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    Not to be confused with Green Libertarianism.

    Eco-libertarianism, often shortened to Ecobert, is an economically center-right to right-wing, socially libertarian, and culturally variable but usually moderately progressive ideology that believes in a laissez-faire free market, aside from a few basic environmental taxes (e.g. pollution tax, exhaust tax). He is similar to Geolibertarianism in that they both want untampered markets, save for a couple special taxes. Ecobert is not the same as Green Libertarianism. They differ in that while Green Libertarianism is still opposed to most if not all taxes, and more rooted in free-market environmentalism, Ecobert, while supportive and often includes the usage of free-market environmentalism, is more rooted in general libertarianism and only regulating to preserve the environment.


    Ecobert is a happy ball, who enjoys running in fields of flowers holding a Gadsden Flag. He is often made fun of for liking some taxes by other libertarians, but he doesn't really care.

    How to draw

    1. Draw a ball.
    2. Fill it yellow-green.
    3. Draw a snake with a tree sprouting from the tail.
    4. Poorly write "no step" underneath.
    5. Add white eyes.



    • Libertarianism - A good friend of mine. He loves free markets and liberty just like me!
    • Agrarianism - I do like you. Plants are great for the air!
    • Green libertarianism - Very similar to me, and thus very based. We agree on almost everything but taxes.
    • Geolibertarianism - My best friend. We are *exactly* the same except I tax different things!


    • Enviromentalism - Love your enthusiasm about the environment and climate change, and you agree with me on ecotaxes! But you tread too much.

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