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    "Hey buddy work on this page and it could be a page on the main wiki." - Neo-Slavery
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    Ego-Mutualism, also known as EgoMut, is a very libertarian, economically center left, culturally variable ideology. EgoMut is also a slightly off-compass libertarian centrist.

    EgoMutball's ideology mainly stems from Benjamin Ricketson Tucker's work and his blend of the ideas of individualist philosophers like Mutalist.png Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and Josiah Warren.png Josiah Warren and also his conversion to Ego.png Max Stirner's egoism.

    EgoMut believes neither Ancom.png Communism nor Ancapf.png Capitalism will free the ego and thus advocates for Mutalist.png Mutualism, a socialist system based on a free market economy, instead.


    Personality and Behavior

    The ego of the striped egoisms acting in mature adaptive behavior in the interest of the self. Centrist that keeps examining and investigating both sides arguments not to figure out who is in the right but rather just because he enjoys it.

    How to Draw

    Egomut flag.png
    1. Draw a ball,
    2. Draw a black diagonal line down the middle
    3. Fill the bottom in black
    4. Draw an orange line a bit above it
    5. Fill the space in between the 2 in orange and the space above in teal
    6. Add the Stirner glasses and you're done.
    Color Name RGB HEX
    Black 20,20,20 #141414
    Orange 247,140,30 #F78C1E
    Teal 3,106,102 #036A66

    Further Information





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