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    Economic Democracy is a socioeconomic philosophy that advocates for a shift in ownership and decision making power away from Corporate Shareholders and Managers to a larger group of public stakeholders that includes Workers, Consumers, Suppliers, Communities, and the Broader public.


    Some of the ideas of economic democracy include, but are not limited to:

    1. Worker strikes and labor unions
    2. Boycotting businesses for unfair business practices
    3. Board Level Employee Representation
    4. Establishing worker and consumer cooperatives
    5. Participatory democracy and economics


    Financial Democracy

    Financial Democracy is a variant of economic democracy where Economic Democracy, instead of being applied to the totality of the economy, is only applied to the Financial system, with either all banks being consumer cooperatives or the state directly controlling the totality or a significant part of the financial system. This, while not going as far as Economic Democracy, still has profound consequences, effectively deciding what businesses deserve to be financed and, thus deserve to grow.


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    • Social Democracy - My biggest supporter and advocate!
    • Democratic Socialism - Another supporter and advocate of mine! You were right that political democracy and economic democracy need each other.
    • Market Socialism - Wants to replace corporate ownership with worker ownership.
    • Distributism - A more religious version of the above. Glad that you like to decentralize the economy and to make it work for everyone.
    • Syndicalism - Let’s go on a strike sometime.
    • Eco-Social Market Economy - A capitalist economy that gets it!
    • Social Economy - My big brother and biggest influence on my career.
    • Environmentalism - Sustainability and green energy for the win!
    • Multiagriculturalism - A more rural version of me. We both oppose corporate farms.
    • Georgism - Public ownership of land could help with bringing about the above.




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