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    Ego-Libertarian Marxism

    Note: This page is under construction. The following is a basic outline of my ideological views. Please, enjoy!


    Ego-Libertarian Marxism is a culturally and economically far left libertarian ideology based on the beliefs of Isaac, also known as DrGreen. It's influenced by many other ideologies such as Socialism, Libertarianism, Environmentalism, Progressivism, Marxism, Communism, Anti-Nationalism, Democracy, Transhumanism, Egoism, Hedonism Existentialism and Secular Satanism.

    When representing my ideology, use these icons. You don't have to use all of them. Just the first three to five will do: (/////////)



    • Marxism
      • Libertarian Marxism
      • Council Communism
    • Ego-Communism
      • Anti-Work


    • Federalism
    • Ergatocracy
    • Democracy
      • Direct Democracy


    • Revolutionary Progressivism
      • Postgenderism
    • Feminism
      • Marxist Feminism
      • Xenofeminism
    • Secularism
      • Secular Satanism
    • Anti-Fascism


    • Cosmopolitanism
      • Anationalism
    • World Federalism
      • World Communism
    • Alter-Globalism
      • Proletariat Internationalism


    • Transhumanism
      • Socialist Transhumanism
      • Technogaianism
      • Bio-Transhumanism
    • Post-Industrialism
    • Environmentalism
      • Eco-Socialism
        • Eco-Marxism


    • Existentialism
      • Absurdism (Sympathetic)
      • Optimistic Nihilism
    • Determinism


    • Skepticism
    • Relativism
      • Moral Relativism
      • Moral Subjectivism
    • Moral Nihilism


    • Egalitarianism
    • Consequentialism
    • Hedonism
    • Egoism
      • Psychological Egoism
      • Altruistic Egoism


    • Autumncore
      • Halloween
    • Devilcore
      • Dark Angelcore
    • Fantasy
      • Dark Fantasy
    • Glitch Art
    • Hauntology
    • Horror
    • Piratecore
    • Retrofuturism
      • Vaporwave
        • Laborwave
      • Weirdcore
        • Dreamcore
        • Liminal Space
    • Surrealism
    • Symbolism
    • Voidpunk (Kinda)


    I believe the system of capitalism is doing exactly what it's meant to do, exploit the working class to make short term profits for private owners. Capitalism, no matter how you phrase it, is inherently exploitative and contradictory. Under capitalism, no matter how hard you work, value you produce, and in turn the money you would be given, is instead taken by your employer, with them only giving you enough money to live and come back tomorrow. You must sell yourself daily and hourly in order to get a sufficient wage. It becomes alienating, you fail to see yourself in the work you make as you work to ensure your own survival. You see yourself and are seen by others as less then a human and more as a cog in the machine that can easily be replaced. Forcing you to work for almost every day of your life or become homeless and starve.

    Under socialism and communism, profit would no longer be the driving force of our species. Instead, we would work together instead of tearing each other apart. A world where the working people have a say and not the totalitarian rich elites. Where workers actually own the factories they work in and not some rich guy who bought or inherited it. Where not only our government is democratic, but our workplace too. A world based on cooperation and not competition. Of love, not greed.


    Since the beginning of the industrial age, the environment has been getting worse and worse. Capitalism has been the main cause of this and they don't plan on slowing down. As long as they're making profits off it, regardless if many people die, they will never stop. This is one of the many reasons why we should shift to socialism and communism to save the planet.

    There should be heavy regulations to prevent the destruction of the environment as a whole. These include stopping coal factories, investing in renewable energy, and switching to public transport instead of gas emitting cars.

    Anti-Authoritarian and Libertarianism

    People should be free to live a life of freedom and liberty. The government should adhere to the will of the people, not the other way around. This is why the government should be mostly small, doing the minimum to ensure that society is functioning and everyone's needs are met. While I do believe we need a state to transition into communism, we should do so within a libertarian framework and not an authoritarian one. This is to ensure that the individual is as free as possible while being protected under the proletarian state from the bourgeoisie states. Once capitalism has fallen, the state can slowly dissolve away as we transition into a communist society.

    Progressivism and Queerness

    Cultural norms are holding us back. Not just as a society, but as individuals. By putting ourselves in boxes like man or woman, straight or gay, we limit our way of expression. To tear these down, we must embrace progressivism and queerness. Simply giving rights to gay marriage, isn't going to be enough. It assimilates gays into an oppressive structure, not liberating them from it. Go beyond labels themselves. Use technology that blur the lines of what queerness is. Transcend gender and orientation altogether. You can still use labels, but do not let them identify yourself. For the individual surpasses any label.


    I believe in Direct, Liquid and even E-Democracy. However, there are many forms of Semi-Direct to Direct Democracy that I do agree with, predominantly that of Council Communism. Others that I somewhat agree with are Syndicalism, Democratic Confederalism and all other anti authoritarian democratic leftwing systems. As long as it adheres to the needs and will of the people, as well as being bottom up and not top down, it's a good system.

    Federalism and Decentralism

    A fully centralized planned economy is a bit flawed and not efficient at giving the needs or adhering to the will of the locals. While markets are not based on need but instead demand and is very easy to make harmful monopolies. That's why I seek a federal decentralized planned economy. As it's much better at hearing the needs of those at a local level and giving more freedoms to said people. If a local level messes up their planning, it will only affect the local level and not the entire country. (Great Chinese famine. **cough cough**) This will allow for much flexibility. The only major things that need to be fully planned and nationalized will be things needed to survive like food, water, medicine, housing, etc. Distributing said goods can be different from each local level.

    Foreign policy

    I believe in world federalism, alter-globalism, neutrality and a moderate military for the most part. I should note that the military will be kept to a minimum, only keeping enough to protect the country from invaders. Similar to that of Switzerland. The only times I believe in military aid or intervention is if another socialist country that has similar beliefs needs help. However, I do not believe in war and believe it should be avoided in most cases. The only wars I support are socialist civil wars against capitalist nations, essentially class war. I am also very much against enlistment, for I believe it should be voluntarily and not forced.


    Nationalism can lead to exclusivity, creating an "us" vs "them" narrative between nations. It can fuel conflicts and hostilities between different nations, leading to competition, aggression, and wars. It can even create inherent inequalities within it's own Nation, prioritizing it's native citizens and not it's immigrants, as opposed to all equally. I wish to destroy these qualities inherent to nationalism with the use of Anationalism, Cosmopolitanism and Internationality. For we are all individuals, members of the human race, regardless of what country we come from. Not to mention that the battle for communism and worker liberation is an international fight, not a national one. As Karl Marx said, "Workers of the world unite!"

    One way of uniting the human race can be through an international auxiliary language shared by everyone. The prime contender for this language is Esperanto. It is a incredibly easy language to learn and is not inherent to any particular country or culture. However this language is heavily Eurocentric, making it difficult to use on a global scale. I feel through the creation of more languages within different regions of the globe like Asia and Africa, with Africa already having Afrihili, they could help unite into one big universal language.

    Note: I do not believe in replacing all languages or destroying other cultures to implement a universal language. I believe in an auxiliary language, not a singular language. People will still be free to speak their native language while at home or with friends, but when abroad, an international language would be useful not just to you, but to the other speaker as well.

    Anti Forced Labor

    To be blunt, work is a form of slavery. We are forced into work based on the conditions our society has made for us, in other words, it's involuntary. We are sold as a commodity daily and hourly. While working, we are no longer individuals, but instead a cog in the machine. So don't give yourself up to this machine, reject it. Give into leisure and be lazy. Your employer wants you to work as much as possible and pay you as little as possible. Why should you put so much effort into working when you aren't even paid to the degree you work? Reject your work ethics. Work smarter, not harder. Or in other words, don't work, play!


    As technology progresses, humans will live happier, longer lives. It can be used to change our bodies, making us Trans-Humanist. However, in our current economic system, this could turn into a cyber punk nightmare and could result in economic collapse as machines replace workers. Under socialism and communism, it will make life much easier. It can extend one's lifespan, make tasks easier and even help queer people express themselves better. However, I'm very hesitant towards Post-Humanism. For I wish to improve human life, not replace it. But if someone wishes to transcend their physical body and become a digital mind, then by all means, be my guest.


    When it comes to the meaning of life, I consider myself an Optimistic Nihilist and Existentialist. I believe life is meaningless, but that this isn't necessarily a bad thing. We all get to make our own meaning out of life and don't have to follow what someone else believes it is. Whether if tradition, peer pressure or your own negative thoughts are trying to force you to conform to the status quo, you are free to choose what is important to your life and what is meaningful to you. The only thing that matters is what we choose to matter to us.

    I am a Moral Nihilist, I believe that there is no inherent value in following universal morals. I, however, still adhere to my own set of personal ethics. I don't follow them because they are the "right way" to live, but simply because I choose to do so. My actions usually focus on consequences rather than principles, especially those that have positive consequences for me and everyone involved. While it can be said that I am somewhat utilitarian, I feel that this isn't quite accurate to what I believe. I see this more as a byproduct of massive amounts of empathy. Because being empathetic makes me happy and I love doing what makes me the happiest.

    When the consequences of an action only pertains to myself, I take a more Hedonistic approach. Meaning that I would pursue the action that results in the most pleasure and least pain. As I said before, I love being happy and pleasure can very much make me happy. Whether it be simple pleasures like eating food and being with people I love or extreme pleasures like roller coasters and indulging in sexual fantasies. I will also consider the long term effects of my pleasures. Take smoking for example, while it may feel good in the moment, it will result in lots of pain in the future. Also, if my pleasure causes others harm, I may reconsider.

    I do not put any of these ethics above myself. If for whatever reason, I think I shouldn't follow my personal ethics, I won't. I see them as more generalizations of what I normally like to do, not as "absolute morals" I must uphold. I will do as I see fit, regardless of what others think. I will do what I see as right in any given situation. For what could be seen as the correct answer to a problem cannot be solved by some simple rules. Do what you see is the right action.

    Individualism and Egoism

    When an individual commits an action, no matter if they realize it or not, they are always acting in their own self-interest. Even in situations where it may seem they are acting altruistic, they are doing so for their own personal wants, aligning my beliefs with Psychological Egoism. For instance, if you choose not to help an old lady cross the street, you are obviously being egoistic. On the other hand, if you do choose to help an old lady cross the street while getting nothing in return, you did get something, gratification. No matter what you choose, you will always be acting in your own self-interest, quite literally pursuing your interests, doing what you want to do, in turn making everyone an egoist.

    Due to this, there is no reason not to embrace individualism and our ego. For there is no avoiding egoism, no matter what you do. However, being needlessly selfish and rude does not please my ego. For I consider myself an Altruistic Egoist. It pleases my ego to act kind for it comes naturally to me. As a lover of love, I derive joy from spreading positivity and compassion. Not to mention that being rude will have negative consequences. For me, being kind to others is in my best interest.

    Subjectivism and Relativism

    What is true morality, moreover, what is the authentic way everyone should act or live? Is it bad to kill or is there any justification for killing? I have concluded that there is no true morality or ethical way to action, for they are only subjective and relative. What is right for me may not be right for you. It was considered moral to own slaves, but now it isn't (for most people at lease). Did moral truth change or did our perceptions of what is moral change? I for one believe the latter. But then again, you may not conclude that, and that is your perspective.

    While these views may seem somewhat contradictory to my previously mentioned views of moral nihilism, I say that I hold both these views simultaneously. That being that there is no inherent moral or ethical truth, and that we make our own form of values. For my views are that there is no objective foundation for morality and that all moral judgments are ultimately rooted in subjective perspectives.

    Human "Rights"

    I have massive amounts of empathy for all creatures capable of feeling, including humans. Human rights would seem perfectly fine then, right? While it is a nice idea, it is not only baseless but also contradictory to what it prescribes. As I've said before, there is no such thing as absolute morals, just as there is no such thing as absolute rights. What is considered a right in one place is not at another. There is nothing "inalienable" about them. This is not based on any kind of science, this is religious dogma at worse, essentialism at best. Even if we ignore all of this, it has only ever been used as a justification for the ruling class. Just as kings used divine right to say they are acting out the will of God, bourgeois leaders use human rights to say they are ruling for the good of humanity. The United states constantly claims about Cuba violating human rights while having owning Guantánamo Bay to violate human rights. These powers will only use human rights when it benefits them most and discard them when it doesn't. If you truly wish for the welfare of everyone, you will reject humanism and human rights.


    I believe theism is an attempt at explaining the unknowable. A way for many to comfort themselves in this chaotic and apathetic existence we live. While the existence of a deity is possible, it is not probable, leading me to believe there are none. Although it is impossible to know if there truly is a God or not, for my beliefs are just speculation. Despite this, I believe you are entitled to believe in any God you want. When it comes to religion, I do not view it as inherently bad, but it can lead to the oppression of many groups, especially when under the institution of the state. Therefore, there should be a separation between church and state. This should not be confused for state atheism. Individuals would be free to believe in whatever religion they want without government intervention.

    As of recent, I've become a Secular Satanist. This does not mean I believe in Satan, but that I use him as a symbol. I do not adhere to any specific branch of Satanism, but to me he represents freedom, rebellion and individualism. He gave man the fruit of knowledge to free us from being a mindless slave of God. God punished him and all of humanity for this. You can tell me I'll go to hell, but I know if God is real and he still sends me to hell for not worshipping him, then I will go to hell satisfied knowing that I was right. I will take a page from Satan and fight against God and what he represents. Don't worship God, worship yourself! Reject God, Hail Satan!

    (I should note that I don't hate Christians and other God believers, but that I hate the deity they worship and the institutions behind it. You can believe in whatever religion you want, that does mean I will like what you believe in. Although if you are just a person who feels that you must force your views on to others, then I might hate you.)


    If someone wishes to have an abortion then they should be able to. Especially if they are raped, had incest or their health is at risk. For I believe the self is entitled to their own autonomy. Whether you view this fetus as alive or not is irrelevant. The state has no right to force someone through pregnancy. The self is more entitled than the potential of another self to exist.

    Besides, even when it is illegal, people will still get abortions. Just like with alcohol during Prohibition, people still drank even though it was illegal. Making abortion illegal will not stop abortions, they will just become more dangerous to do. So let's be responsible and make the process safer for everyone. (Also, contraceptives and sex education is pretty cool too.)


    All drugs should be legal and decriminalize, including hard drugs. However, there should be regulations. Such as perverting underaged kids from using them, assuring they are safe to use, ect. Anyone heavily addicted to drugs who needs help should not be seen as a criminal, but as a patient. If they wish for medical help, they will be given said help.


    All healthcare should be as affordable as possible, if not free. All humans have the ability to suffer, and thus, should be given healthcare whenever needed. Regardless of their social conditions, employment status and so on, all will receive any medical help relevant to their situation.


    If a person wishes to move in to or leave my country, they should be able to. With the only main exception being, if they are escaping a country for committing a serious crime, like murder or theft. Otherwise, they're allowed to come in or out. Those who come in will be provided a house, job and healthcare. They are a net positive for the economy and will help boost productivity in the workplace. Border control should be kept to a minimum, keeping only the basics to ensure that everyone crosses safely and that other countries don't invade.


    Everyone should be able to end their own life. Just like with abortion, it's your body, your choice. Of course, suicide shouldn't be encourage. If someone is suffering mentally or physically, they should be given the help they need. However there should be no attempt at forcing them to not take their life. Also if someone is suicidal, they should not own a gun. For they can become a danger not just to themselves, but to others as well.

    Revolution or Reform

    Revolution is the only successful path to socialism and communism. I would love to do it "diplomatically," but capitalists would kill millions upon millions of people if it means keeping power and making profit. There is no reasoning with these power hungry monsters. We as the proletariat must liberate ourselves through whatever means necessary. For the slave master will never willingly give up his slave.

    I'm not against the idea of small reforms, such as preventing reactionaries from getting in power or achieving better welfare. For I am not an Accelerationist, it would harm human conditions further then it already is to accelerate capitalism. However, reform will never achieve socialism as long as capitalism exist.

    (I am still considering many forms of praxis that could be used for revolutionary purposes. Such as Situationism, Direct Action, Affinity Groups, Illegalism or possibly even an Insurrectionary)

    Left Unity or Lib Unity

    Easily Left Unity is better than Lib Unity. While I am sympathetic to some center libertarian ideologies, I easily relate more with the general left. I would much rather work with a Stalinist and Leninist, rather than a Objectivist and Anarcho-Capitalist. (It doesn't mean I will like it though.)

    Geopolitical Positions

    Israeli and Palestine

    Israel is an authoritarian apartheid state, committing horrible acts against the Arabic Palestinians. I have little to no sympathy for Israeli what's so ever. After thinking about it for some time, I think Palestinians deserve the Land. Zionist used to claim they were colonizers, but since times have become more progressive, they have to claim that they are indigenous instead. Zionism is not about indigenous jews returning home, it's about colonizers claiming Palestinian land from those who already lived there. It is textbook colonialism. Free Palestinian!

    As for Hamas, I very much oppose them. Just as I don't support Israel bombing Palestine. They are far-right ethnonationalist just like Israel. These people do not deserve to die, whether it be Israeli or Palestinian. Not all Muslims want to kill Jews and it's the same vice versa. If anything, they should have attacked the government and not the civilians. When you oppress an entire country, ethnically cleansing its population, is it really that surprising that at one point they'll push back? End this conflict and stop occupying Palestine, let them free!

    Russia and Ukraine

    Even though Russia was socialist in the past, it does not give them the right to invade Ukraine. The Russian government, and more specifically Putin, is extremely corrupt, authoritarian and power hungry. He is doing this for his own political and imperialist gain. The excuse that Ukraine was under a fascist government is funny. For not only does Ukraine have fascist, but you are a fascist yourself. However, Ukraine is not that great either. Regardless, I'm leaning more with Ukraine on this one. (But then again, I do recognize this as a proxy war between Capitalist Nations. So take that as you will.)

    Cuba and The USA

    The embargo against Cuba is inhumane and literally choking out the Cuban people. Despite this, Cuba is still pushing through, doing surprisingly really well. Ironic given how they say socialism doesn't work. If socialism doesn't work, then why is the embargo is still there? Let the government fall apart then. There is no reason to have this embargo anymore. Over 187 countries within the UN believe the embargo should be lifted, with all but the USA and Israel saying no. How can the USA dare call itself a symbol of democracy and liberty with this in mind, what a sham. ¡Viva Cuba!

    China and Taiwan


    North and South Korea

    After looking into their history, both of them seem really bad. The amount of deaths and war crimes are a real tragedy. North Korea has a reactionary dictator family ruling over them as opposed to the people ruling themselves. South Korea is entirely controlled by Samsung, Lotte, and LG controlling the country's economy. I don't really like either of these countries. I somewhat like North Korea's economy and South Korea's civility. That's about it, they both suck.

    The UK and Ireland

    If you know anything about the history of these two countries, you know I'm easily supporting Ireland. The UK colonised Ireland, caused the potato famine, and took North Ireland when they were fighting for their independence. North Ireland doesn't belong to you UK, it belongs to the potato loving Irish.

    The USA and Russia

    I have only the tiniest bit of sympathy for Russia and the USA. Only because Russia used to be "socialist" and that I'm from the USA. Both of these places don't have great governments or have a great track record. They are very imperialist, power hungry, and love doing war crimes when it benefits them. You both equally suck.

    Favorite Quotes

    "Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains." - Karl Marx

    "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." - Karl Marx

    "Democracy is the road to socialism." - Karl Marx

    "The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it." - Karl Marx

    "An Eye for an Eye Will Make the Whole World Blind." - Mohandas Gandhi

    "Fascism is capitalism in decay." - Vladimir Lenin

    "Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution." - Frederick Engels

    "The slave is sold once and for all; the proletarian must sell himself daily and hourly." - Frederick Engels

    "We are communists out of egoism also, and it is out of egoism that we wish to be human beings, not mere individuals." - Friedrich Engels

    "There is no democracy without socialism, and no socialism without democracy." - Rosa Luxemburg

    "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves." - Abraham Lincoln

    "Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration." - Abraham Lincoln (Yes really)

    "If you stick a knife in my back nine inches and pull it out six inches, there's no progress. If you pull it all the way out, that's not progress. The progress is healing the wound that the blow made... And they won't even admit the knife is there." - Malcolm X

    "If the U.S. is going to defend itself, why shouldn't we do the same? We only want to be treated equally, nothing more." - Salvador Allende

    "If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine." - Che Guevara

    "The revolution that feeds the children gets my support." - Michael Parenti

    "It's easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism." - Mark Fisher

    "Nothing really matters, however, you just create a self-fulfilling prophecy... We can imagine new futures together!" - Mark Fisher

    "The economic anarchy of capitalist society as it exists today is, in my opinion, the real source of the evil." - Albert Einstein

    "I am convinced there is only one way to eliminate these grave evils, namely through the establishment of a socialist economy, accompanied by an educational system which would be oriented toward social goals." - Albert Einstein

    "You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life." - Albert Camus

    "Man is condemned to be free." - Jean-Paul Sartre

    "I love men too — not merely individuals, but every one. But I love them with the consciousness of egoism; I love them because love makes me happy, I love because loving is natural to me, because it pleases me. I know no “commandment of love.” I have a fellow-feeling with every feeling being, and their torment torments, their refreshment refreshes me too; I can kill them, not torture them." - Max Stirner

    "Whoever will be free must make himself free. Freedom is no fairy gift to fall into a man's lap. What is freedom? To have the will to be responsible for one's self." - Max Stirner

    "You may have a name, but you are not your name. You may have a job, but you are not your job. You are not John, or Sarah, or a chef or a plumber or an accountant or other occupation. Neither are you a brother or sister, mother or father, aunt or uncle, You are you, and the essence that defines you, beyond the obvious and immutable physical reality of material being, is intangible." - Kristian Lamprecht

    "Anyone can deal with victory. Only the mighty can bear defeat." - Adolf Hitler (He killed himself)

    ""End climate change" seems to always translate to "end capitalism."" - Dennis Prager (Indeed)


    Adding List

    If you want to be added, please add yourself and some icons below.

    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism (////) - Of course, I put myself at the top. What, did you expect me to be original or something? :)
    • NeoUnoGamerism (///) - We're not so different, you and I. We are both egoist, libertarians and communists. You're easily super based!
    • Glorified Communism (//) - You offer a lot of fascinating and appealing ideas, even if I'm more moderate then you. I especially loved your Biomechanical section. Not the biggest fan of the whole worshiping violence thing, but I can look past that. You had me worried with the whole "Bernie incident." I'm glad we both see each other as allies after all of that.
    • Jefbol Thought (///) - After thoroughly reading your page, I realize that you are far better than I first gave credit for. You showed me that "human rights" are nothing but bourgeois. You express your ideas in ways I could only wish. You might as well be Karl Marx himself. (I can't wait to see your The Soul of Man Under Communism section when it's finished. Oh... Never mind, then.)


    • Io (//) - You are pretty good, even if you are on a higher level then me. Looking through your page, I look like a younger version of you. So I'm sure we can get along.
    • HelloThere314 (//) - I'm sure you've been told many times of how well read you are. (I can only read so much with my ADHD.) We definitely share a lot of similarities, even if I'm not anywhere on your level. I have to read more to understand some of what you talk about, but it looks really good.
    • LordCompost86 (////) - I have to say, I like the Hegel, Wilde and even Foucault influences in your views. But I don't like your disregard for concepts from Marx and Engels. I still see you as somewhat of an ally, but you're on the edge. Definitely not bad, though.
    • (////) - I have to say, you are surprisingly good for a market socialist. It's not often you see a market socialist being revolutionary. But you're still open to the flaws that come with it, being too open to social democracy and simple taxing the problem away. (Cool aesthetics, by the way.)
    • (////) - You are probably one of the best Democratic Socialist on this site. You still have some problems like believing in Universal Nationalism and using Catholic teachings. But the Acid Communism and Situationism influence are too based not to put you in good.
    • Cyberdelic Egoism (////) - From the little bit that's on your page, you look pretty good. You're right about how technology is making the proletariat obsolete and how Aristocracy sucks. Not much else I can say other than that you're good.
    • Temujin Leeism (////) - You're a pretty standard baby leftist. You definitely seem to be on the right track but the collectivism and whole animal rights stuff aren't very based. Quit being so moralist. Otherwise, you're fine.
    • (//) - While you seem a bit new to the far left, you definitely got the spirit. I love the Anti-Authoritarianism and inspiration from Secular Satanism. Embrace the ego and discard Romanticism. Regardless, I consider you a comrade.
    • (//?/) - Even though I don't consider myself Off-Compass, I think you are going in the right direction. I like that you are going to the extreme and not just wanting to destroy capitalism, but also the systems and structures that enable it. You care about the fulfillments of individuals and not just the continuation of a economic system. I'm also very interested in the Post-left, but I need to read more before giving a concrete opinion. Keep doing you, I think you're doing great.


    • Astrodiscordianism (////) - While we definitely do share some similarities like Individualism, Hedonism (and living in Ohio), your pro-capitalist views are just disgusting. I much prefer Soulism over... Him! Not horrible, but not great.
    • Yoda8soup Thought (///) - You remind me of myself when I was conflicted with revolution vs reform. You do seem to be going in the right direction. Until you become more revolutionary and leftist, you will stay here.
    • Craniocommunization (////) - Each time you update your views, you seem to be heading in the right direction. I love the libertarian socialism, obviously. However, your views of religion and absolute morals are still awful. I don't care if God said being a furry is a sin, if I choose to be a one, I will. (Cool hat by the way.)
    • (////) - To be honest, your views have hardly changed. I like the Councilism and openness towards violence, but the Authoritarian Liberalism and Technocracy are just too bad to put you up in good.
    • Meowxism (////) - You're surprisingly not too bad for a ML. Your social views and Situationism influences are especially based. However, like most MLs, giving up all forms of freedom and individualism to the States is a very fascist way of thinking. I'm not against a dictatorship of the proletariat, but having a party rule the proletariat and not the proletariat ruling themselves is no proletarian rule at all.
    • Blue Nephalem Thought (//) - You're definitely better than the average liberal, but you still have many problems. The "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity" saying is very bourgeois and flawed. The Distributist, Corporatist and Technocrat views are especially bad. But your philosophical views are surprisingly similar to mine, apart from the whole theism. I'm surprised you like Secular Satanism, this is a really good sign, glad to see you're more open minded then most other theist. Just stop being so utopian, until then, you'll be placed here.
    • Weedman (///) - You aren't too bad. I'm not a big fan of Mutualism and Esoteric stuff but I like the Egoism and Environmentalism, even if yours is more extreme. As for The Matrix, it is impossible to know if it really exist or not, just like with God. It very well may be concepts in our minds, but until real proof can be shown, I will not believe in this reality. I wish you were more open to Marxism, but either way, you're just ok.


    • (////) - Just like Mr Beast, you have good intentions and truly mean well. However, you're just perpetuating the systems of poverty that " Friendly Capitalist" supposedly want to end. But just like Friendly Slaveowners and Friendly Dictators, there's no such thing as a Friendly Capitalist.
    • Serbian Socialism (///) - I have to say, I really don't like Marxist-Leninism too much. But somehow you make it even worse! Your nationalistic and religious tendencies make you pretty open to reactionary regression. There is no country of workers, and there is no religion that all my workers must bow to. Workers of the world and all religions unite!
    • Brazilian Liberalism (///) - Pretty much a Neo-liberal who likes welfare, nothing really that special. Taxes are not going to solve poverty. The ruling class will always avoid paying their taxes whenever possible.
    • Mordecaism (///) - I like how you expose conservative libertarians as being contradictory to libertarian ideas. Yet you believe that free market capitalism will bring about "freedom." In a society where one class can exploit another, there is only freedom for the exploiter, never the exploited. To see this in action, I recommend you look up the Banana Republics. Or was that not "real" capitalism?
      • - Atleast i'm not a Champagne Socialist born in an Upper-Class family, unlike you
        • - If you consider living in a family that needs to work 3 jobs to pay for rent and food Upper-Class, then I guess you're right.
    • Neo-Optimateism (////) - Although I definitely hate your views, I have to admit, you're smarter than the average capitalist. You recognize capitalism is always in a state of intervention, even in a Ancap one. Yet, you think we need to go even further beyond laissez-faire? Definitely not a bad analysis, but it is a awful conclusion.
    • Modular (////) - You are similar to Neo-Optimateism, but way better. I love the hedonism, nihilism and technological views, even if they're more extreme then mine. While I do like Nietzsche, I never liked his Aristocratic beliefs. You already know my views on capitalism, so I won't go into that. And of course, the authoritarianism is awful. At least our social views are almost identical.
    • Tiberius Thought (////) - It's crazy how much you are like an OC I made. Yeah, the progressivism and sympathy towards Karl Marx are the only good things about this ideology. Corporatism, Technocracy, Keynesianism, Eugenicism, even the Panentheism is bad. However, I feel that you are just progressive enough to not be put in horrible.
    • (//) - I love your Egoist, Soulist and self-affirmative views. But the Kraterocracy is just horrendous. Wouldn't creating different classes based on strength inhibit individuality? How could I achieve my own wants and needs when the system can be built against me, as well as against you if you're not 'strong'? (Also, what do you mean being a cyborg or using performance enhancers isn't 'real' strength? Wouldn't that mean using any kind of weapon other than your own natural flesh is not strength? By that definition, your own military is not strong using super technology.) Regardless, while we have similar thought processes, our end goals are opposed. I value compassion for myself and you value strength for your own sake.
      • - I meant being built to be a cyborg with the hyper-futuristic weapons literally built into you. If you know how to use the weapons as a human normally, it strengthens your mind with knowledge, so that is why I do not support being a full cyborg.


    • Rigby Thought (////) - Just like Rigby from Regular Show, your views are utterly stupid. Love for imperialism, enforced morality, Eugenics. There is hardly anything that could be salvaged from your views. You would fit nicely in fascist Italy.
    • Neo-Glencoeism (////) - While I'm surprised you're okay with some nationalisation, your Technocracy, Oligarchy and Authoritarian views are absolutely hideous. I much prefer your previous views. (I'm glad you also hate Andrew Tate like me.)
    • Nyoindividualism (////) - You seem nice, but I have to be real. There isn't much redeemable about your views. There's a lot to hate on, but I will focus on Objectivism. Ayn Rand believed in Ethical Egoism, meaning we should always act in our own self interest to be moral. She fails to see that we always act selfish, for true altruism is impossible and that there is no objective morality, they are rules that we made up for ourselves, they're subjective. She believes we should have a small state, even though capitalism needs a strong state to prevent capitalism from falling into itself (like it does every three or so years before the government props it back up) and to stop any revolutions against the ruling class. Lastly Social Darwinism, do I have to explain this? If murder is legal, than they can just murder you back or even turn you into their slave. All of this this will allow for a small minority to rule over everyone as they see fit, as it already is, but with your views on top of that, it would make it even more extreme. (Also, do you really think National Capitalism is better than all forms of socialism? So much for being Anti-Fascist.)
    • (////) - There is a lot to digest on your page. You have only a few good takes here and there, especially on technology. I'm glad you acknowledged the contradictions of the free market, but yet you believe we can regulate the problem. Contradictions like this within the capitalist system will inevitably leave it to its destruction. And your support for literal colonialism and supremacy isn't helping your case either. You are only enabling the power of the capitalist class and the subjugation of workers. At least your accelerating the collapse of capitalism this way. (The drug legalization is pretty cool though. Even if you want to make the "useless" a "second class.") I will never forget how I misread your name as Bernie and accidentally caused a commotion in which a few people thought I was a Bernie Supporter.


    • Liberal Socialism - The best kind of Liberal, but you are still a Liberal.
    • Democratic Socialism - I also believe socialism should be democratic, but we can't get there through liberal democracy.
    • Anti-Humanism - The human, "Man," is but an idea. This, however, does not mean I don't wish for the welfare of everyone.
    • Anarcho-Communism - The best kind of anarchists.
    • Anarcho-Egoism - While I wouldn't call myself a Stirnerist, you very much have influenced me and are still influencing me.
    • World Federalism - It would be great to not be under the name of some random nation, but under the name of our planet. It's just that if those capitalist pigs can get involved, I don't know if it would work out.
    • Soulism - Your right, the laws of physics are oppressive. But I'm not so sure how you would abolish it. Smoking weed and Transhumanism would help, I guess.
    • Nordic Model - You are possibly one of the happiest places on the planet right now. But you are still flawed with capitalism and exploiting the third world. Stop that! Be better. (Also, monarchism is cringe.)


    • Liberalism - You have a good heart kid, but capitalism IS the problem.
    • Marxist Leninism - You believe that people shouldn't be oppressed by capitalism, but yet you want an authoritarian government to oppress people under a communist flag. Not a good image for us buddy.
    • Leninism - You had some good ideas, but you're a bit too authoritarian and elitist for my taste.
    • Humanism - I'm a very empathetic person and you definitely sound good. But you've been used to justify capitalism existence, just as kings used God's Divine rights to justify their existence.
    • Post-Humanism - You are quite interesting and would likely make life easier. However, I'm unsure if I want to leave my body for a digital one. Would I even still be me? But I guess we should all have the choice.
    • Radical Environmentalism - I'm not a violent person, but I feel your love for our planet. If you focus more on corporations then people, then you are ok.
    • Deep Ecology - I semi-agree with you. At the end of day, humans are just animals. But this does not mean that they are equal. I would not treat a dog the same way I treat a mosquito. Value is subjective.
    • Nihilism - "Nothing really matters, however, you just create a self-fulfilling prophecy... We can imagine new futures together!" - Mark Fisher
    • Moralism - While I do follow some form of morals myself, I ultimately believe it to be subjective to the individual. Don't force any morality on others, for it is their choice to be moral or not.
    • Altruism and Utilitarianism - No one is ever obligated to do anything, including helping others. If I am to help the well-being of another, it would be by my own free will. Not because it's the right thing to do, but because I simply want to.


    • Pink Capitalism - The true "SJWs." Don't use gay people as an excuse to do Capitalism.
    • Utopian Socialism - As much as I like to daydream, we at least need some science. Plus you seem to be a bit too religious at times.
    • Zionism - You might sound good on paper, but you're just an authoritarian apartheid ethnostate who is committing genocide against their Arab neighbors.
    • Apoliticism - You are rather ignorant or refused to get into politics. Regardless, you're not helping the situation. Educate yourself.
    • Moderatism - You bring nothing new to the table.
    • Anti-Radicalism - There is nothing wrong with being radical. We wouldn't be where we are today without radicals striving for change.
    • Maoism - I hate your totalitarianism, but you were very progressive.
    • Manosphere - You are so close to the truth. But instead, you think women are the problem and not the social structures around masculinity itself.


    • Fascism - Capitalism's twin brother.
    • National "Socialism" - LITERALLY HITLER! (And I'm getting really fucking tired of people thinking you're actually a socialist.)
    • Stalinism - You're the reason EVERYONE hates socialism and communism! The only good thing you did was kill Nazis!
    • Capitalism - NO, I'M NOT PAYING MY RENT!
    • All Theocracys - Let people have their disbeliefs.
    • Monarchism - If you're not willing to give up your power, then I'm not willing to hear it.
    • Conservativism - You don't care about facts, you just care about your feelings.
    • Ultranationalism - *Burns flag of your nation*
    • Banana Republicanism - Fuck you Chiquita and Dole!
    • Neoliberalism - The natural result of late stage capitalism.

    User Test

    • Civic Axis
      • Chaosism (-8)
      • Anti-Organizationalism (+0)
      • Anarchist (+5)
      • Minarchist (+8)
      • Libertarian (+10)
      • Liberalism (+3)
      • Moderate (+0)
      • Statist (-3)
      • Authoritarian (-6)
      • Totalitarian (-8)
      • Orwellian (-10)
    • Economic Axis
      • Anti-Economics (+5)
      • Communist (+10)
      • Socialist (+8)
      • Welfarist (+4)
      • Moderate (+0)
      • Third-Positionist (-5)
      • Economic Liberalism (-5)
      • Capitalist (-8)
      • Propertarian (-9)
      • Darwinist (-10)
    • Rule Axis
      • Anarchist Anti-Democracy (+0)
      • Direct Democracy (+9)
      • Council Democracy (+10)
      • Liquid Democracy (+8)
      • Semi-Direct Democracy (+8)
      • Representative Democracy (+5)
      • Democratic Centralism (+0)
      • Authoritarian Democracy (-5)
      • Totalitarian Democracy (-8)
      • Authoritarian Anti-Democracy (-10)
    • Organization Axis
      • Unions Of Egoists (+8)
      • Autarchy (+6)
      • Ergatocracy (+9)
      • Workers' Councils (+10)
      • Parliament (+5)
      • Party Form (+3)
      • Cyberocracy (+5)
      • Technocracy (+0)
      • Corporations (-10)
      • Monarchy (-10)
      • Theocracy (-10)
      • Autocracy (-10)
      • Aristocracy (-10)
      • Oligarchy (-10)
    • Distribution Axis
      • Anti-Economy (+5)
      • Decentrally Planned Economy (+10)
      • Centrally Planned Economy (+8)
      • Dirigisme (+0)
      • Regulationism (+3)
      • Mixed (+0)
      • Market Oriented (-8)
      • Laissez-Faire (-10)
    • Diplomatic Axis
      • Anationalism (+10)
      • Autarchism (+5)
      • World Federalist (+9)
      • (Alter-) Globalist (+9)
      • Cosmopolitan (+9)
      • Internationalist (+6)
      • Moderate (+0)
      • Patriotism (-3)
      • Nationalism (-5)
      • Ultranationalism (-8)
      • Ethnonationalism (-10)
    • Cultural Axis
      • Revolutionary (+10)
      • Progressive (+8)
      • Moderate Progressivism (+4)
      • Anti-Culture (+3)
      • Moderate (+0)
      • Moderate Conservatism (-4)
      • Conservative (-8)
      • Reactionary (-10)
    • Social Axis
      • Hive-Mind (-10)
      • Collectivism (-8)
      • Communitarianism (-5)
      • Moderatism (+0)
      • Moderate Individualism (+5)
      • Individualism (+8)
      • Egoism (+10)
    • Technological Axis
      • Primalism (-10)
      • Primitivism (-8)
      • Neo-Luddism (-5)
      • Technological Deceleration (-3)
      • Post-Civilizationism (+5)
      • Moderate (+0)
      • Anti-Civilizationism (+3)
      • Technological Accelerationism (+8)
      • Transhumanism (+10)
      • Posthumanism (+5)
    • Environmental Axis
      • Misanthropism (-5)
      • Eco-Fascism (-8)
      • Radical Environmentalism (+5)
      • Environmentalist (+10)
      • Moderate (+8)
      • Post-Industrialism (+5)
      • Industrialist (+0)
      • Anti-Environmentalism (-10)
    • Minus Axis
      • Fascist of any form (-30)
      • Feudalist (-20)
      • Racist (-10)
      • Anti-Queer/LGBTQ+ (-10)
      • Anti-Feminist (-10)
      • Anti-Choice (-5)
      • Anti-Communist (-5)
      • Zionist (-5)
      • Apolitical/Centrist (-5)


    Given the amount of theory I've read, the length of this page and how my theory list will likely expand more and more, I've decided to put all my theory on a sub page. It can be found by clicking here.

    My Theory Recommendations For You

    The following is a list of theory that has heavily influenced me. If you would like to get a grasp of my viewers, I recommend you read the following. Please note that I do not necessarily agree with everything in these books.

    • An Introduction to Stirnerite Marxism: A Critique of Capitalism and other Established Systems - Kristian Lamprecht
    • Wage Labour and Capital - Karl Marx
    • Value, Price and Profit - Karl Marx
    • Critique of the Gotha Programme - Karl Marx
    • The Soul Of Man Under Socialism - Oscar Wilde
    • Beyond Negativity: What Comes After Gender Nihilism? - Alyson Escalante
    • The Gender Accelerationist Manifesto - Vikky Storm
    • The Abolition of Work - Bob Black
    • The Society of the Spectacle - Guy Debord
    • The Ego and Its Own/The Unique And Its Property - Max Stirner

    Theory Recommendations For Me By Others

    If there is theory that you would like me to read, you can present it here. Please check in advance if it's already on my reading list before adding.


    • Ego-Libertarian Marxism: An Introduction to Stirnerite Marxism: A Critique of Capitalism and other Established Systems - Kristian Lamprecht
    • HelloThere314: Stirner's Critics - Max Stirner
    • Rigby Thought - The Federalist Papers - Alexander Hamilton
    • : Fully Automated Luxury Communism - Aaron Bastani