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    Generally Eco-Cooperativism-small.PNG Eco-Cooperativism is a left-wing political ideology that combines Envi.png Environmentalism and Cooperative Socialism.png Cooperativism. They advocate that the economy should be based around co-ops and seeks to protect the environment in doing so. Culturally speaking, it is variable and doesn’t have any fixated stances, but is typically left leaning.


    Eco-Cooperativism can vary with some adherents advocating Moderate Distributism.png Distributism some Marketsoc.png Market Socialism some Mut Alt.png Mutualism and some LeftSocdem.png Social Democracy. But the consensus among all adherents is the belief in equality, workplace democracy and environmentalism. They believe that Co-ops create ethical work environments and are a good way of decentralizing ownership in the economy they also see co-ops as a way to promote environmentalism, social progress and community values.

    Cooperative Socialism.png Cooperativism or Co-operatism is a term that describes the cooperative movement which encompasses all ideologies that advocate for the establishment and participation in co-ops which is why this ideology ranges from Mut Alt.png Mutualism to Moderate Distributism.png Distributism to Marketsoc.png Market Socialism to even some LeftSocdem.png Social Democrats.

    Another core belief and practice held by some adherents is the need for SocDist.png Guildsoc.png Marketsoc.png solidarity Mut Alt.png Bukh.png LeftSocdem.png between all ideologies under the umbrella of Eco-Cooperativism-small.PNG Eco-Cooperativism. As well as seeking common ground like the belief in environmental protection and cooperative enterprises as a way to emancipate people economically. The ideology sees that a co-op economy has not been achieved enough and only in small or short examples throughout history. And as a result, sees the cooperation of Eco-Cooperativism-small.PNG Eco-Cooperativist ideologies as necessary to achieve a majority Co-op system as well as save the environment from both Statesoc.png State Socialism and Cap.png Capitalism.










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