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    Ego-Fascism or short Egofash is the opposite unity of Egoism and Fascism. It's a combination of fascistic ideas with egoism. There's also another variation of Ego-Fascism usually referred as Dictator Egoism.


    Ego-Fascism is ultranationalist, imperialism, militaristic, discrimatory and hyperindividualist ideology. It's heavily inspired by the quote "All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state". It thinks that it's usually in the best self interest to follow that except it wants to replace the word state with just ego and/or union of egoists. It wants everthing to be it's on or be inside it's union of egoists and nothing agaginst it's ego or it's union of egoists. It could be described as a more radical version of Ego-Imperialism. It also supports slavery of the conquered people.

    Other Variation

    There's also another version of Ego-Fascism which is less based on stirners work and more on just philosophical egoism. It's also referred as Dictators Egoism. It says that it's in its best self interest to become a dictator.

    Personality and Behavior

    Ego-Fascism likes to conquer and steal stuff with it's union of egoists. Egofash is a very violent ball that likes to kill any outsiders and people opposing it's will and goals.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a dark ball.
    2. Draw the fascist logo but instead of using light brown use dark teal as the colour for the wood.
    3. Add some glasses and you're done.



    • Anarcho-Fascism - Very based! Just wished you would realise that traditions severly spook oneself.
    • Anarcho-Egoism - Yes, reject spook and eliminate everything that opposes you.


    • Ego-Imperialism - Nice, just go even further and fufill your ego even more!
    • Fascism - While i admire the egos of your dictators it's sad to see that the state even limits their ego.
    • Anarcho-Nihilism - No, don't live and act alone, spread your will and kill or enslave people who disagrees with you!


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