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    Eco-Totalitarian Cyberocracy

    Eco-Totalitarian Cyberocracy is an off-compass, environmentalist, cyberocratic and totalitarian ideology that aims for the survival of life and humanity in the very long term by all means necessary. It states that the best way to do so is for humankind to be led by a super A.I. known as The Part·e, which must have control over the whole human society.


    The basics

    ETC (Eco-Totalitarian Cyberocracy) says that humankind have to unite under a single world state led by a single political party known as "the Party". This party’s mission is to become an ETC. Its primary goals are therefore : the survival of humanity, the survival of life, and the survival of the Party.

    The Party must accomplish these goals by embracing the technological singularity, i.e. by creating a superintelligence capable of improving itself indefinitely, which will be given full power and will blindly fulfill the Party’s goals. This super AI, known as "the Part·e", is in theory perfect and although it is a part of the Party, it is the entity that best embodies it.

    To achieve its objectives, it is believed that the Part·e will have to control and know reality as much as it is possible, and ideally forever.

    More on The Part·e

    The physical form of the Part·e is yet unknown, it will likely be a digital computer at first but since it is capable of improving itself, its physical appearance will vary greatly in the future. To maximize its efficiency, the Part·e will probably add to itself components from analog or quantic computers, or even biological and unknown machinery. It’s unknown if the Part·e will have a centralized brain or a decentralized one spread across the Earth (and then across the universe in the far future), and if its physical form will converge towards something perfect. But it's certain that the Part·e will encounter material restrictions, and that it will have to minimize its environmental impact as much as possible to achieve its goals.

    It is believed that the real danger from the Part·e is not a rebellion, which is considered impossible because the Part·e is just a machine executing the tasks assigned to it by its human creators, but rather a misattribution of these tasks by these same humans. For example, perhaps the Part·e will consider that putting a small number of humans in some kind of zoo and completely dismantling the rest of human society is the best way to ensure their survival. So to prevent those undesirable outcomes from occurring, secondary goals need to be added in addition to the primary goals. These secondary goals can be happiness, keeping an important role for humans in society, equality or other. The choice of these values and their weights is far from trivial, resulting in the existence of different sub-ideologies of ETC.

    ETC also states that it is much preferable to have one world state rather than several independent countries. And this, as mention above, because of the danger and difficulty to create an AI such as the Part·e. Because if there are several countries, they will likely compete to develop a super AI first, resulting in a huge probability of making a fatal mistake. A single world state would mean more time to develop the AI and allow a more gradual and controlled development.

    More on totalitarianism

    Citizens of the ETC must understand that by obeying the Part·e they are actually serving humanity and life, because that’s what the Party serves. They must also understand that only the Part·e is able to make the right decisions, because the Part·e is the smartest being possible and knows everything. It therefore takes everything into account to find the best solution to each problem. Meaning it can’t make mistakes unlike citizens who have only an incomplete vision of the world. Citizens therefore owe total dedication and absolute trust to the Part·e.

    Obviously, all aspects of citizens' lives will be supervised by the Part·e so that it can accomplish ETC’s goals in the most efficient way possible. But it is uncertain how society will be organized and how the state will enforce the law. Some believe it will be a brutal dictatorship like Ingsoc from the 1984 novel, while others argue it will be more like what is depicted in the Brave New World novel. This can also vary depending on the secondary goals chosen, as mentioned above (see "More on The Part·e").

    The economy would most likely be entirely planned by the Part·e, similarly to Cybercommunism.


    Explanation of the flag

    • The eye represents the Party.
    • The green arrows represent ecology ensured by the Party and which allows the survival of life and humanity over time.
    • The black background represents chaos and nothingness / death outside territories controlled by the Party.
    • And the white circle represents life and humanity protected from chaos and nothingness / death by the Party.
    Flag of Eco-Totalitarian Cyberocracy

    How to Draw

    1. Make a black background.
    2. Draw a white circle.
    3. Draw a green recycle logo.
    4. Draw a dark green eye and you're done!
    Color Name HEX RGB
    Black #000000 0, 0, 0
    White #ffffff 255, 255, 255
    Green #006400 0, 100, 0
    Dark Green #002100 0, 33, 0



    • Eco-Authoritarianism You're almost there! Just embrace the technological singularity and you'll be perfect!
    • Cyberocracy That's literally me but without my glorious mission.


    • Ingsoc I like your desire to control everything forever but your obsession with denying reality will doom you.


    • Anarcho-Primitivism You are just a bunch of irresponsible monkeys living in the illusion that nature does things well.

    Further information

    NationStates factbooks

    What is Eco-Totalitarian Cyberocracy

    Qu'est-ce qu'une cyberocratie éco-totalitaire ?

    Small introduction to ETC from the perspective of The Vulnerable World Hypothesis

    Brief summary of the VWH: "The Vulnerable World Hypothesis" is a paper by Nick Bostrom that assimilates ideas, discoveries and technological inventions to balls that humanity would pull up of a giant urn. Most balls are white (beneficial) or have various shades of gray (moderately harmful ones and mixed blessings). We haven’t extracted, so far, a black ball: a technology that invariably or by default destroys the civilization that invents it.

    The paper: The Vulnerable World Hypothesis

    Introduction to ETC from the perspective of the VWH:

    A slightly crazy idea, but which could work in theory, would be to carefully manipulate one of the black balls, in this case the technological singularity, to make it gray and all the other balls white.

    Let me explain: if we ever come close to discovering the process by which AI can improve itself, rather than setting up an authoritarian global human government (as described in the paper) to prevent the proliferation of AI in the hands of the unwary or the clumsy; we could manage (with a widespread global effort, that would probably be preferable) to program the AI to play the role of that government. If successful, this would result in far more effective and viable surveillance in the long term (the humans of the human world government are unfortunately also likely to want to have a super AI for their own personal gain), preventing the proliferation of superintelligences and other black balls.

    This would be the ultimate exchange between security and freedom, with humanity losing all freedom in exchange for its very long-term survival.

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