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    Not to be confused with Eco-Socialism from the main wiki.

    Ecological Marxism is an environmentalist ideology that uses Communism as its praxis. Ecological Marxism primarily focuses on abolishing capitalism to save the planet through two revolutions: one of animal's rights activists, and the other from the working class. Ecological Marxism says that if these revolutions succeed, than humanity will become a communist utopia. He also thinks that this communism should be maintained both with a desire to share and to save the planet.

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    2. Draw the right half green. (#007000)
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    6. Draw the eyes.




    • Rebelism - Those smoke buildings called "factories" need to be regulated. Free markets are so unbased. Animals are like workers.
    • National Bolshevism - Communism is super-based. But you pollute too much.
    • SajZeal Model - You seem to like the environment, but shut it with your "regulated capitalism".


    • Systemism - Capitalist pig who just pollutes the planet!
    • Industrialism - Capitalist pigs who destroy the atmosphere?! GET OFF OF ME STUPID PLANET-RUINING CAPITALIST! BOURGEOISIE!
    • Trumpism - Capitalist pig who pollutes the atmosphere! WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE WHAT YOUR TWO SONS DID!
    • Capitalism - You must die! You pollute the atmosphere, destroy the planet, and suppress the working class! Workers of the world unite!
    • Pragerism - You are funded by Republicans and, OIL COMPANIES?!
    • Afunhumaninterism - Capitalist pig and extinctionist!
    • Hoppeanism - Don’t you try to eliminate the state and eliminate my dearest PRAXIS!?!


    He is extremely environmentalist, energetic, and socialist.


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