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    Earth-Pony Nationalism


    Earth-Pony Nationalism was a ideology that is based on My Little Pony : Friendship Of Magic before even Equestria was made so there is a tribe nation called Dirtville or Earth for short and it was ruled by a elected leader named Chancellor Puddinghead who has a secretary named Smart Cookie but also I think that Chancellor Puddinghead is similar

    Earth-Pony Nationalism in the early years have made food for the Pegasus so they can make the sky perfect along and also Unicorns that wanted to raise the sun along with the moon for day & night but a blizzard by The Windigos have united the three tribes into a country called Equestria.

    Earth Ponies in modern day Equestria they are the racial lower class of society even in The Crystal Empire but they have focused their life on shops, farming & other things maybe they can be in the royal family and there is a special unit of Pegasus sky soldiers called The Wonderbots even that has a Earth-Pony in it because made something that he could fly.

    There are political ideologies that are based on characters from My Little Pony : Friendship Is Magic like Mayor Mare (Brony Democracy), Big Mac (Brony Confederatism), Mane-Iac (Brony Jokerism), Phyllis Cloverleaf (Brony Corporatocracy) and many more of them.



    • Republicanism- It have true democracy is to make a nation a republic even it was called a tribe.
    • Harmoist Theocracy - We have created Alicorns by using Multiculturalism and it was so amazing.
    • Equestrian Nationalism - I hope It will be like The Federal Republic Of Germany even it was not a republic.
    • Brony Democracy - How say that politicians don't exist in Equestria well they do.
    • Merkelism - Hello, my human self and at least there is no harsh winters but there is harsh Nazis.
    • Agrarianism- You have brought culture to us and it created Applejack's dream.
    • Feudalism- I have visited castles even it was made by Unicorns.
    • Bronyism - Now that is culture that the people need even the people did not want it He He.


    • Brony Confederatism - Wow you are the first earth pony to become a Alicorn but please don't be a racist even you are not.
    • Ethnocracy- This is not very funny even it reminded me of the Reich.
    • Tribalism - At least our tribe don't have master race runes.
    • Diabeteism - I liked candy so that is why name is Chancellor PUDDinghead but I feel so sorry for you.
    • Brony Nazism - National Socialism sucks but at least it was a German ideology and your are a next Hitler.
    • Monarchism- Why did you Alicorns wanted to be tyrants, why but at least it made you so cute he he he he.


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