation of something despite individual will.- Pure Progressivism has no end point or strategy, as that would go against its own idea, instead, it is the mere description of opposition to conservatism at any point, and as such prioritizing the affirming of life, ever-changing life, over fixed ideas.

    Queer Insurrection

    Another core point of Ego-Progressivism is the idea of "Queerness" and the "Queer" person, which it views as the representation of Pure Progressivism lived in its entirety. Queer people being defined as those outside the gendered system and therefore naturally insurrectionary and opposed to the very social structure, queerness is passively destructive, it's mere manifestation, by the existance of a Queer, is destructive to the social structure, an acid that tears society's fabric apart, Pure Progressivism in an individual.

    Flowing Communities

    Under the basis of not sacrificing the individual to anything, Ego-Progressivism is intensely aggressive towards collectivism and any form of social contract, while also rejecting individualism as any dedication to loneliness and separation is merely running away from social living and a prison in itself, instead Ego-Progressivism sees "natural" human relationships as developing from the innocence of individuality, that disregarding alienating forces humans will simply be themselves and as such simply flow in and out relationships and organizations as their own and the others personality interact with and evolve alongside eachother, creating and destroying personal, egoistic reasons for relations.


    A Few Notes on Ego-Progressivism
    Individual Worship
    Work and Play
    I'm Freer a Mutt
    The Socialist Nation-State
    Femininity and Masculinity
    A.I: The Degeneration of Future into Novelty

    Personality and Behaviour

    Ego-Progressivism acts exactly like its founder, Io



    • Ego-Progressivism - Loving yourself is really a necessity if you wanna be happy i think


    • HelloThere314ism - We agree on a lot, like a lot, while reading his page im mostly just nodding along.
    • Floofel's Thought - Take your rest, oh you brave iconoclastic hero, as the greek heros became constellations so will the bright light of your powerful expropriation shine on ever onwards, o7.
    • Puri Thought - I really don't have that much to say, guess i'm not that unique viewing how similar our beliefs are.
    • NeoUnoGamerism - Not a lot on their page yet but i rarely disagree with them considering what's written there.
    • Ultroneism - I feel as though there is not much i can say that hasn't been said by other egoists here such as HelloThere, the like section is always where im the briefest but its because i mostly agree with people here, and for the case of Lord Compost, his writings helped me a lot not to not only develop my understanding of Egoism, but helped me to start reading too, so needless to say i think he is pretty based.
    • Arthurwp Thought - I honestly do know enough about the subjects present in this page to give a very in-depth commentary, i do mostly agree with what i do get however.
    • Deo-Autonomism - Can you sense it? The coming of fun and affirmation of life, that is to say, the destruction of everything! But why wait for such a promise? why set up rituals and practice for such play? I can see a free spirit, a wish for destruction, and true blazing spirits do not wait or set up, they thread were they please, burn everything and create a beautiful story of destruction and a light show of great proportions! -thats to say, i very much agree with you-
    • Modularism - Pure Progressivism and Nuovo Futurismo are but god-slaying blades cast by the same iconoclastic steel! let us march forward and conquer, leaving sacredness in ash!
    • Cyberdelic Egoism - What a beautiful song, a song of the fires of destruction that destroy the prison that is society. We can all hear it, and i hope we can all dance together to it.

    Kinda Like

    • O'Langism - Freedom of the individual - except for Egoism, Abolish all hierarchies - except for the justifiable ones, Collective Ownership - except you have to work in it to have it, the anarcho communist says: be free, unless it goes against what society thinks should be good for you (i.e what we see as good for society), otherwise you feel the cold shackles of collectivism grasping at your wrists.
    • Rocksism - I somewhat sympathize with those beliefs, as i used to hold very similar ones, but thats then, now i'm really not a fan of most of these ideologies, they are collectivist and seek to just create new systems and reinforce the production based society we live in, its far from liberation, its just reform, and i don't want just reform.
    • Liberty-Loverism - The full and total liberation of the individual will not come while we still hold on to this and that social construct for the sake of pragmatism, let go of them, burn it all and dance in the ashes. Markets, Gender and Government structures are but the ceilings of a cave in which we were put by the collectivist spirit that wants to mellow the ever spiriling upwards will of the individual, fuck that, pierce the heavens!
    • Erissianism - For the layman's eye it might seem like ideologically we are incredibly similar, and yes certainly in terms of being individualist anarchists who base that belief in an iconoclastic progressivism we are somewhat similar, furthermore, atleast aesthetically we can find common ground on enjoying big cities littered with technology. But that's about where it ends, from my point of view atleast, because i don't agree in a fundamental part of Erissianism and that's the "why", that is, the conservative cult of technology, who this progressive seems to inadvertently fall into, no matter how much traditions you smash you're no more freer as long as set up a new sacred in its place, as the children of barbarians became the new tax collectors and priests so will the children of the transhumanists become the new tyrants of the "I"'s dominion over their matter, acceleration for its own sake is just that, for its own sake, not yours, you're nevertheless still beholden to an alien cause. But also there's the issue of masculinity and feminity, now to quote Novatore: "MAN: A filthy paste of servitude, tyranny, fetishism, fear, vanity -and ignorance. The greatest offence one can commit against an ass is to call it a man.", and while that's true, we can't forget that women are, after the man, the most responsible for her own problems. It is not solely in masculinity that the fault for the oppression that is gender lies, it is in its acknowledgement in the first place, in its view of "masculinity and femininity", as long as both are ideals to aspire to individuals will languish over the oldest of tyrants, notice how these "progressives" who intend not to break gender but to reform it see it as a form of "empowering femininity" the masculinization of women, whenever female characters in media are portrayed when it is intended to show how empowered they are they embody masculine traits, and thats because its true, there is nothing more slave-like, unheroic, saint-like, weak, thoughtless and collectivist than femininity, that concept was made that way exactly to keep women that way. To simply confront masculinity and uphold feminity in a vain attempt of picking the oppressed over the oppressor is no way for the individual to free themselves from gender, freedom has to come from the strength to dare beyond gender, to be queer and as a single queer atom decimate every structure of gender around you.
    • Yani Nihilism - The nihilist very proudly exclaims "There's nothing!" and feel although they are free, only that they don't realize that in their nothingness they just become a slave to "Nothing". Take Yani for example, their page is empty of any assertive creation, it is an opposition to it, and what comes then? well, a very structured Nothing, the basis of nihilism is used to justify individual motions and actions - "well you should do this, don't abolish gender roles, everyone should be free for this" - And what this does is create another subjective universality that serves to guide individual action, unlike, for example, queerness, which is true negation, as it negates everything in it's path for the sake of itself, leaving no universal structure as a guide and instead pushing through any sort of structure that prevents it from being itself.
    • Philosophicism - I highly appreciate the iconoclasm ever present in your thought, but as i seem to say a lot in this page, it falters at times and seems to bring your thinking back into the shackles of moralism, and that comes about by the worship of mother nature, you say individuals should "reflect on society", but yet show an ever unpragmatic and idealistic view of civilization and nature, how precious is "nature's order"?, how evil is civilization's? i do not like order of any kind, not due to any moralistic preference but simply because i seek to not follow them, to fly free, and as much as that means rejecting all the structures of civilization it also means treading over the primitive icons of nature for my own pleasure, seeing the stairy sky without any light pollution and seeing a piece of art and human interaction that can only be seen in urban and human civilization are both pleasurable to me, therefore i will pragmatically take what i want as i deem fit, as expropriator and negator.
    • Jefbol Thought - It has to be said about marxism, in its poverty and submission, that despite such dedicated a crusade against alienation its alienation the only solution, endgoal and tool. The proletariat this, proletariat that, but what about *you*, do you not see that such a submission to class is in of itself alienation too? that you sacrifice every other element of yourself to only view you as "you as proletariat", despite such a strong dislike of being an automaton to capitalism you can't help but lower yourself to an automaton. I do appreciate some of your ideas, but such a religious dedication to the idea of the proletariat does not make you much different from any priest or nationalist.
    • Duck - It's illegalism and individualism, but withouth any of the spice and life i've come to love about it.


    • Mr. V Thought - A non-partisan political system is still a political system, and will keep drowning individuals in its politics for as long as they are made to participate in them, as is the case in a direct democracy, where each individual has a duty to participate in the political process, but all of these are foreign mandates, oppression of the sovereign individual.
    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism - Once you throw away god, you throw away everything and are left only with yourself, this is the contradiction of an Egoist Marxist. Humans are egoists! they do what's in their self-interest! but are you sure? If we must do with ourselves we in turn throw away all thats unreal, because unrealness keeps us from ourselves. But you fail to see this, a lack in creavity locking you in the unreal, liberation, Egoist Insurrection is Iconoclasm! The creative rejection of all phantoms.
    • Great British New Left - Sensational in every sense! The flawed, broken and defeated labour "socialism" -which is much better described as corporatism due to its collaborative nature- is once again reformed in shiny steel armor. But do not be mistaken for this "New" is but the "Old" covered in smoke and mirrors, all the problems you've previously had? every failure? every pain? add neon lights to it! neon lights to work! to christ! to parliament! what a beautiful future! - So it seems the only future our corpses can dream of today is a miserable repetition of the past.


    • Braun Spencer Thought - I feel like there's something to be said in the defeat of Social Liberalism by Neoliberalism, as Tiberius himself seems to be an advocate in some form of syncretic authoritarian/aristocratic system with basic Social Liberalism. But yet fully immerses his heaven in the Neoliberal world order, not realizing it kneecaps it, the dissolution of heaven by the machine of neoliberalism is capitalism's final conclusion, there is no escape. Moreover, there's no justification, why would i do this? the reason being given is in its basis because its the most optimal way of doing "this", by why "this"?, Freedom comes from else!
    • Atronism - Now let's say christ returns to earth, i mean, the international communist revolution is achieved, and worker's utopia is accomplished, no hunger, no dehydration, no homelessness and no exploitation, what then happens to these progressive revolutionaries if i ask for more? if i decide to tear this down because i will it so? well then, you will see these people defend the revolution! and in that act they become the most ardent reactionaries! revolutionaries cannot break free the individual because revolution is only rapid reform, you're just creating a new society, one that you will sacrifice yourself to, that you will attempt to conserve, what i see from this is that Atronism is no Hyperprogressive, only another reactionary theocrat, enemy of the great destructive progressivism!
    • Brazilian Liberalism - Oh the status quo, such a great one isn't it? it works, just look at the country after Lula took charge, and the MENA and Africa after Neocons intervened in it, and every social liberal welfare state after Neoliberalism took hold, life as it stands now is a beatiful human paradise- This civilization must be toppled, the Humanist Liberal state will nicely lock you inside cells made of idealism, you will suffer from it and see as others suffer from it, and the priests of this civilization such as this one will tell you that this is the best possible, it is the only civilization, and we must keep at it. No. Accepting this is slavery, freedom is the destruction of all theses walls, not to bring about a society of less suffering but to dance in the ashes instead of being a zombie to the system, the destruction of liberal humanism is the destruction of the pile of trash suffocating the flames of life.
    • HEW Thought - How must it be to live in this landfill and still believe it can be recycled into something worth admiring, the level of delusion must surely be able to drag one to the grave without the conscience of tragedy. Brazil is machine of slavery and oppression, its very culture sculpted from the clay of Coronelismo, Racism and Patriarchy, its an institution put together to grind its land and its people into resources for the outside and top hats in the inside. There is no saving this with policies which have already been done be for. The only thing this landfill is good for now is to make one great, beautiful bonfire once the broken people in here realize the heroism in burning it all down.
    • Temujin Leeism - A phenomenom that comes from the spectacle of politics is the use of radical theory and descriptions to cover for what's essentially a liberal and moderate ideology. Here, despite Temujin Lee claiming the mantle of a soulist they nevertheless can't help it but advocate for the current order of things, from liberatarianism to anarchism to markets, its essentially just a different aesthetic for the current reign, something that any true soulist would reject outright.


    • Neo-Kiraism - Now i really don't get what *you* wish to gain from this, this proletarian revolution of yours has nothing proletarian to it, plus, why have a "decentralized, e-democratic" state if you're still going to have an authoritarian system so you can "hurry bills along", im sorry but in the essence of democracy is pluralism and debate, such a system that you envision would lead to what it always leads to: a degenerated oligarchy cutting the heads off of individuals for the sake of the "state" or "revolution" - although the revolution had long ceased to be a revolution, and now its defenders are the reactionaries.
    • BERNHEism - Now i find it quite funny that you start your "identity politics" segment by stating that no one cares about queer people and that we are just attention whores who can live freely right now, and then immediately show that queerness lives quite rant free in your head, finding it transgressive enough that you (assuming you mean the state given context) would "be watching that community in particular", and then later state that you're "fine" with queerness as long as you conform to social norms (which as i've explored in this page is a contraditory statement), this is because despite all your talk of progress and the "eternal march forward" you're nothing more than a reactionary, who would fight tooth and nail to defend the very decadent and ancient social and civil structures that are present today, because thats the only thing your ape brain can comprehend, being pro-technology doesn't mean anything, its being pro-thesuncominguptomorrow, its stupid, what you are beneath all that idealism is just a neoliberal status-quo tyrant, but is that system working for you? me? anyone?, is it the "perfect state"? or will it be swept away by the unending tide of history and its defenders burned by the destructive flame of progress and individual will?
    • Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Libra Thought - The concept of the dictatorship of the proletariat is already absurdly crappy and contradictory, much more so when you add the childish delusions of the leninist vanguard party and the nationalist idiocy of maoism and third-worldism, you're not going to achieve communism or even any amount of freedom by establishing a dotp, as you've tied the power of human progress to the conservativeness of the institution of the state, and any "rights" you have are only granted to you if you lower yourself to the common grey mass of the "proletariat", and then theres the vanguard party, the single most efficient tool in stopping working class liberation in its tracks, putting a bureaucratic party apparatus above any sort of actual revolutionary structure, and the nationalism is just bloodthirsty revanchism, i agree that the injustices done to indigenous people in the american continent have been great, but you're not freeing any one individual by giving land "back" to the community, nevermind the fact that you're just continuing the cicle of mindless nationalist land grabbing.
    • Iberian Communism - The Iberian states have been infected with conservatism for a long a while, the francoist and salazarist regimes were reactionary and treaded over the peoples' of Iberia for too long, now those regimes are no more and Iberia has only liberal democracies, the cultural revolution Juhxx plans to create is no different from them, because Franco and Salazar were revolutionaries, their desired utopia was burned by those that came before them and so they toppled those revolutionaries, in that action they became revolutionary, conservative revolutionaries, Juhxx is no different, through red terror the blood of many Iberians will be spilled for the sake of a cultural revolution that will only bring about a new culture, a new standard, a new institution and a new system, and with that its new conservatives, people who won't hesitate to shoot you if you dare commit iconoclasm against any of its new saints, for the individual to find itself free there can be no system, only insurrection, the infinite and total rejection of any conservatism.
    • National Fracturism - You call me psychotic for being an egoist, yet you who are ruled entirely by the phantoms inside your head are the sane one?, The spectacle that you've created on your head and want to universalize to the rest of the world is but the justification of autocracy, the one who sees through it and lives for themself is the one who truly lives, in that art piece of yours however, there is only death.
    • Neo-Murba - Neo-Murba talks a lot about liberation and emancipation, but in the heaven he describes what does he deliver? well, nothing else but what was delivered to the individual since the kings of Sumeria, indeed, despite rhetorical dedication to change Neo-Murba is nothing else than servitude to a god, a god that is just an invention to dress up the rule of a king, God Marx and King Indonesia - Not as a nation but as """"cultural phenomenon"""" -. As the proletariat take down capital in the glorious revolution that will surely come about the proletariat shall rule, but also the Indonesian nation, a dual structure that cannot function. For the proletariat to achieve rule over its society it must abolish such a structure as nationalism, as it is a idealistic force beyond the proletariat that will aim to supercede the material wants of the proletariat structure, which is a stateless force, only unslaved when not tied to any idealistic measures, But Neo-Murba doesn't see that, indeed, he is so possessed by the myths Sukarno and those before that he will throw the proletariat into bloody messes to paint a map and expand the state structure, he had sacrificied the proletariat in the altar of Nation, and in that, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat has died. If it lives however, it wouldn't be better, but i've talked enough about that haven't I?
    • Neo-Glencoeism - Deep in the hearts of these liberals who proclaim to enjoy "liberty and equality" is a deep devotion to the state and the system, there is much to be said about people who proclaim to believe in things such as individualism and liberty while thinking technocracy would facilitate either of those, or that the state forcing humanistic culture down your throats via education would do the same. In truth, Glencoe is just another theocrat, fully set on burning heaven down just to install his own heaven, only to not realize that staying in heaven is what keeps him from enjoying the sweet sensations of earth. It is the prison that binds me, not the hard steel bed it makes me sleep in, giving me a pillow would not go in any way towards pulling me out of this cell. You said you changed your ideology and said i should update you, but honestly, after reading your new page and then this again i feel like my criticism hit deep enough to remain accurate without any change, thanks for the ego boost.
    • TIIKKETMASTER thought - Fraud and Tragedy do not begin to explain how laughable this belief system is in relation to the degenerate Jeffersonian untermensch it comes from, and greatly explains the greatest evil of the United States was to not allow Hamiltonians to crush those ressentment-filled peasants who wish to play "aristocracy". But at the end of the day minarchism and ruralism is just the human manifestation of a herd animal that builts its own fences, a "free republic!" they say while permeating the dreadful prison of private property through all human interactions, can't tread on you? can't tread on your nature gods? Make me! Your rights are as enduring as the piece of paper that protects them, and it will be the nomadic cattle raiders that will rule the wild steppes!
    • Rigby Thought - Burn the whole country down, we can at least agree on those words, only that while you wish to burn humanity in this continuous ardent heat of nationalist conservatism that has been suffocating the individual brazilian for centuries while i wish to summon an iconoclastic fire to end this very country forever.
    • Cannabis Anarchy - Ah, the great prophet of Anarchy has arrived! And what grand theology does he not share with all of us! Unfortunate then, how such holy testaments can only move away from Anarchy.



    • Io - Comment if you wanna be added :3
    • Schumacherianism (////) - Hello! I recently did a update and I saw that your relation is of my older page. I was wondering if you wanted to redo it? :>

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