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    Ego-Distributism, clipped to EgoDist, is a very libertarian, free market, culturally center-right (Though variable) ideology. EgoDist is also a slightly off-compass libertarian centrist.

    EgoDist believes that widespread ownership of the means of production is in their best self interest, and that capitalism and collectivism/socialism are spooks holding back their ego.


    As stated before, Ego-Distributism believes that the means of production being owned as widely as possible is within their own self interest, It also believes that anything holding back a distributist economy is also a ghost in the mind, such as capitalism, socialism, the lack of family. Similar to other distributists, the ideology is usually based in Catholicism, though in this case it combines Catholicism with egoist philosophy.



    • Egoism.png Egoism - Father who inspired me, but I promise Catholicism isn't a spook.
    • Andist.png Anarcho-Distributism - Mother who taught me the benefits of widespread ownership of the means of production, she just needs to start acting in her own self interest.
    • Egomut.png Ego-Mutualism - My brother who shares much of my beliefs on economics and spooks.


    • Distributist.png Distributism - We can agree on economics but the state can only impede the ego.
    • Egocap.png Ego-Capitalism - Good philosophy, but capitalism concentrates control of the means of production in inefficient ways.
    • Egocom.png Ego-Communism - Good philosophy, but really unforgiving towards even small businesses.


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