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    IconEdOrantism1.png EdOrantism is the ideology of EdOrante. It believes in that the formation of a catholic theocracy would be ideal for the preservation of traditional values, he also believes that the Spanish Empire was divided by the Esosoc.png masonic's and that Carlism.png pan-hispanism would fix and make the hispanic world respected again.

    PCB-Catheo.png Goverment Monarch.png

    EdOrantism believes that the power should be divided between a monarch and the clergy. Both would have to be loyal to the nation and catholicism. He thinks that democracy will only end to masonery control in Spain, so It would be abolished. Only people who could vote would be high clergy members to decide the representative of the clergy. The monarch would have the power of electing the governor of the provinces, commander in chief of the army, approve the laws and have the legal power, tho this one would have Oligarchy.png advisors to follow the holy laws of the Bible. All socialist and communist organizations would be banned Anticommunism.png.

    PCB-Sorelia.png Economy PCB-Corptism.png

    EdOrantism defends corporatism, worker's organizations would be formed by guilds (trade unions), this ones will work like a body and collaborating with corporations to achieve their goals. He also thinks that Protect.png protectionism would prevent foreign industry of invading and eliminating the nation's economy and weaking it from inside.

    Trad.png Society and Culture PCB-Christy.png

    EdOrantism supports a traditional and catholic society, he believes that the modern world have destroyed the values the Bible teach us, so we should go back culturally. Morals and values should be protected and anyone who doesn't follow them would be considered a criminal, this includes the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, wrath, sloth, envy and pride. Heretical thinking will also be persecuted, tho only cults or fake christians (Example: corrupts) would be considered hereticals. While in entering a church, women will be promoted to wear a veil, while men wouldn't had to put a hat on their head, this will be made to pay respect to God. Also he thinks that alcohol should be banned, expect wine, this one would be allowed in churches and anyone who is caught drinking illegal alcohol would have to pay and all alcohol the person has would be destroyed, EdOrantism also thinks banning smoking would make society more healthy and more near with God.

    PanHisp.png Diplomacy and Foreign Policy Pac.png

    EdOrantism promotes peace, so war would be the last resort. He believes in the just war theory, in both domestic and foreign policies, only real justifications would lead to war, like defense from an invasion. He also believes in PanHisp.png Pan-Hispanism so he would like to unify the hispanic nations, including Phillipines and Micronesia (region). He strongly supports the movement of spanish-puerto rican reunification, seeing it as possibly, the first step of hispanism and liberation of Puerto Rico from the United States. He also supports the reincorporation of some states from the United States to the hispanic world, like Florida or the old mexican northern territories.

    Mansphere.png Philosophy MGTOW.png

    Aside with politics, EdOrantism has a philosophy influenced by movements like the Manosphere, tho he doesn't think of himself as the typical deppressed lonely men that usually enter in thoses movements, EdOrantism promotes the "whitepill" and the follow of the words of God to find happiness, understand life and self-improvement. This includes the belief that Jesus will return sooner or later and volcelism. EdOrantism is against all feminism, from the 1st Wave to the current one, considering it one of the main problems of modern society, making men think of themselfs as useless, increasing deppresion rates and making women fear or even hate men and making other use men as tools to get more money or satisfy their lust, the solution EdOrantism thinks would fix it would be the prohibition the movement and the teachings of traditional values and harshly persecuting this degeneracy.

    Anime.png How to draw:

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Paint the ball of white.
    3. Draw a black cross.
    4. Paint the top left part of blue.
    5. Draw a red cross of burgundy.
    6. Draw a black chaperon.
    7. Add the eyes and done. Note: Use the red and blue colors of Christian Theocracy


    Whitepillers (Friends)

    • PCB-Catheo.png Catholic Theocracy - Our Lord laws are the only right we, simple mortals, have. (Tho, stop being so proggresist recently)
    • Monarch.png Monarchism - Monarchs know how to rule better than all politicians.
    • PCB-Nrx.png Neoreactionarism - So many great ideas, our tradition and morals need to be preserved!
    • Mansphere.png.png Manosphere - You made me open my eyes completely from the feminist hive-mind, they want to control society and we shouldn't let them!
    • PanHisp.png Pan-Hispanism Carlism.png - The anglosphere destroyed us, but we shall not surrender! Unite all hispanic people under one banner!
    • PCB-Corptism.png Corporatism - Trade unions and corporations should work together to make the economy prosper.
    • PCB-Sorelia.png National Syndicalism - Combining corporatism with nationalism it's perfect.
    • Virginocracy.png Virginocracy and Volcel.png Volcelism - Basically what I want in some sort of way.
    • Kingism.png Positive Reactionaryism - Literally whitepilled!
    • AntiAn.png Anti-Anarchism - End the chaotics dreams!
    • Oligarchy.png Oligarchy - Not all should be allowed to be into important roles in society.
    • Adult.png Adultism Adultism-DiscrimValues.png - Kids should obey their parents, like it or not.
    • TechEsoFash.png Techno-Esoteric Fascism - My wholsum friend! Your ideology is so based and wholesome! Wholesomeism.png

    Purplepillers (Frenemies)

    • PCB-Cermon.png Ceremonial Monarquism - The King shouldn't just be a simple figure!
    • PCB-ConfederalismIcon.png Confederalism - Unitarian strong goverments are better but I guess slowly uniting the hispanics by you and then passing to a unitarian goverment would be ideal (Also amazing music).
    • PCB-Altr.png Alt-Right - I guess some can consider part of this. Tho don't have that racial bias, also you are just a troll ideology.
    • Tradwife.png Tradwifeism - Good to see women who aren't like the rest, tho I don't believe you exist in the modern world.
    • Tomboy.png Tomboyism - Alright, another non-existing ideology, I wish you were real...
    • Mango.png Mangoism - I do not like liberalism and minarquism but you are ok with a pan-hispanism, being from the anglosphere (tho Cuba, Phillipines and Panama are ours!). Feminism is also cringe but you are nice.

    Bluepillers (Enemies)

    • Stateath.png State Atheism - Your horrible system shall perish under the truth of the Lord!
    • Laicism.png Laicism - You are a bit better than the State Atheism, but you weakened religion a lot!
    • Fem.png Feminism - You practically destroyed society and your movement doesn't even would be needed in your theory in the west! Put your veil and go and pray so God forgives you.
    • Jack.png Jacobinism - You bloody thrity degenerate! Your end was justified.
    • Marx.png Marxism - Your whole ideology is bad and never actually worked, you also were lazy.
    • Marx-L.png Marxism-Leninism - Your system of terror should not tolerated, demon!
    • PCB-Awaj.png Anarchism - You will only cause chaos and crime, degenerate!
    • Egoism.png Egoism - Literally a sin made as an ideology.
    • Bull Moose Progressivism.png Bull Moose Proggresivism - You masonic, your "rough ride" in Cuba was unjustified and you literally are one of the worst US presidents, racist scum.
    • Esosoc.png Freemasons - I will make sure you are purged completely.

    (Feel free to talk to me if you want to me to add your ideology.)


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