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    Generally Eco-Cooperativism is a left-wing political ideology that combines Environmentalism and Cooperativism. They advocate that the economy should be based around co-ops and workplace democracy and seeks to protect the environment in doing so. Culturally speaking, it is variable and doesn’t have any fixed stances, but is typically left leaning.


    Eco-Cooperativism can vary in belief. But the consensus among all adherents is the belief in equality, workplace democracy and environmentalism. They believe that cooperative work structures create ethical work environments and are a good way of decentralizing ownership in the economy they also see co-ops as a way to promote environmentalism, social progress and community values.

    Another core belief and practice held by some adherents is the need for solidarity between ideologies under the umbrella of Eco-Cooperativism. As well as seeking common ground like the belief in environmental protection and Workplace democracy as a way to emancipate people economically. The ideology sees that State Socialism and Capitalism have failed to address the issues of climate change and inequality, and so they believe a new route is necessary to mend these issues, and that is Eco-Cooperativism.


    Cooperativism or Co-operatism is a term that describes the cooperative movement which encompasses all ideologies that advocate for the establishment and participation in co-ops and democratic workplaces as well as general cooperation in society.


    Fellow Co-op Members

    • Environmentalism - This planet is our home! And we need to preserve it for future generations!
    • Cooperativism - Worker co-ops are one of, if not, THE, best economic models for a more eco-friendly future.
    • Eco-Socialism and Green Syndicalism - We make a great team.
    • Libertarian Socialism - Some in our movement are left-wing libertarians, so, we will be able to get along.
    • Market Socialism, Libertarian Market Socialism, and Mutualism - Who said that socialism can’t have markets?
    • Distributism - You support cooperatives and local economies, so welcome aboard.
    • Technogaianism - We can, nay, we SHOULD use technology to solve climate change.
    • Scientocracy - Wanting to use science as a guide for creating national policies while maintaining the democratic system? BASED!
    • Welfarism - Climate change hurts the poor the most. So, we should help the poor to improve their lot in life.
    • Environmental Globalization - Global issues require global solutions. Climate change is not an exception.
    • Alter-Globalism - I like you for the same reasons as the above. Globalization without exploitation! Another world is possible!
    • Eco-Social Market Economy - All that you're missing now are those co-ops.
    • Social Georgism - Same as above, but at least you also have common land ownership covered.
    • Democracy - Economic and political democracy is non-negotiable!
    • Democratic Socialism - We go hand in hand! Socialism and Democracy for the win!
    • Localism - I like local businesses and communities.
    • Agrarian Socialism - Alright, now we're talking! Farmer ownership and sustainable farming practices are awesome and we go together like bread and butter. Also, Zapata and the Welch's Co-op are my friends too! Some of your children , are out of control though.
    • Syndicalism - I like that you’re back in action and care about workers, but a few of you think that I’m a corporate shill for advocating for fossil fuels to be phased out? I can understand the fears of workers losing jobs in fossil fuel, but I have the perfect solutions for that: 1. Green Energy and 2. Worker Cooperatives.
    • Multiagriculturalism - I like where this is going. Polycultural farming is the future of agriculture.
    • Libertarian Municipalism, Participism, and Democratic Confederalism - Me if I used decentralized planning for resource distribution. Also, tell the latter guy to keep fighting the good fight in Rojava.


    • Eco-Capitalism - We are opposed to each other economically, but it’s the thought that counts.
    • Green Liberalism, Eco-Conservatism, and Green Libertarianism - See above.
    • Georgism - At least you want to tax unimproved land and want natural resources to be available to everyone, but you are still a capitalist.
    • Eco-Nationalism - I like your enthusiasm, but I can see you hanging around capitalists every once in a while. At least you care about the ecological health of your country more than other nationalists.
    • Eco-Authoritarianism - While your heart is in the right place, using state violence isn’t necessary for dealing with climate change. Also, many eco-cooperativists support democracy, both political and economic.
    • Agrarianism - Farms are important for providing food for the population. The problem comes when agriculture causes environmental damage (*cough* red meat *cough*). Also, those larger corporate farms should stop receiving state subsidies.
    • Agrarian Anarchism and Veganarchism - Much better than the above, and I do love organic farming. But I don’t think abolishing the state is necessary. Also, you do realize that technology can be used for good things, like protecting the environment, right?
    • Post-Industrialism - You could either be used to help the capitalists or you could be used to help me and my friends . It's up to you.
    • Nuclear Power Advocacy - Same as above. But hey, if you're on my side you can be a useful transitional energy.

    Capitalist Bosses and Their Simps

    • Capitalism - Has no respect for workers or the environment.
    • Anarcho-Capitalism - And how do you plan on stopping those businesses from dominating you without a state? And please know that not everyone needs one of your stupid McNukes!
    • Corporatocracy and State Capitalism - You guys REALLY have no respect for workers or the environment.
    • Anti-Environmentalism - Do I need to explain why you are my enemy?
    • Industrialism - Fossil fuels are, and should be, a thing of the past. The future belongs to green energy!
    • State Socialism and Marxism-Leninism - Just because I’m anti-capitalist doesn’t mean that I support you. The USSR was NOT an eco-friendly state.
    • Maoism and Pol Potism - Same as above, but with a rural twist. Also, both of you killed a ton of people in China and Cambodia, respectively. In other words, I, in good conscience, want nothing to do with either of you mass murderers.
    • Eco-Fascism - Killing off a ton of innocent people is not a good idea for combating climate change. And have you ever considered the fact that even the so-called “superior race” can still cause a lot of environmental damage?



    BLNFLM (talk) 14:19, 27 August 2023 (UTC) The relationship section looked empty. So I decided to fill it in. You’re welcome. Eco 🌱 Cooperatives ⚙️ for the win!

    • - Thank you man! I was going to get around to it eventually so thank you for doing it I reviewed them and they look great! Thank you! :)

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